Ewen Chia’s Fast Track List Overwiew: Is It Any Good to You?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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His Promises and Claims

Ewen Chia claims he’s offering you his Fast Track List because he’s very concerned about your online success and is very upset with the many gurus who’re trying to take advantage of you. He says it’s his sole purpose to offer you a message that’ll help you find something better than what you’ve had in the past.

He further says you need to know that it’s not your fault that you’ve failed so far in your quest to make money online because most of the Internet Marketing products you’ve bought before were designed to make you fail. He goes on to say you’ve been promised instant wealth in the past and have been made to aim too high, only to be let down.

He says, stop running after the shiny products that promise you such things because, in the end, they’ll only leave you disappointed again. He says he’s been where you are and knows how you feel. He says he too had almost given up before he started seeing success.

He says it all started for him as small wins, which he later scaled into a fortune. He promises to help you take the first step towards success online as he did a long time ago. Please visit his sales page to see the rest of his promises, if you must.

I’m Not Showcasing Fast Track List

I’m not in cahoots with Ewen Chia. Neither am I promoting his product, Fast Track List. This is only a 100% objective review of the product, which is like the various other reviews I’ve written on other Internet Marketing products.

I write these reviews to provide my readers with the vital, insider information on the Internet Marketing products they’re probably looking to buy in order to improve their finances through Internet Marketing.

Through these reviews, I hope to guide as many honest, unsuspecting folks away from the pack of Internet Marketing wolves who’re lurking in the Internet Marketing wild for easy prey to feast on.

Furthermore, I hope to also provide my readers with the sort of high-quality Internet Marketing products they’re looking for. I particularly take delight in pointing them to a high-quality alternative, which they can get started with for 100% free.

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Ewen Chia’s Fast Track List Review at a Glance

Ewen Chia’s Fast Track List is a digital training on how to grow your email list and make money with it. It’s composed of four main training videos and another set of seven videos on how to drive traffic. Whether the lessons in these videos are any good to you and will make you money is what this review is about.

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I Bought the Product

I bought the Fast Track List and was redirected to a page where I could click on a button to download it. After I clicked to download it, my email address and first name were requested by a squeeze page, which I was directed to. There was no way around it. So, I provided the requirements.

After that, I was redirected to a page that had the words, “Thanks For Registering! You’ll Get An Email With Download Details Or You Can Also Access Your Purchase Here But Before You Do So…Wait, You’re Not Done Yet!” Below those words, there was a video promoting a website developing software, which cost $197.

Wait, you're not done yet

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A video promoting a website building software

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Cost of software

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I ignored that and clicked on the link with the words, “You Can Also Access Your Purchase Here”. That link led me to another page with the words, “Hi, this is Ewen Chia and I just want to personally thank you for your smart investment! You can click the link below to enter your member’s area…but before you do, I’ve put up a SECRET PAGE just for you… On that page, you’ll see how to make $1,000 a day online (for real) on autopilot without selling anything…”.

I was curious. A secret page just for me was interesting enough to catch my attention. Furthermore, I was going to learn how to make a whopping $1000 per day online on autopilot without selling anything.

“Wow! That’s awesome,” I thought. Now, that wasn’t all. There was more lettering that read, “Plus you’ll also get a $8,988.00 bonus package… (ending soon!) Click Here Now For Instant Access Once you’ve accessed the “$1,000 A Day Online” page above, you can click the link below to enter your member’s area… CLICK TO ENTER MEMBER’S AREA”.

For the record, all quotes are verbatim even to the formatting of the texts, with no alterations or editing of any kind.

Hi, this is Ewen Chia

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Another sales page

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The secret of $1000 a day

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It Was All about MOBE

Those words were compelling enough for me to click. So, I clicked to see what it was all about. After clicking, I was redirected to another squeeze page where I was required to turn in my best email. After that, I was taken to a sales page with lots of lettering to read. To my disappointment, I discovered the whole thing was about an MLM program called MOBE.


