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Desmond Ong’s Promises

Desmond Ong says he’ll hand you a life-changing gift of his most successful affiliate marketing campaigns, through a product he labeled License My Success, and that all you need to do in order to tap into the money-making potentials of these campaigns is to follow four simple steps.

He says the four steps are (1) download his proven campaigns, (2) change the links to your affiliate links, (3) do an upload of the campaigns and (4) start getting your affiliate commissions.

He Understands Your Troubles

Desmond says he understands your frustrations as an internet marketer/someone looking to make money online because he’s been where you are and knows exactly where it hurts.

He says he knows all the shiny, Internet Marketing objects that promise you Heaven on Earth, including software, new Internet Marketing courses and all the new ideas and great methodologies that flat-out don’t work, are overwhelming you.

He Promises to Save You

He promises to save you all the trouble of continuously spinning your wheels around such good for nothing Internet marketing resources and take you straight to the success that has eluded you all these fruitless years.

He tells you he knows that time is money and that wasting your time is the last thing on his mind, which is why he’d be going straight to the point to offer you his winning campaigns that are already fetching him more than $5,000 per month in Internet-based revenue.

How He Stumbled On the Solution

He tells a story of how he launched a new product, which one of his super affiliates promoted to the extent of making over $2,000 in less than a day. According to him, this affiliate’s success got him curious. So, he put a call across to them to find out what made their campaign tick.

The affiliate, according to him, didn’t let him in on much detail but simply sent him one of the wonder-working campaigns, which took him two weeks to study closely and understand. After that exercise, he created a similar campaign, which took him another two months of trial and error to tweak before he got it right.

He Says He Saw Results in 24 Hours

He claims his first campaign returned impressive results in less than 24 hours. He allegedly made over a $1,000 in less than a day with 100% free traffic, using the methods he discovered from the campaign of his affiliate.

A Whopping $6,000 in One Week

According to him, within one week, he made over $6,000 in affiliate commissions. He says the best part of it all is that this method works for all Internet Marketing niches and that he’s made it possible for you to simply download and use as your own.

According to him, if you can follow step-by-step instructions, you can succeed with this. He says everything you need to succeed is already done for you and waiting to make you money. Please visit his sales page through the link provided above to see the rest of his promises.

I’m Not Selling License My Success

I’m not in league with Desmond Ong and I’m not selling his product, License My Success. I’m only reviewing it from the perspective of a user, having bought it myself. I’ve done the same for a lot of Internet Marketing products in the past.

I’m doing this to provide my readers, who’re looking to improve their finances online, the much-needed information and guidance to safety as they grope online for Internet Marketing products that would help them achieve their online financial goals.

Without reviews like this, such folks would be at the mercy of the many Internet Marketing wolves who prowl the Internet for unsuspecting prey. In addition to pointing my readers to safety, I also offer them high-quality alternative Internet Marketing resources that satisfy their quests free of charge.

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Desmond Ong’s License My Success Review in Brief

License My Success is an Internet Marketing training by Desmond Ong, which consists of four videos and a PDF document. It can make some folks money. But whether or not you’re numbered among those who can make money with it is the reason for this review.

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Just a Heads Up

Before we dig in, let me give you a heads up on the dangers of these so-called done-for-you stuff. These are cookie cutters that’ll constitute duplicate content on the Internet, as you’re, very likely, not the only one buying Desmond Ong’s product and putting it to use on the Internet. Duplicate content incites the nightmarish displeasure of the search engine deities such as Google and the rest of the others.

Google sniffs out duplicate content, in forms of cookie cutters, general templates, spun articles and what other forms you can think of, more easily than a great white smells blood. When Google finds a duplicate web content on your website, which is what Desmond’s campaigns will constitute for you, your website will suffer the penalty of being hidden away in the darkest and most barren parts of cyberspace where no traffic goes.

Consequently, the very essence of putting up your website, which is to make you money, would be lost because without traffic, there’s no possibility of making sales. Without sales, there’s no possibility of making money. Without money, you’re screwed!

After I Bought the Product

When I checked out, I was asked to wait to see how I could turn $5 into $25 every time by just using a three-step method, which Desmond was going to show me through another of his products called License My Success VIP, which was going to cost me $47. This product was going to avail me with done-for-you conversion pages, done-for-you videos for sales pitches, done-for-you emails swipes for autoresponder follow-ups and a couple of other done-for-you stuff.

Wait and turn 5 dollars into 25 dollars

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The cost of the first upsell

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done for you stuff

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Well, I tried to pass and proceed to the product I bought but Desmond threw a question at me on a pop up window saying in all caps, “REALLY? ARE YOU 100% SURE YOU WANT TO MISS OUT ON THIS HUGE ADVANTAGE?” He made the part where I could click to pass up the offer so faint it took quite some time and effort to locate it, while the part to redirect me to the offer was so clear it couldn’t be missed.


