Human Proof Designs' Pre-Made Sites: Are They Worth It?

Human Proof Designs’ Pre-Made Sites: Are They Worth It?

By Ian | Positive Reviews

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I’ve known about Dom Wells’ site “Human Proof Designs(affiliate link) and his pre-made sites for a while now, but I just recently got inside of the product for the first time and felt compelled to write an official review. It’s a neat idea that has a lot of potential, and has been attempted by many illegitimate publishers. Many of them have executed it poorly and, as a result, ended up selling horrible “shortcut” scams.

Bottom line: Is it worth it? Well, yes and no. It depends on who you are and what you need, which I’ll break down extensively in this review. By the time you finish reading the review below, I’m 100% confident that you’ll have no doubt whether or not Human Proof Designs’ pre-made websites are right for you.

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Human Proof Designs’ Pre-Made Sites Summary

If you have the money, HPD’s pre-made sites are potentially a very good investment. If you’re intimidated by the website setup process, want a good example from an experienced internet marketer of what direction you should take a niche site, or just want a little bit of a head start, your money will be well spent here.

At the bare minimum, you’re saving yourself hours of very mundane work. Each time you setup a new site you have to install it, populate it with photos so it looks nice, load it with new content, etc… All of that’s taken care of by Dom and his team, and they’re much better at it than most new internet marketers I’ve witnessed building their first few sites. This way, you start out with a very professional website from the get-go.

You’re also getting a premium WordPress theme and professional stock images, which could easily run you $50-$100 if you bought them individually. If all of the above appeals to you, I think buying a Human Proof Designs pre-made site (affiliate link) could be a good starting point for you (more details in the review below).

If $479 is too high of a price or if you’d rather just save the money and do all of the work yourself, then checking out my 100% free training courses is probably a better fit for your needs.

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Question #1: Do You Have the Funds?

Human Proof Designs' price

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Let’s not mix words here – $479 is a lot of money. I’m not losing sight of that. If you have the money and you want to save yourself the work or want a more professional head start, it’s definitely worth it.

If you wouldn’t be able to launch a professional site that looks anything like this:

Example website

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And you want someone to create high-quality content that you can follow the example of such as this, this, and this – that $479 will be very well spent. You’ll start off with a professional looking site that has 8,000+ words of high-quality content from day 1. That’s pretty neat, and it’s unlike anything else that’s being offered in this industry.

Tell Dom and his staff about your ideas, what niche you want to enter, etc… and they’ll do the keyword research, install WordPress, install and setup a premium WordPress theme with professional stock photos, and populate it with thousands of words of professionally written content. Is it worth it? I think so, but that doesn’t really matter if you don’t have the money.

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Question #2: Is Your Time Worth More?

working on computer

One of the things you’ll learn quickly after you become a successful internet marketer is that it’s worth paying someone to take care of the monotonous things you don’t enjoy or know how to do.

If the $479 price tag is something you can afford and at least one of these things are true:

  • You make good enough money to spare yourself the 20 hours of site setup
  • You don’t want to deal with the headaches of setting up a site
  • You can’t make a site look as professional as Dom’s team
  • You want an example to follow from an experienced internet marketer

Then you should buy a Human Proof Designs pre-made site now (affiliate link) and have no regrets about it. Dom Wells created this service with your needs in mind, and it’s the only legitimate “shortcut” I’ve seen in over 10 years as an internet marketer.

Question #3: Are You As Capable/Experienced?

ugly fish

Don’t build an ugly website

If you can afford it and you just don’t want to deal with all the hassle, it’s a pretty clear choice. But what if you can afford it but you also have the free-time and are willing to do all of the work yourself?

Then it really comes down to whether or not you can do as good of a job. If you start populating content for the wrong keywords, your site is going to be in trouble. If your site is disorganized, difficult to navigate, or very unattractive, your site is going to be in trouble. It might be worth the $479 just to make sure you start down the right path, rather than falling down a rabbit hole that puts your internet marketing business at risk.

If you buy a pre-made site from this particular team, you won’t have to worry any of that and you’ll save yourself a lot of time. They’re going to put together a professional site and get you started with content that targets low-competition, high search volume keywords that you’ll be able to see and use an example for any new content you create for the site.

Buy a pre-made Human Proof Designs site now >>> (affiliate link)

Conclusion: Which Path Should You Take?

If you have the money and you want to save the time, the hassle, or you just want to be sure you get off to a good start, I can’t see you regretting buying an HPD pre-made site. It’s a great investment and one that I would happily make myself.

This is not a “buy and forget” product – there’s still a lot of work ahead. Your site is up and running, but it will still need regular content and promotion on your part. Invest in good training so you don’t wreck your great head start.

If you don’t have the money or would just rather do all of the work yourself, I recommend checking out my 100% free training to walk you through the process. It’ll take more time, but it won’t cost you as much and you’ll learn a lot in the process.

Either path is solid and puts you WAY ahead of most people trying to dive into the internet marketing industry. It comes down to whether or not you have the money, and if you have it, how much you value your time and the head start given to you by a professional internet marketer.

Overall Rating: A

Don’t buy a Human Proof Designs pre-made site as an end-all, be-all. You’ll still have to publish new content, learn how to research keywords and rank your content, etc… There’s still a lot of work after you buy.

But if you’re buying for its intended use (sort of a “shortcut” to getting started), it’s a great product run by an established internet marketer that won’t let you down. It cuts out a lot of the margin of error you’d face on your own, and you’ll save tons of time and the headaches everyone faces when setting up a new site.

Questions or Thoughts of Your Own?

