iPoll Review: Does it Really Pay?

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Here we are again — a paid survey platform that seems promising at first, but may not deliver in the end. They build your hopes up gradually and then — BAM! Everything comes crashing down. I wouldn’t blame you if you’re hesitant to join a new survey platform nowadays, especially with how many survey platforms seem to scam people out of their time. 

The following questions will be put to rest in this review:

“Is iPoll a legit platform?”

“Will my time and effort with iPoll be worth it?”

“Will my account get shut down out of the blue again?”

I got you — don’t worry.

I am, in no way, affiliated with iPoll. Therefore, this review is free of bias and is not influenced by sponsorships from iPoll.

If there were a paid survey site “food chain,” iPoll would be somewhere around the bottom. The services they offer are very lacking, and the pay per survey is one of the lowest out there. When compared to the industry leader (Swagbucks), you’ll notice a significant difference. 

If you join Swagbucks, get ready for an experience that’s way better than what you’ll ever experience with iPoll. 


iPoll Review: Summary

If you don’t have time to read the entire article, at least read this high-level overview. In a glance, you’ll learn everything you need to know about iPoll.

iPoll is an unreliable platform. It’s practically impossible to earn anything close to decent. They’re barely a legit platform and definitely not worth your time due to these factors:

a. Low Survey Density. Only a few survey invites are sent per month. Take note that you probably won’t even qualify for half of those.

b. Poor Rates. $0.50 per 15-minute surveys is an absurd rate, especially considering the towering $50 payout via PayPal.

c. Fishy Privacy Policies. iPoll, along with their third parties, tracks your online activity even after explicitly telling them not to. Your personal information is also vulnerable as they can put it up for sale.

d. Accounts Get Shut Down for Unknown Reasons. There are too many reviewers who claim that iPoll shut their account down unexpectedly when all they did was answer surveys honestly. 

iPoll doesn’t deserve an inch of effort put into it. That may seem harsh, but I hate paid survey platforms that waste people’s time because I value my time and I know you value yours, too. Stay far away from this platform.

If you are looking for a paid survey site that doesn’t suck, check out our Swagbucks review.


Everything You Need to Know About iPoll

iPoll is a rather unique survey platform because it functions mainly through their mobile app. This presents a vulnerability since it’s more prone to crashes and glitches if not maintained properly (more on that later).

iPoll (formerly known as SurveyHead) is a paid survey platform handled by Dynata, a market research firm. You may ask: “What does a market research firm do?” A market research firm gathers data from a target demographic, such as the behavior and/or opinions of the targeted demographic regarding a specific product or service. 

Other platforms under Dynata are: Valued Opinions, OneOpinion, and Opinion Outpost, and a few more. If you’re familiar with any of these paid survey platforms or had any previous dealings with them, don’t expect that your experience with iPoll will be any different.


How to Earn Points

Points are mainly earned through surveys, and how much a survey is worth can vary from $0.50 to $2. A 15-minute survey is usually worth $0.50. Assuming the best-case scenario where you receive a lot of survey invites and qualify for all of them, you’ll earn $2 after an hour of answering 15-minute surveys. That’s pretty low considering the payout of $50 via Paypal (of which you have to pay the 3% fee). Yeah, that mountain of a payout is a lot and it’ll take quite some time to reach that.

Surveys are really hard to come by since you’ll only receive a handful of survey invites per month. Added that you won’t qualify for most of them and get screened out, you’ll be left with fewer surveys than you originally had. It’s simple: less surveys completed = less $.

There is no compensation whatsoever when you get screened out. This infuriates me because iPoll couldn’t even bring themselves to compensate for their members’ wasted time. All this proves is that they have little respect and care for their members.


“The Mobile App Must Be Nice Right?”

A mobile app may seem convenient at first, but it comes with a lot of cons. A mobile app requires a lot of patches and updates (which require a lot of work) to run smoothly and without fail. Thus, if a company neglects their mobile app, it’ll crash frequently and be riddled by bugs and errors, which seems to be the case for iPoll’s app. 

Members report that errors when cashing out via the app are very frequent. Asking customer service for help seems to be a dead end. Imagine being in the middle of a 30-minute survey when the app suddenly crashes and when refreshed, all of your progress, along with the points that you’re supposed to earn, are lost. Pretty scary right? But that ain’t the end of it.


They Track You Wherever You Go

Paid survey platforms handle private and personal information. Therefore, using their services means you’re entrusting them with your information. It’s crucial that we know how they store this, and if they share this with anyone else.

Did you know that Dynata continues to track your online activity even after specifically telling them not to? What’s even more disturbing is that Dynata also allows any third parties associated with them to do the same. DNT is a web browser setting that requests that a web application disable its tracking of an individual user


ipoll-dynata privacy policy


This policy exploits a vulnerability in the online privacy and security of the members of iPoll, especially considering that in this day and age, people are spending more and more time on their mobile phones.


You Don’t Want Your Personal Information to Be On-Sale Around the Internet, Do You?

Another concerning policy is that Dynata can share your PII to third parties for resale or reuse. PII is basically “any information about an individual maintained by an agency… such as name, social security number, date and place of birth, mother’s maiden name, or biometric records.” 

If you decide to stop using iPoll, or any other platform under Dynata, they will store your personal information for up to a year and sell it to a third party if they wish to — unless an effort was made to email them directly which, let’s face it, is something you probably won’t think of doing. 


ipoll-dynata privacy policy -data selling


This policy punches another hole in the online privacy and security of the members of iPoll. It leaves the members vulnerable to exploitation.


2x More Negative Reviews Than Positive Reviews

ipoll online reviews

Every survey platform has several good and bad reviews, but when the bad ones overwhelm the good ones, that’s pretty alarming. iPolls’ rating at SurveyPolice only averages slightly above one star.

This review on SurveyPolice shares the frustration of going through all these inconveniences only to learn that customer service is of zero help.


ipoll customer review 1


Here’s a review from Adam Smith on TrustPilot. Accounts getting shut down for seemingly unknown reasons seem to be quite a common occurrence on second-rate paid survey platforms, and iPoll is no different.


ipoll customer review 2


Another review reports that iPoll terminated her account without her knowledge.


ipoll customer review 3


These reviews have two things in common, accounts getting shut down out of the blue (sometimes right before a payout) and horrible customer service.


Time to Cross iPoll Off of THE List

It’s time to cross iPoll off the list of viable paid survey platforms, and stay far, FAR away from them. Trust me, if you use iPoll, you’ll be the next person to post a review on TrustPilot or SurveyPolice complaining about how your account was shut down due to seemingly unknown reasons. 

iPoll turns out to be just as unreliable as any of the other platforms under Dynata. 

iPoll pays poorly compared to the time it demands from its members. So if you’re planning to take the $50 payout via Paypal, you’ll have to wait ages, especially if you get disqualified out of surveys 15-20 times a day. You’d also never rest easy with the numerous online reviews complaining about their accounts getting shut down out of nowhere haunting you. 

It’s also hard to forget that iPoll tracks your online activity, along with third parties associated with them. Your personal information may also be put up for sale if you’ve been inactive for 6 months. These two facts are a bad combo for your online privacy and security.

All in all, I would consider iPoll as a scam, in the context of them not being able to equate your effort spent vs rewards received. There’s no doubt that you’ll face a lot of problems and complications along the way if you join iPoll, and it’s just not worth a single minute of your time.

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