CPA Lead Machine Review: Can You Make $4,000 with It?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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CPA Lead Machine is an Internet Marketing training by Aidan Corkery, Pallab Ghosal and Neil Moran. The threesome promise that their training will equip you with the information you need to make $4,135.40 in one month, working only 20 minutes per day, even if you’re a complete newbie in the Internet Marketing industry and know nothing about CPA marketing.

I’m Not Showcasing CPA Lead Machine or peddling it for financial gain. I’m only reviewing it honestly to guide unsuspecting folks like you who’re looking to improve their finances by buying such digital, information products to help them make money online.

Unfortunately, such folks don’t achieve their goals because of the various, crappy Internet Marketing products put out there by less-than-ethical Internet Marketing gurus in the make-money-online industry.

I also use this website to point them to a 100% free, high-quality Internet Marketing training product, which is far superior to most of the shiny crap they fall for.

CPA Lead Machine Featured Image

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CPA Lead Machine Review at a Glance

CPA Lead Machine is mostly made up of video tutorials on how to go about making money through CPA marketing, using Bing ads. The truth about this product is that the sales page, like many other sales pages in the Internet Marketing industry, is over hyped.

It’s entirely possible to make over $4,000 by this time next month by following the methods taught in the CPA Lead Machine members’ area, as the sales page claims. But that’s only if you’re a seasoned CPA marketer with an email list of loyal subscribers and a decent budget for ads (not a measly budget). For stark newbies, making $4,000 by this time next month is nearly impossible for all the reasons I provided in the review below.

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You’ll Meet Upsells

There was an upsell ($21) and a down sell ($42), all of which I passed up.

First Upsell

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Second upsell

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The Members’ Area

Finally, you’re in the members’ area of the product and you click to start the training. There’s some content for you to go through (about eight videos on the first option called “Bing Case Study”), and you’re so excited you can’t wait to start.

The members' area 1

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The members' area 2

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The members' area 3

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Nobody’s Holding Your Hand

The presenter makes it clear that you have to get a Bing ads account. Here’s where you’ll probably get confused because the presenter doesn’t show you, a stark newbie, how to step-by-step get a Bing ads account.

After that, the presenter tells you to get a CPA offer. He doesn’t even stop long enough to explain what CPA means and what CPA offers are, knowing that Internet Marketing rookies like you would be part of his training.

Then you start hearing words like “pay per lead.” What does it mean? After that, the presenter talks about your affiliate manager whom you’re supposed to get in touch with and ask questions on what’s converting well. Who’s your affiliate manager and how can you reach them and ask them anything?

Nobody’s explaining anything and yet, on their sales page, they stated that the training would be suited for you even if you were a stark newbie and had never done anything in connection with CPA marketing before. Watch the video below.

Get a Bing account video

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You’ll Need a Website

Furthermore, why did nobody say anything about owning a website that’s been up and running for a while to qualify for approval by a CPA network? The presenter only briefly mentions you’ll need a website within the training area. But that’s after you’ve checked out. Why not before you check out? But, even then, he didn’t say how long the website should have been up and running before it qualifies you for a CPA network approval.

Some CPA networks actually need your website to have been up and running for a minimum of one month before you can be accepted by them. Here’s where your $4,000- by-next-month dream begins to crumble.

On their sales page, they promised to show you how to determine what offers are converting the most, but in the members’ area during the training, the presenter simply tells you to ask your affiliate manager without giving you a clue as to who they are and how to contact them.

Getting accepted video

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How to choose the offers that convert

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The Campaigns Could Fail

Nobody said anything about the possibility of the paid ad campaigns failing. But it’s a reality every CPA marketer can’t ignore and is dealing with.

You Need More than 20 Minutes

The sales page says you can make as much as $4,000 in a month’s time by working for just 20 minutes per day. Let’s be realistic here. Do you think 20 minutes is enough to get the hang of things and start making money in if you’re an absolute newbie who doesn’t even know what CPA stands for?

By now, you’re beginning to realize the possibility of the sales page being a mirage. You’re beginning to see that making over $4,000 within a time space of one month by just working 20 minutes a day isn’t as realistic as the sales page made it seem.

Your Hope Is Dashed

Furthermore, you can’t have access to the rest of the training because you couldn’t pay for the upsells thrown at you when you checked out. Now, you’re disappointed, and you’re asking yourself questions like, “For how long will I be stuck with this horrid job? My mind’s made up to leave, but where will I go from here, now that my hope’s dashed?”

Restricted access

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There’s no need to be so disheartened because I’ve got great news for you. I have an awesome product that’ll teach you how to make a living online from the very beginning, and it’s completely free to join. Click on the button below to gain instant access.

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Final Rating: D

If you’re not an entry-level newbie, you can possibly make $4,000 in one month if you work very, very hard, think very, very smart and keep at it relentlessly. But if you are a newbie, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ll do some groping about trying to get CPA networks to approve your applications, which they might or might not. Then, you’ll be trying to get the hang of other required tasks.

After much of your 30 days is used up, making $4,000 by this time next month, working only 2o minutes per day, isn’t in view. Even for an intermediate or advanced CPA marketer, making $4,000 for 20 minutes’ work per day isn’t a typical result.

Please tell the community below what you think about the CPA Lead Machine, having read this review.

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