How Do I Reply to a Blog Comment: The Golden Rule

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Once you start getting a steady flow of traffic to your blog, comments will follow, and you have to be prepared to respond. Replying to a blog comment shouldn’t be difficult, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it your best effort.

Every comment is an opportunity.

You got the user’s attention with your post and they’ve gone out of their way to write a comment and share their thoughts – it couldn’t get any better! Your response must be handled properly to guarantee the opportunity isn’t wasted. 

You’ll face different types of people, thus, different types of comments. One answer won’t fit all, so you have to personally adjust to reply. But I have one general rule on how to respond to every comment that’ll help you along your journey.

Make Users Feel Valuableheart

If a user took time from their day to leave a comment on your blog post, you should do the same. Set aside time to respond to every single comment with a thoughtful comment of your own.

Address the main concern of the comment and reply accordingly. You don’t need to write a 500-word comment but if the comment calls for it, then by all means, do it. Doing this every now and then emphasizes your dedication to your audience. 

Be as Nice as Possible

The internet is ruthless, but that’s not an excuse to be a jerk. The best way to deal with rude comments is to ignore them. However, if the comment is a criticism, you need to address it. 

Don’t ignore people who have different opinions. Their opinions are valid (as long as they’re presented in a reasonable and cordial manner), so don’t take offense. Not everyone will agree with your point of view, and you’re not always right, either. 

Learn to accept criticism and view it in a way as a means to improve yourself. Other people’s insights are valuable too.

How to Reply to Blog Comments

Blog comment responses should be well thought out. However, don’t spend unnecessary time writing a long reply to a blog comment. Your time is better spent on more relevant things.

The rule of thumb is to make the user feel valued — because they are. Genuinely analyze the comment, respond to the main concern, and formulate an informative reply.

Ignore hate/spam comments and try to be as nice as possible even when other people have conflicting opinions. Learn to accept criticism and use it as an instrument for self-improvement.

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