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There Promises

Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick created an Internet Marketing product they called 30 Minute Mogul. One of them  (I don’t know which one) claims that he woke up and found he’d already made $151.62 using the methods taught in this product, which was instantly deposited into his PayPal account.

They claim their product is such a newbie-friendly and over-the-shoulder training that even a stark Internet Marketing rookie could use to make over one $100 per day by just doing simple things that require just thirty minutes a day to accomplish. They say anyone can do this.

They claim their method is going to stand the test of time and will make its users money for a very long time in the Internet Marketing industry. They claim they’ve generated over $330,000.00 in online revenue using this method alone and that they’re going to show you how to do the same following their exact steps.

They say to succeed with this, you don’t need a website, you don’t need an email list, you don’t need paid traffic, you don’t need to over labor yourself, you don’t need to be tech savvy, you don’t need to wait forever to get your first sales commission sent your way, you don’t need to be a special person with special abilities, you don’t need to take any risk, you don’t need to follow old, saturated methods because this, according to them, is like nothing you’ve seen before etc.

They say just follow the steps of the 30 Minute Mogul and you’ll have money in your pocket, period. I’m sure you saw their sales page. Please visit it again through the link provided above, if you need to. We’ll see if all this is worth giving attention to in a moment.

I’m Not Selling 30 Minute Mogul

I’m not an affiliate of the 30 Minute Mogul created by Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett. I’m only reviewing it without biases after buying it and checking it out to see if it really delivers on the promises on its sales page.

I’ve done this with several Internet Marketing products to provide my readers the necessary insider information, which helps them make informed decisions as to whether they should spend their hard-earned resources on such products or not. Also, I use this medium to introduce my readers to a far better, free alternative in the event of a negative review.

30 Minute Mogul Featured Image

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30 Minute Mogul Review at a Glance

30 Minute Mogul is a video training course on affiliate/email marketing put together by Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett. This product teaches affiliate marketing and email marketing methods, especially using WarriorPlus as its primary sample platform. This review is about to reveal to you whether or not this product delivers on the promises on its sales page.

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I Paid for the Product

I was led to “a limited time offer” of $27 immediately after checking out, which I passed without thinking twice. When the vendors saw how fast I passed, they changed their minds and brought the price down to $17, which I passed up again without second thoughts.

A limited time offer

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Cost of limited time offer

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Then, they sent me another upsell of $27.

Wait a minute, I thought I just declined an upsell of $27 a moment ago. What’s wrong with these people? They really know how to get on a guy’s nerves. Well, I passed it up again, and I was asked to wait a second. Wait a second for what? Aw! It’s another down sell of $17 again. Well, needless to say, I passed.

Wait a second

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I should be free now to go on to my purchase, right? Wrong! ‘Next thing I saw was “ok, last offer, I swear.” I didn’t need him swearing. I just wanted him to stop pestering me with up and down sells and simply take me to my purchase. The “last offer” was going to cost me $197. Do I need to tell you that I passed?

last offer i swear

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Well, he swore not to bother me any further after that “last offer,” right? But guess what. After I passed, he said, “Ok so maybe $197 was a bit steep for you today. But I would love to give you this one last opportunity to take advantage of my industry knowledge.” This “one last opportunity” was going to cost me $97. I started wondering how many more “sworn” last offers and opportunities I’d have to pass through before getting to my purchase. Well, I did my thing – I passed at lightening speed.

another last offer of $97

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The Product

Phew! Finally, I was allowed access to my purchase. In the members’ area, the first thing I saw was “Welcome To The 30 Minute Mogul Course! By Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett. Introduction: Start Here First. My Results So Far.” I didn’t buy this product to see other people’s results. I bought it so I could begin to see my own results, and the first thing the presenter shows me in the members’ area is his result.

The members' area, my results so far

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After that, there was the first video titled “Step 1: Here’s How it’s Done.” In this video, students get to see how these dudes did what they claimed to have done. Going through the video, I found there was really nothing new, which was contrary to what they claimed on their sales page. I quote, “This method is FRESH and new… It’s NOT the same rehashed garbage that you’re tired of seeing over and over again… In fact, I’m sure you’ve never seen this method before!”

Their sales page claim

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They were teaching what everyone else is teaching out there. For instance, some of the things they said were, “What to Say to Get Paid? You need special headline that will get your email opened…You need a call to action so they click through and purchase.” Now, tell me what’s new about those or any of the others on the list, which you can see on the image below?

Step 1a

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In the third video, which was named “30 Minute Mogul Formula: Part 2,” the presenter simply showcased his achievements in affiliate contests and moved on to talk about segmenting emails. He says, “Increase Your Opens And Make More…When you send an email for a promo you are just assuming that people are just sitting and waiting for your email.

People have lives, jobs and of course people live in other time zones and other countries

Many times they will miss my first email because of these facts plus don’t forget if people are on 20 lists your emails drop down quickly in their inbox. When segmenting and remailing un-opens as I do I’m trying to aggressively reach the people that did not open my email….”

Part 2a

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As far as I could see, there was nothing particularly new. Maybe entry-level newbies will find some of that information useful. But, for intermediate and advanced marketers, this isn’t going to make news.

There was also another video labeled “Warrior FREE Leads Review Formula: Case Study.” In this video, the presenter demonstrates how he gets free leads through WarriorPlus by offering free downloads in exchange for people’s email addresses.

Though as the presenter said, this is very effective as it’s done in an environment where there are only niche specific people as against general freebie seekers. Yet, I didn’t see anything particularly new about all that. I’ve personally seen a couple of other Internet Marketers using the very same strategy to generate free leads on the WarriroPlus platform. Once again, they failed to deliver on their promise of showing their customers a never-seen-before marketing strategy.

The next video, which is called “How To List Your Warrior Free Leads Review On Warrior Plus: Part 1” is a lesson you can get on the Internet for free. I typed “how to list your warrior free leads review on warrior plus youtube” into Google’s search bar and I got over 2,000,000 free, tutorial videos to watch.

Youtube results

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This one particularly teaches almost the exact same things on the 30 Minutes Mogul training video. The next three videos were just continuations of the previous one. Now, all these could have been one video. They were probably broken down to make the product seem to have  more content than it actually does.

How To List Your Warrior Free Leads Review On Warrior Plus Part 1

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Continuation 1

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Continuation 2

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The next video after the continuations was called, “How To Get Leads From The Warrior Forum.” Again, nothing special. This is also information you can get free of charge from the Internet. Try typing these words “how to get leads from the warrior forum youtube” into Google’s search bar and see what happens.

How To Get Leads From The Warrior Forum

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After that, the next video called, “How To Choose Winning Offers To Promote” is also common place information on the Internet.

How To Choose Winning Offers To Promote

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Below that last video were all sorts of upsell offers from the vendors of 30 Minute Mogul.

All manner of upsells

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Below the upsell offers were so called bonuses, which were mostly squeeze page incentives meant to grab your email address.


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Squeeze page incentives

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Final Rating: D

This product doesn’t fulfill the promises on its sales page. You can’t make more than $100 per day with this product just working 30 minutes per day. Furthermore, it has a lot of common information presented as special and new Internet Marketing insight, which can be found for free on other blogs and websites in this industry.

Now that you’ve read this review on 30 Minute Mogul, what do you think about it? share your thoughts with the community below.

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