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Well, against Desmond’s wishes, I located the button to pass up the offer and moved on. After that, I was required to register for something called “members’ account” whatever that meant. Some of the fields required were name, email, country and phone number. Why all those, including phone number?

Register for members' account

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Desmond Might Call at Midnight

There’s a huge possibility Desmond plans on pitching his upsells through the phone numbers he gathers. Since I had no way of ignoring that (Desmond made sure there was no way to get around that without registering), I registered and carefully omitted my phone number (I needed to maintain my peace) Then I held my breath and clicked the submit button. I half expected an error message insisting on my phone number. I heaved a sigh of relief when that didn’t happen.

Free Paid Strategy Session

After that, there was a pop up that simply read, “Claim your free strategy session with bestselling author, Desmond Ong.” I clicked on it and waited. Then, I found myself facing a very long form requiring information in a lot of fields (actually a survey form).

Claim your free strategy session

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The essence of this form is to help Desmond separate those who’ll make him money from those who won’t. This stands in contrast to Desmond’s claim of offering his buyers a free strategy session.

You can't work with Desmond without money

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I Got Stuck

I wasn’t interested in being part of Desmond’s “free strategy session,” having seen it for what it is. But I was stuck. I couldn’t proceed beyond that point. There was no provision to bypass the survey form and move on. The back button of my browser wasn’t clickable.

The Product

So, I was compelled to close the tab on my browser and start over again. This time, I completely avoided the survey form and went straight for the product itself. I forgot to mention that each time you try to access the product, you’ll be required to enter your name, your email, your password, your country and your phone number.

The product is made of four videos. Two of which are an introduction/congratulatory message from Desmond to his viewers, and a documentary on Desmond Ong. The other two are the training. There is also a PDF, which Desmond describes as a “Full Step By Step PDF Tutorial.”

The First Video

Let’s dig in and look at them, one at a time. The first video, as I’ve already hinted, is an introduction to the product and a congratulatory message from Desmond Ong to the people he referred to as “action takers.”

The Second Video

The second video is a documentary that tells the story of Desmond Ong’s life. Believe me, none of these videos will do you any good as an internet marketer. You can watch this one here to see for yourself.

The Third Video

The third video was the beginning of the training course. This video is just about five minutes long and absolutely mind-blowing because all it does is show you how to be used as a tool in the hands of Desmond Ong to promote another one of his products, which is very likely as crappy as the one I’m reviewing [chuckles].

Desmond requires you to drive traffic to his offers and get 100% affiliate commissions on a less than eight-dollar front-end sale (more on that on the fourth video). What he’s doing is piggybacking on your traffic-driving efforts to offer the unfortunate folks you send to his sales page some high-ticket, backend offers to make himself richer. Awesome stuff! Hahaha. You can watch it here and see how “awesome” it is yourself.

The Fourth Video

The fourth video is a demonstration of how to use a bug-ridden squeeze page, which Desmond had to fix while recording the video, to get unfortunate people’s email addresses and redirect them to Desmond’s offers. This is where Desmond shows you how to earn your 100% sales commissions on a less than eight-dollar, front-end sale, which will fetch him leads to pitch his more expensive backend products. Watch the video here.

Sadly, he leaves the hardest part for you to sort out on your own – getting traffic. He doesn’t show you how to get and drive the needed traffic to his offers in order to, at least, make your 100% $7.95 sales commissions. Besides, if you’re a newbie, chances are after watching those videos, you were more confused than before you watched them.

The PDF Document

Well, don’t worry. The PDF I talked about earlier seems to hold a lot of promise. Desmond labeled it “Full Step By Step PDF Tutorial” with good reasons, I believe. It sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? Maybe there’s some help in there. Let’s dig in and see. I just clicked on it to download it and it just opened. Aha! Look, it’s just a two-page PDF! WHAT THE….

Full step by step pdf tutorial

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A two-page PDF

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Final Rating: F

If you know the first thing about making money online, then, you know that a couple of crappy, five-minute videos and a two-page PDF can’t even help you scratch the surface. But that’s it with Desmond Ong’s License My Success. I wonder where and how he expects you to get the traffic to drive to his offers, especially if you’re a newbie. Chances are you flat-out can’t make money with this. But, I did say some folks could make money with this, right? Yes, I meant it. Desmond Ong and his associates are those folks.

Are you looking to buy this product? It’s in your best interest not to buy. Have you bought it already? Hey, you must have some revealing story to share with the community below. Please go ahead and share your experience.

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