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Just like in any blog post, endings matter in travel writing. They’re the last words the audience reads and, as a result, have a tendency to linger. A good ending is the thing that keeps the story alive and kicking in the reader’s mind long after they’ve moved on.

However, for an ending to be good, it shouldn’t simply repeat main ideas or use a quote to tie things off (anyone who reads travel blogs regularly knows the standard “quote” wrap up). You need to come up with something better. 

So, what can you do to stand out amongst the other travel bloggers who use the same endings over and over again?

1. Strengthen your points by adding a memorable fact, detail or image.

The ending should reinforce and reiterate the central point of your travel blog post, but you shouldn’t just repeat what’s already been said. A good way to hammer a point home is by using a memorable image, fact or anecdote that helps summarise what’s been written in the body of the post.

2. End on a strong note with a lesson, discovery, or revelation.

How did your travel affect you? Did it give you any new insights or life lessons? Has it changed your perspective or the way you think about specific things? If so, tell your audience! These discoveries are the things readers would love to know.

You can also try wrapping up your post with a revelation. It can be shocking, surprising, humorous or amusing. I read an article recently where the writer used a revelation to make sure their final words weren’t quickly forgotten: “If you are really looking for a reason to leave an angry comment, I did eat a dog in Vietnam like three weeks later.” Now THAT’S a revelation!

3. Return to the introduction.

This is the quickest and simplest way to end a travel blog post, and another effective way to promote engagement. 

If your introduction started with a question, the ending of your blog post can return to that question to wrap things up. This type of ending also gives you an opportunity to highlight the main points of your post one last time.

Ending a Travel Blog Post

These three options should provide your audience with deeper insights and, in some cases, empower them to put together a plan of action for themselves. This increases your chances of becoming their go-to resource for answers or solutions to other questions or challenges.

Each component of a blog post is like a gear on a clock that turns in-sync with the others — when one gear fails, the whole clock stops.

That’s why conclusions are just as important as the introduction and body of your content.

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