$200 In 20 Minutes Review: Can It Make $200 In 20 Minutes?

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Desmond Ong’s Promises

Desmond Ong has created something he calls $200 In 20 Minutes , which he claims has been making him – surprise – $200 in 20 minutes. He says his system is an effective, simple method that truly works and is used by top marketers to generate millions of dollars annually. He claims his system is extraordinarily reliable and sustainable. He also claims it’s the easiest way to make money online currently. He says his system has nothing to do with launching your own products, advertising on Facebook, Fiverr, Search Engine Optimization, Google AdWord, YouTube Video Marketing and so on. He says he’s going to offer his sales page visitors the $200 In 20 Minutes system for free.

This review is not sponsored or influenced by Desmond Ong to showcase and sell his $200 In 20 Minutes software. I’m reviewing it objectively to help readers make up their minds as to whether it’s what they need or not.

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Summary: Desmond Ong’s $200 In 20 Minutes Review

This is a quick overview of Desmond Ong’s $200 In 20 Minutes for folks in a hurry. Though Desmond’s $200 In 20 Minutes training is a legitimate way of making money online, his software isn’t what it seems on that sales page. Going by the content on Desmond’s sales page, you might have imagined some very efficient, never-seen-before software that you could plug into your sales funnel for $200 in 20 minutes every day.

That’s far from reality because there’s no such software. Instead, what you’ll get is some survey opt-in form creator software, which does nothing but help you create a survey opt-in form to help categorize your email subscribers according to their specific needs within your autoresponder. I’ll show you where to get similar software that does better than Desmond’s for absolutely free. The details are in the main body of the review.

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I Bought the $200 In 20 Minutes

After I checked out, I was led straight to the product I purchased. For the record, I paid for the product, which means that Desmond didn’t give the software away as he promised. In the members’ area, Desmond Ong made it very clear that his $200 In 20 Minutes system was not designed to quickly make you money. He went on about the role of the mindset of an individual in building a successful online business. He told his audience not to expect things to come easily, and that if they wanted things the easy way, they should go buy a franchise.

While he said these things, I was wondering why he said his system could make you money in just 20 minutes of little work. Wasn’t he the same Desmond Ong who said on his sales page that his system was the easiest way to make money online?

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Desmond Says You Need an Email List

Desmond opened up to say that his $200 In 20 Minutes system could make him $200 in 20 minutes because he had an email list. Doesn’t that sound like using just any autoresponder to send promotional emails to your subscribers? This impresses me as a regular email marketing training – that’s what it is. So why did he do a lot of talking about some unknown software that was designed to automatically make its users $200 in just 20 minutes?

Desmond went ahead to share the testimonials of his allegedly successful students. According to their testimonials, they owed their success with Desmond’s $200 in just 20 minutes system to their email lists. As a matter of fact, Desmond Ong’s $200 in just 20 minutes is just like any other list-building course out there.


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The only difference between his $200 In 20 Minutes training and other email marketing courses is the use of a web-based opt-in form creator software so you can create a survey opt-in form to collect the preferences of site visitors and send them affiliate offers that directly address their needs. Instead of a landing page or opt-in page, Desmond preferred to use the expression “Lead Investigator and Capture page,” which was his way of saying survey opt-in form.

In one of his videos, Desmond went ahead to demonstrate how to use his software to create the survey opt-in form. What he showed his viewers is nothing out of the ordinary. There was nothing he did with his software that anyone couldn’t do with this free tool called JotForm.

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Basic and Free Information

After his demonstration of how to create a survey opt-in form, which he called an Investigator page, Desmond Ong went ahead to show his students how to find products to promote as affiliates on Clickbank. He took an entire video to do this. He recommended things like looking out for the gravity of the product as an indication of its potential to convert and make its affiliate money and so on. Who doesn’t know that?

That’s pretty basic information and can be found for free on the Internet. All you have to do is search with the right combination of words and your effort will be rewarded with plenty of free resources to benefit from.

I only had to type the words “how to pick products to promote on clickbank youtube,” and I got more than 400,000 results. Some of them were elaborate video tutorials while others were comprehensive texts, all of which were totally free for me to access and learn from.

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You’ll Need to Write Your Autoresponder Follow Up Series

I’m certain that one of the things on Desmond Ong’s sales page that attracted you so much was that you expected some automation from the software to make you some hassle-free money. However, that’s not going to happen because his system is like any other email marketing system out there. You’ll still have to do stuff like sit down, rack your mind for the right words, and compose your autoresponder follow up emails to get your subscribers to buy your affiliate offers.

That makes me wonder how you could possibly do all that in 20 minutes and make money. In my honest opinion, Desmond Ong is teaching a legitimate way to make money online, but simply chose to gain your interest through hype, which he even condemned on his sales page just to win your trust and suck you into his sales funnel.

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Final Rating: D

Desmond Ong is teaching a legitimate way to make money online through email marketing, but his $200 In 20 Minutes is far from what you think it is. It’s not going to make you a nickel in 20 years if you don’t have an email list of ready buyers. That, in turn, means you’ll have to first grow an email list before you can be ready to use Desmond’s $200 In 20 Minutes. Even if you have a list, Desmond’s software won’t automatically make you $200 in 20 minutes as he claims on his sales page. You’ll have to do your manual email marketing in order to see the results you want.

That’s the end of my review of Desmond Ong’s $200 In 20 Minutes software. Now, what’s on your mind? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments area.

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