60 Minute Paydays Review: Can It Make You $224.66 Per Day?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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Their Claims

Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick say their 60 Minute Paydays will make you $224.66 per day every day. They say it’s so newbie friendly, it takes only a copying and pasting effort to see results. They say you can make over $6,ooo per month using it. They say it takes only 60 minutes to set it up and get it running. According to them, you don’t need to have any technical skills to be able to use their 60 Minute Paydays system. They say you don’t even need to spend a dime on paid traffic. They say you can even scale your results infinitely. This sounds pretty good. Let’s dig in to make sure it’s not another set of lies.

I’m not in cahoots with Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick. I’m just reviewing their product, the 60 Minute Paydays as I have done with several other products in the Internet Marketing industry. I do this to protect my innocent readers who’re looking to improve their finances by making money online, and who hope to get the help they need by buying some of the many Internet Marketing products put out there by the many unscrupulous Internet Marketing gurus who care more about how much money they stand to get from their unsuspecting buyers than anything else.

I provide my readers the much-needed protection by unveiling the crappy Internet Marketing products through my 100% objective reviews. I also use my reviews to recommend 100% free Internet Marketing products, which have been tested and proven to help them achieve their financial goals online.

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Summary: 60 Minute Paydays Review

If you can’t read all of the review due to a lack of time, then here’s the takeaway: if you’re looking to buy the 60 Minute Paydays system because you saw those out of this world promises on that sales page, which claim you can be making more than $200 per day with the system 60 minutes from check out time, please don’t get your hopes up because that’s not even remotely possible for all the reasons I explain in detail within the main body of the review.

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I bought It and Tried It

There was an upsell after I checked out ($27), a down sell ($17), another upsell ($27) and another down sell ($17). After that $17 offer, Mark said, “Ok, last offer, I swear.” This last offer was a $197 product. After swearing he’d not pitch another product, I was surprised to get another down sell of $97. What happened to integrity among internet marketers? At that point, I wondered if I could trust someone who’d swear and break their own oath the very next second. However, I’d already checked out. So, the only option was to carry on to the end.


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You Can’t Set It Up In 60 Minutes

Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick promised that the 60 Minute Paydays system would be so easy you could set it up in 60 minutes or less and begin to count your blessings. That was a lie. It’s not possible to set it up in so short a time. Look, among several other things that are required like buying a domain name, setting up your web hosting with all the techie cPanel stuff to deal with, getting and setting up an autoresponder account, creating a landing page to go with the autoresponder account, you’ll need to write quality SEO-optimized content.

Quality content takes time to put together, and by “time” I mean long hours. For your quality content to be SEO compliant, you’ll have to carry out keyword research in a niche and a sub-niche, which can also eat up some or all of your projected 60 minutes. Paul Prissick and Mark Barrett even recommend that you write a 2,000-word article in order to be all set for results.

If you’ve ever written articles, you’ll agree with me that a top notch, 2,000-word article will take longer than 60 minutes to put together. Then, you’ll also have to embed videos and images into your articles in other to get the sort of results Mark Barret and Paul Prissick claim their 60 Minute Paydays is capable of producing. All of these activities will naturally take far longer than 60 minutes to accomplish, which flies in the face of that claim on the sales page.

Copy and paste on the sales page

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Takes 60 minutes or less to setup

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Embed a video

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Not as Easy as Copying and Pasting

Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick kicked off their training within the 60 Minute Paydays members’ area with an assumption that their students had some SEO background. Paul Prissick, the presenter, gave certain examples that stark newbies who’re not well-grounded with SEO will find confusing.

For instance, he mentioned related phrases that will become long tail searches and how closely related terms should be weaved into a copy as a group. I’m sure if you’re an entry-level newbie, you’ll be confused by all these terms. Even intermediate and advanced internet marketers who’re not majorly into SEO will find those a bit confusing.

No copy and paste

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You’ll have to fill in the Gaps

Paul Prissick mentioned generating a list. Generate a list with what? A landing page and an autoresponder of course. Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick didn’t deem it necessary to make a provision for a hands-on demonstration on how to go about those in their 60 Minute Paydays training. So, you have those puzzles to figure out on your own, all within 60 minutes. Yet, on their sales page they claim the 60 Minute Paydays training is absolutely newbie friendly.

Need for autoresponder

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Final Rating: D

Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick lied on their sales page when they claimed the 60 Minute Paydays system would be as easy as copying and pasting and would take 60 minutes or even less to set up and start making you more than $200.00 per day, which sums up to more than $6,000 per month.

Besides, they leave you to figure out some very important details on your own such as how to go about getting your autoresponder set up to work with your landing page in order to be able to generate a list of subscribers. It’s rated a D because it holds potential for profit, even though that’s highly overstated on its sales page.

It will take far more work and time to profit with the 60 Minute Paydays system than Mark Barrett and Paul Prissick would like you to believe. And even if you take the time to get everything right with all the hard work, making money with it isn’t a surefire (this is the Internet with its many unpredictable factors).

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What do you think about Mark Barrett’s and Paul Prissick’s 60 Minute Paydays system? Have you bought it already to try out for yourself? What were your findings with it? Please share your experience with the community below.

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