Desmond Ong’s Super Commissions Method Review: Is It Legit?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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Desmond’s Claims

Chromabit’s Desmond Ong is here again with something he calls the Super Commissions Method, which he says can make you over $400 per day with the “simple” steps he teaches. He claims this product will put all your money worries to rest. Desmond claims with his method, you can start seeing results today. He says you don’t need an email list, you don’t need a website, you don’t need a product launch, and you don’t need a massive amount of traffic to start seeing results. Let’s see how true these claims are.

This isn’t a sponsored review by Desmond Ong. I’m only reviewing his Super Commissions Method to provide insider information for my readers who are looking for ways to better their finances through Internet Marketing.

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Summary: Desmond Ong’s Super Commissions Method Review

If you have limited time and can’t read every word of this review, then read this condensed version: Desmond Ong’s Super Commissions Method is nothing new. It’s the rehashing of an age-long affiliate marketing approach. If you’re looking to buy it because the sales page says you’ll be able to make money with it today, please slow down. You’re going to be disappointed. I’ve provided details about this within the main body of the review.

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After I Bought Super Commissions Method

After I checked out, there was a survey form that wanted my opinion on whether or not I thought Desmond’s ready-made campaigns would help make life easier for me. I deliberately chose the “no” radio button to see what would happen. I was redirected to the ready-made campaign upsell anyway. I was supposed to pay $29.95 for those campaigns. After that upsell, there were other upsells and down sells. See the images below for an idea.

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The campaigns upsell and cost

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The Campaigns down sell and cost

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Another upsell

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Cost of another upsell

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Another down sell and cost

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Just a quick heads up here. If you buy Desmond Ong’s Super Commissions Method, you’ll be required to provide your contact details, without which you’ll be barred from accessing your purchase. That’s because Desmond wants to see to it that he or his team members can spam you through emails or direct phone calls.

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Basic Information

The idea behind Desmond Ong’s Super Commissions Method is to go over to affiliate marketing platforms like WarriorPlus, JVZoo, Clickbank and so on, pick a product, and make a review of the product with your affiliate link. When people buy the product through your affiliate link, you make a commission.

The idea of creating a review site isn’t anything new — it’s basic Internet Marketing information that anyone can get for absolutely free online if they look.

For instance, I typed the words “using product review sites to make money as an affiliate” and I got over nine million (9,000,000,000) resources on the subject to learn from for absolutely free. For the record, some of these free resources were even more informative than the one in Desmond Ong’s Super Commissions Method.

How to review a product google

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Potentially Harmful Approach

The folks at Chromabit, Desmond Ong and his team, would have their students create bonuses to attract potential buyers. However, the method they’re recommending could harm the students’ reputation if they don’t carry out due diligence. They’re teaching and encouraging their students to use PLR products as bonuses. The problem with PLR products is that they’re usually very low quality because they’re often hastily and carelessly put together by their creators.

If your customers find out what low-quality products you gave them as bonuses for buying from your link, your link won’t hold enough appeal to make them buy from you again. That means no continuity – not smart. You should be able to offer your customers great value at every turn in order to completely secure their trust and give them good reasons to buy from you repeatedly.

PLR bonuses

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False Guarantee

When something is guaranteed, there is an assurance it’s going to happen. But going through Desmond Ong’s Super Commissions Method, I don’t see how seeing results with it today could be guaranteed. You can put up a review site, pick a product to review, do what you can to send traffic to your review site, and provide a lineup of bonuses to entice potential buyers, but you can’t force your site visitors to click on your affiliate link, let alone cause them to pull out their credit cards to make a purchase. So no one has the right to guarantee that you’ll see any results today. Typically, most people won’t see results on their first day with a review site.

Guaranteed way

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You’ll Need Content

Desmond promised on his sales page that you won’t need content or article marketing – maybe not. But don’t let that fool you into thinking you won’t need to develop any content. Whether you build a review website or use a social media platform such as a Facebook page, you’ll need to create some review content, which could be an article, a video, or an audio clip. If you don’t know how to do any of those, you’ll have to outsource, which also disproves the part on Desmond’s sales page that claims you won’t need to do any outsourcing.

No content marketing

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Final Rating: D

Desmond Ong’s Super Commissions Method is only a rehashed affiliate-marketing-by-product-reviews training, which is something everyone else is doing right now – nothing new. Furthermore, the information on how to start a money-making review site is plastered all over the Internet for anybody who looks a bit to find and use for absolutely free.

So, why buy free information? Besides, there’s no guarantee you’ll make money with it on your first day. So, don’t let that be the reason you want to get your hands on this product. It’s getting a D rating because if you’re able to set up your review and wait for as long as necessary, you might make a bit of money – not guaranteed

Having read this review on Desmond Ong’s Super Commissions Method, what’s your take? Please share your thoughts with the community below.


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