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Opinion Outpost

A friend called my attention to an online money making opportunity called Opinion Outpost. So I decided to check it out. Opinion Outpost, as you may already know, is one of those systems that claim you can make money by simply expressing your opinions through paid surveys. It’s true that you can make money taking surveys on the Opinion Outpost platform. But how much money can you make and how much of your time is required to make the amounts of money you’re looking to make? Is it worth the hassles? This Opinion Outpost review will provide you with answers.

I’m not an affiliate of Opinion Outpost in any way imaginable. You’ll find a lot of reviews saying great things about Opinion Outpost out there. But those are by affiliates who are looking to make a commission for the traffic they drive to Opinion Outpost.

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Opinion Outpost review summary

Summary: Opinion Outpost Review

These are busy times, and many folks don’t have a lot of time to spare. So if you can’t read the entire review as a result of time shortage, read this brief version to see whether Opinion Outpost is for you or not.

If you’re looking to join an online survey platform for trivial reasons such as earning points that you can translate into piddling amounts of money to afford your beloved, sweet-toothed little niece some lollipops or help you with a couple of other small household stuff, Opinion Outpost will be more than handy to help you achieve your goals.

But if you’re looking to join Opinion Outpost because you’ve been made to think it’s a source of livelihood either on the sidelines or as a full-time income stream that you can depend on to support your family or raise your college tuition, you’re going to be disillusioned. Most of the websites with great reviews on Opinion Outpost are websites that are run by its affiliates who stand to benefit financially when you join through their affiliate links.

Your rewards

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The Opinion Outpost platform avails you with surveys from a number of companies that will pay you for your opinion. But when you take the surveys, you earn points, which are then converted to cash that you can claim through a verified PayPal account.

However, you’ll need to earn a certain number of points, which I’ll disclose in the main body of the review before you can be eligible to make cash withdrawals through your PayPal account.

If you’ve ever taken an online survey, you know how long each survey takes to complete. You’ll need to put in several man hours into taking and completing surveys before you qualify to make a $10 withdrawal through your PayPal account. Therefore, summarily speaking, you can make insignificant amounts of money with Opinion Outpost, but you can’t make a living with it.

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It’s Free and Easy to Sign up with Opinion Outpost

Unlike some other paid survey platforms out there that require you to pay in order to grant you access to their database of companies and corresponding survey taking opportunities, Opinion Outpost allows you to sign up free of charge.

Besides, the signup process is fairly straightforward and hassle-free. You can sign up with Opinion Outpost and gain access to the members’ area and start taking surveys in a question of minutes.

Taking Your First Survey

Once in the members’ area of Opinion Outpost, you’ll be required to take your first survey. This startup survey is about you. Opinion Outpost seeks to know who you are, what quality of life you’re living, what your asset base is like and so on.

They say those pieces of information about you are required upfront before you can be allowed to take any other surveys in order to earn points.

It takes a fairly short time to complete your first survey about yourself. Anyone who has information about themselves should be able to complete the initial survey in a short time and move on to other surveys to earn points.

For the record, after completing the first survey about yourself, you’ll be awarded 5 points right away. But unfortunately, you can’t translate that into cash and make a withdrawal.

First survey

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Your first survey question

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Your first survey question2

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You Need 100 Points to Cash Out

Opinion Outpost won’t let you claim your earnings until you’ve earned 100 points and above. 100 points on the Opinion Outpost platform equals $10 (USD). A five-point survey that I completed took me roughly 15 minutes.

If we go by that figure, in order to complete surveys and earn 100 points, which will translate into $10, I’ll need roughly five hours. In order to earn $20, I’ll need approximately 10 hours and so on.

You've earned five points

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So you see, in order to earn any decent amounts of money by taking surveys on the platform of Opinion Outpost for the upkeep of your family, or to meet your personal needs, you’ll have to put in an impossible number of man hours.

Trying to make a living by taking surveys on the platform of Opinion Outpost is much worse than doing a couple of full-time jobs, which are sure to pay you more for your time and efforts. But if taking surveys is your preferred way of making money, I’ll show you a better and free alternative.

You can't redeem before 100 points

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I Took a Zero Point Survey

Right after I completed my first survey, which earned me five points, I was presented with another survey opportunity in the members’ area with an inscription that suggested I could earn 10 points in 15 minutes. I took the survey, which took me more than 15 minutes to complete. However, after completing that survey, I was not awarded any points for reasons that weren’t clear to me.

Earn ten points in fifteen minutes

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You’ll find screenshots of some of the many questions I had to answer in order to complete the survey that ended up earning me no points.

A better survey taking experience

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A better survey taking experience2

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A better survey taking experience3

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A better survey taking experience4

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You May Not be in their Target Demography

Sometimes, after spending quite some time to answer a number of survey questions on the Opinion Outpost platform, you’ll discover that you don’t qualify for the demography they’re looking to get opinions from. That can result in a frustrating waste of precious time. When that happens, they offer you a consolation by letting you participate in their raffle draws, which you stand a very narrow chance of benefitting from. Please watch the video below for proof.

What are Other Folks Saying?

I came across a popular site known as Scamadviser.com that many folks use to check various sites on the Internet in order to find out if they could safely transact on such sites. And I found that Scamadviser gave Opinion Outpost a very poor rating with a clear warning that states the site “may not be safe” for users. However, a few folks in the comments area of Scamadviser seem to think Opinion Outpost is a great site.

In my opinion, such folks are very likely the kind that have other cardinal sources of livelihood and are using Opinion Outpost to generate some small amounts of money by taking surveys with whatever spare time they have in order to have some change in their pockets. Nobody who has tried depending on Opinion Outpost as a major source of income can sincerely say it’s the real deal.

Scam adviser's opinion

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Final Rating: D

From the other side of the fence, the Opinion Outpost grass seems to be greener. Some affiliates will create an impression you can make a fortune by just sharing your opinions with fortune 500 companies who are looking to improve their products and services in order to better serve their clientele, make more sales and be more in profit. However, from an experiential point of view, you can make money but not enough to keep you financially secure and comfortable.

insignificant amount

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If you want to take paid surveys in order to put some change in your pocket for some small items that you’re looking to buy, Opinion Outpost will do just fine for your purposes. But if you’re looking to make a living through the paid surveys that Opinion Outpost provides for its users, you’ll eventually wake up to a harsh reality.

That’s because of the time investment required to make anything significant out of Opinion Outpost’s paid surveys provisions for their users. You could also waste a lot of time taking surveys only to eventually discover that you’ve been working on the wrong surveys that are meant for folks in a different demography. Your precious time could be better spent in a more productive venture.

Bad time investment

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If you’re really serious about making money online by taking paid surveys, there’s a better, alternative survey platform, as I mentioned earlier,  that you can read about minutes from now by simply clicking on this link.

This marks the end of my review of Opinion Outpost. Now, it’s your turn to tell us what your thoughts are concerning it. Have you joined Opinion Outpost already? Please share what your experiences are with the community in the comments area. Your contributions will provide useful information for many others like you who might be looking to make money online by taking paid surveys. Also, don’t forget to check out the recommended paid surveys review, which you can access here.

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