How to End a Personal Blog Post

By Ian | Blogging

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Ending a personal blog post is more difficult than you’d expect. After sharing your thoughts and opinions about a certain topic, how do you effectively persuade your audience to take action?

When it comes to conclusions, I generally follow a simple process that involves asking myself three main questions: 

  • So what? 
  • Why now? 
  • What’s next?

Asking yourself these questions when you begin writing the conclusion of a blog post should make your conclusion more organized and simple because the answers to these questions IS your conclusion.

“So, What?”

Think about why your audience should care about what you’ve written. Sure, your message makes sense, but so what? Why should your audience care about what you have to say? What does the information you’ve shared mean to your readers or their business/ life?

Your conclusion should focus on the answers to these questions.

“Why Now?”

This is the question to answer when your blog post conveys a sense of urgency. Why should your audience take action now? Why should your readers make changes to what’s already kind of working and they’re comfortable with? What are the consequences to their inaction?

Again, the answers to these questions are what your conclusion should revolve around.

“What’s Next?”

Okay, you’ve managed to hook your audience with your awesome blog post… but the work doesn’t end there. Your readers, while excited, may have gotten overwhelmed with all the information you shared and may not have a clue where to start. 

Ask yourself: what’s the first baby step your readers can take to get them going on their big journey?

This is the question your conclusion should answer to both guide and inspire your audience to take action. 

“That Seems Easy!”

Now that I’ve laid out this process for you, it may seem simple enough. However, until you’re confronted with ending a blog post again, you won’t understand how involved answering those questions can get. 

I challenge you to review your top 5 performing blog posts and critically assess their conclusions with the questions discussed above in mind. If you notice that those conclusions wander aimlessly, it’s time to rewrite them.

If you’re worried about your ability to come up with good ways to end a blog post, don’t. Practice answering these questions with each new piece of content and you’ll transform your already helpful blog posts into something even more valuable.

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