Panelbase Review: Is This Paid Survey Site Worth Your While?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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I was told about an Internet-based money making system named Panelbase. So I thought I should check it out to see what it was all about. As it turned out, Panelbase was another online paid surveys site, which claimed you could earn money online by taking surveys on a variety of products and services.

I’m not promoting Panelbase as an affiliate who’s looking to get you to sign up with it. So my review of it isn’t sponsored or influenced by it. I can assure you this one does because I don’t stand to gain financially or otherwise from Panelbase.

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Panelbase review summary

The moral of the story is this: don’t waste time with competitors like Panelbase, Opinion Outpost, Vivatic, or YouGov.

Summary: Panelbase Review

Chances are you don’t have a lot of time to spare because there’s quite a lot demanding your attention and time. So if you don’t have enough time to read the whole review, read this short version in order to know if Panelbase is for you or not, at a glance.

Panelbase is for folks who have a lot of time on their hands, don’t mind tedious drudgery and are looking to earn trifling amounts of money once in a long while in order to be able to afford piddling stuff. You can make money with it once in a very long while but the amounts of money you’ll earn by taking the surveys on Panelbase’s platform won’t be commensurate with the time you put into taking them.

So if you’re bent on signing up with Panelbase for the sole reason of making significant amounts of money as a full-time source of income or on the sidelines to support and provide for yourself and your family, you’re in for a serious letdown because Panelbase won’t help you achieve that dream. Any review you read out there, which tells you otherwise, isn’t objective and is very likely written by folks who are looking to benefit from Panelbase’s referral program.

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Panelbase presents you with surveys from a number of service providers and product producing companies who will pay to hear what you think of their services and products. When you hit Panelbase’s threshold to cash out, you’ll be allowed to request a cashout. But qualifying to take reviews on the Panelbase platform in order to earn enough money to meet their cash out threshold is a different story altogether.

Most paid survey websites demand a chunk of your precious time taking surveys. Panelbase, in my opinion, is the most demanding of your time investment in taking surveys.

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It’s Free to Join

Panelbase is free to join but it’s tedious to qualify to take surveys once in the members’ area. After I signed up, I was offered 3 British Pounds just for signing up, which is something you don’t get with several paid survey websites out there such as Toluna, Ipsos i-Say etc. However, the 3 Pounds were unreachable for me because I couldn’t cash them out without first hitting Panelbase’s payout threshold.

3 pounds

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Taking My First Survey

In a bid to reach the payout threshold as soon as possible to enable me to make a cash withdrawal, I tried taking a survey. My attempt to take a survey resulted in a notice that required me to complete my profile, which happened to be a very long process that required taking very long surveys that came with no rewards.

There was a long list of categories to cover. Each one came with a series of questions to answer. Some had more questions and took longer to answer than others. Some of the long ones took more than 45 minutes to answer and were boring to go through. Plus there were no rewards for going through them. They were only intended to qualify Panelbase’s site users to take surveys.

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I eventually took my first survey, which the folks at Panelbase claimed would not take me more than 19 minutes to complete. However, it took me more than 50 minutes and earned me 1.5 Pounds. That wasn’t very encouraging in my opinion.

My first survey

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Surveys pay 1 pound

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You May Not Qualify to take Surveys

The surveys at Panelbase aren’t open for all and sundry to take part in. Panelbase would put you through a test to ascertain whether you qualify for their surveys or not before you’ll be allowed to take part in their survey taking exercises if you pass. This can be frustrating for some folks who go through all the trouble only to find they don’t qualify for Panelbase’s surveys.

Take a qualification test

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Surveys Aren’t Always Available

If you’re looking for a paid survey site where you can find and complete as many surveys as possible as often as you desire in order to earn rewards, Panelbase isn’t for you. That’s because Panelbase doesn’t always have surveys readily available for its site users. They only notify those who qualify to take their surveys by email when surveys are available.

No surveys to take

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Wait for an email

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You Have to Be Resident in the UK

If you’re looking to join Panelbase from the US or some other part of the world than the UK, you’ll be wasting your precious time because Panelbase is exclusively for folks who are resident in the UK.

You have to be in the UK

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They Pay You a Paltry Sum for Referring a Friend

Another way Panelbase claims you can make money on their platform is by spreading the word. They claim you’ll get paid for referring a friend. But how much you get paid isn’t going to incentivize you to tell your friends about this paid survey site, trust me. You get 0.02 Pounds for telling a friend about Panelbase and getting them to sign up.

Refer a friend and get paid

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What are Other Folks Saying

I looked around a bit on the Internet and found a couple of discouraging reviews to confirm my personal observations on Panelbase. Someone said it took them two years to make a piddling 10 Pounds on the Panelbase platform.

What others are saying

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Someone also said they’ve made only eight Pounds since they joined Panelbase in 2008. That would be like one Pound a year for eight years.

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There were a number of other folks who said good things about Panelbase. But as I said earlier, all those are folks who are looking to make referral commissions off of you. Each one of those guys who said something positive about Panelbase also asked that you pm them for a signup arrangement.

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Final Rating: F

In my opinion, Panelbase isn’t for you or anyone who’s doesn’t have time and energy to waste. First, you’ll be put through a boring lengthy profile-completing process that comes with no reward for your time and energy.

Then, you’ll have to be tested to prove that you’re worthy of taking Panelbase’s surveys. After you pass Panelbase’s test, you’ll be paid 1.5 Pounds for completing lengthy surveys that take almost one hour in some cases. Then, there’s the problem of not getting as many surveys as you might be wishing to get.

This is the end of my review of as a paid survey site. What do you think? Please share your experience with us in the comments area if you’ve had something to do with Panelbase. We’ll be glad to hear your side of the Panelbase story.

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