How Much Traffic Does Medium Get?

By Ian | Blogging

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Medium is an 8-year-old platform created by Evan Williams, who, among a few others, founded Blogger and Twitter. The vision Williams had for Medium was a platform that gives paying subscribers exclusive access to a highly personalized, ad-free experience with several publishing partners and thousands of individual writers. 

Williams said in an interview with Cheddar (a publishing partner of Medium) that people are responding very well to this kind of approach and are subscribing in big numbers. There are no clear reports on how many paying subscribers Medium has because Williams prefers not to share this information, however, some people report that the number is approximately between 200,000 and 400,000.

This number of subscribers may seem a bit meh, but the number of monthly unique visitors Medium has as of 2020 is 153 million. That’s HUGE growth from 60 million monthly unique visitors in 2016.

Medium has made it possible for ANYONE to blog and be seen. Here’s Evan Williams’ take on Medium as a blogging platform: 

“On Medium, you can contribute often or just once in a blue moon, without the commitment of a blog. And either way, you’re publishing into a thriving, pulsing network — not a standalone web site, which you alone are responsible for keeping alive.” 

One thing that sets Medium apart from other blogging platforms is that it sorts content by topic rather than by author. However, this seems to be a balance that Medium has struggled to regulate over time. 

On one hand, Medium sells itself as a revolutionary content discovery tool, where your success relies solely on the quality of the content you write. On the other hand, Medium seems to favor famous writers with established audiences.

This deliberately de-emphasizes who the writer of an article is and emphasizes what is being written about (with the hope of delivering better content to their readers). 

So, which is it really, Medium?

One thing we’re sure of is that Medium’s approach to distinguishing itself from other content-based websites is working as proven by the massive amount of monthly unique visitors that hasn’t stopped growing.

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