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MOBE is a program, which was extended from a parent MLM program called MTTB. MTTB stands for My Top Tier Business and is owned by a guy called Matt Lloyd. MOBE is MTTB’s sales mechanism powered by a high-pressure sales team, which does all the marketing for their prospects who’re required to introduce other prospects to the program who will also be marketed to by MOBE.

MTTB runs 21 steps deep. You must go through all 21 steps before you’re qualified to earn commissions. Failure to go through all 21 steps disqualifies you from earning. Now, there’s a lot you need to know about MTTB and MOBE.

First off, MTTB cost $49 at the front end, but before you’re half way through the 21 steps, you’ll hit a block. Why? Those steps require you to spend thousands, and I mean thousands of your hard-earned dollars (perhaps even your hard-borrowed dollars) at the backend before you qualify to earn anything. Either that or you can call to have chat with your sponsor, and they can apparently unlock the remaining steps for you.

Besides, you can only earn money from their program by referring other folks into MOBE (violating your conscience in the bid to get back your money), which sucks them in and leaves them at the mercy of MTTB, and so the cycle goes on. Do yourself a favor – STAY AWAY FROM MOBE! DON’T START WHAT YOU CAN’T ETHICALLY FINISH. MTTB’s MOBE has sucked in a lot of unsuspecting internet entrepreneurs to their ruin – the vast majority never recover their investment after putting thousands and thousands into their dreams. You might want to read other MOBE-related reviews here, here and here.

Overcoming the MOBE temptation was breeze for me. I passed without looking back, and got into the members’ area of Fast Track List, the product I bought. There, in the members’ area, there was a video of Ewen Chia welcoming his customers. After that video, there were four other videos, which comprised the main body of the training and another set of seven videos on how to drive traffic.

Training Video 1

In the first video of the training, Ewen Chia demonstrated to his viewers how to sign up for a Clickbank account. This is basic information that’s available on the Internet for free. All you have to do is type “how to sign up for a clickbank account youtube” and see what happens. I got over 730,000 free YouTube videos demonstrating how to sign up for a Clickbank account.

Video 1

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How to sign up for a clickbank account youtube

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Training Video 2

In the second video, Ewen Chia showed his audience how to pick a product to promote on Clickbank. He, then, went on to recommend another one of his crappy products called Autopilot Profits, through a link, for his audience to promote. You can learn how to pick great products to promote on Clickbank for free on Google. I got over 240,000 free YouTube videos on the subject when I typed “how to pick great products to promote on clickbank youtube” into Google’s search bar.

Video 2

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Link to Autopilot Profits

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How to pick a product to promote on clickbank

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Training Video 3

In this video, Ewen Chia showed his viewers how to create a squeeze page and host it for free without a domain name and without a hosting account. However, when I typed “how to create a squeeze page with aweber and host it on aweber youtube” into Google’s search bar, I got 19,600 free YouTube videos on the subject. Here’s a link to one of them

Video 3

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Creating a squeeze page with aweber

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Training Video 4

The fourth video was a demonstration, by Ewen Chia, on how to send follow up emails to subscribers using an autoresponder service. This is also something you can get on Google for entirely free if you type in a related search phrase.

The other seven videos were on how to drive traffic by solo ads. Solo ads require a budget and aren’t a sure bet that you’ll get leads that will constitute your email list. Sometimes, a solo ad campaign falls flat on its face, other times, you see a percentage of subscribers. However, again, how to use solo ads to build your list is commonplace information that you could get on the Internet for free.

Video 4

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Final Rating: F

This product can make Ewen Chia and his affiliates money, and it probably can make you money too if you possess a lot of other skills in addition to what this product exposes you to. But it’s mostly made of information you can get for free on the Internet. So, why pay for it?

Have you bought the Fast Track List already? Please do well to share your experience with the community below.

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