Have something to add to the conversation? Have a question about Dom Wells’ pre-made sites that you want me to answer for you? Leave a comment below! I respond to all comments quickly and I’m happy to help any way that I can.

About the Author

I've been in internet marketing for over 10 years, and I've purchased dozens of illegitimate products for the sole purpose of evaluating them and exposing the truth about these products to anyone who's thinking about purchasing it. I never let money influence my rating of a product and your success/safety is my absolute highest priority. Don't want to buy a product? Register for one of my 100% free internet marketing training courses>>

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(24) comments

arthur November 24, 2015


I am considering buying a turnkey website from dom. I also visited where the same service is offered for a lower price. The owner of the site (Paul Osborne) is also a long time member of WA. Do you think his websites and service is as good as dom’s service?

I have already started websites from scratch but never had the drive pulling through, because I have not seen any traffic after 6 month.

I thought this way might be the much easier and more successful promising way.
Buying a turnkey website and using low hanging fruits keywords.

Thank you for a quick response!

    Ian November 25, 2015

    Hey Arthur, I’ve never reviewed SiteGaps or interacted with Paul unfortunately. And of course, just to be clear, neither of these services are intended to build a turnkey website that’s going to produce results all on its own. You’ll still have to work hard on it and market the site, and it will likely be several months before you see it produce any real results.

    With that being said, I respect Dom as an internet marketer tremendously. He was featured on for a reason, and he’s the leader in this industry by far so he’s likely gotten the hang of this more than anyone else out there. Since reviewing Human Proof Designs, Dom and I have actually launched a different business together, which I think speaks volumes of how much I think of him as an internet entrepreneur and businessperson. If I were looking to buy a niche site, I wouldn’t look anywhere else (even if their prices were lower).

    Sorry I couldn’t give any more direct insight, but I hope that information is helpful! Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

      arthur November 27, 2015

      Hi Ian!

      Thank you very much for your quick response! I do appreciate it a lot!
      I know that I still have to work on it. I do have the same feeling about Dom and his reliability on the world wide web. That is the reason why I think that buying a turnkey website from him might be a huge help starting on the right food with a greater chance to finally see some great results working on the site every day.

Yunier April 16, 2016

Really good review here Ian ! I myself have interacted with DOM in the past and can definitely state that he is very reliable. One of the reasons I’d rather go to him instead of let’s say someone else who offers the same service for a cheaper price is really the dependability.

He seems to only tackle task that he knows that he can complete. On that note, have you had the opportunity to try out writing article service ? I would like to know of what type of quality does his writers work ?

It was nice reaching out ! I plan to visit your website more often.

Best of luck !

    Ian April 18, 2016

    Hey Yunier! I’m not sure what his writing service is like – I’ve never used it. But I do know Dom personally, and I know that he works hard to always ensure the highest quality. I would lean towards trusting his writing services, without a doubt. If they’re not up to your standard, then it should be pretty easy to find a different provider.

Lambros June 7, 2016

Thanks a lot for the fantastic review. I am interested to make a custom site with HPD on July. Can I ask if there are available demo sites? Is the screenshot of the site with sofas on the review from HPD? This is a clear and simple site and I would love to owe something like this.
Thanks in advance for your response,

    Ian June 9, 2016

    Hey Lambros – here are a few examples that started off as HPD sites:,,

    Obviously those have been built onto A LOT over time, but the foundation is what HPD provided.

John Trapani January 23, 2017

I appreciate the review, Ian. I am considering getting started with HPD. It would be great if they were reachable by phone… 🙂

To your success,

    Ian January 24, 2017

    Hey John! I’m glad you found it helpful. Unfortunately, I’m too busy managing my eCom and affiliate marketing businesses to accept calls for every product I review. It’d just take up WAY too much of my time, and my businesses and team members need that time. Best of luck!

      John Trapani January 24, 2017

      I understand, Ian. I am a busy business owner as well, and always respectful of others time. I was, however referring to reaching HPD by phone. Thanks for your reply!

Joel May 14, 2017

I too have been considering one of Doms sites. I can’t seem to find any negative information so that must be a good sign right. Thanks for the right up…think I’ll take the plunge.

    Ian May 15, 2017

    I don’t think you’ll be disappointed, Joel! His team does an excellent job.

Mike Mahaffey September 21, 2017

Hi Ian

I have been building affiliate sites since at least 2012, mostly click bank sites, and know of Dom Wells from Wealthy Affiliate. I saw a couple of his sites and they were pretty impressive, so I checked around and started looking for one of his “pre made” sites to buy.

After some time I finally bit the bullet and bought one. WHAT A DISASTER! Real nice guys with no support system really suck, I can tell you. I desperately needed to ask a couple of questions about which of my hosting providers to use, and only got responses from someone who couldn’t speak good english. They were doing nothing at all on my site until I asked for a refund, and then it magically appeared.

My advice is that if you are a beginner, or even think you might need support — best to go some place else. And their article service makes promises they can’t and don’t keep, over and over and over.

These people want your money, not your business

    Ian September 23, 2017

    Thank you for sharing your experiences, Mike!

    Dominic Wells July 22, 2018

    Hey Mike,

    I was curious about this, so I went through our Zendesk records and my inbox records. You say we have no support system, but we actually have records to dispute that.

    What happened was this:

    1.) You ordered a site and we responded to every single one of your emails in less than 24 hours, and in most cases within 2-3 hours. You were in contact with somebody from England, somebody from South Africa, and somebody from India. All 3 are excellent English speakers.

    2.) We answered your questions about your hosting every time and if you were confused you didn’t ask for clarification. As far as we were concerned, everything was going smoothly.

    3.) At point point you again asked if we need access to your hosting account to install the site for you and we said we didn’t, but could do it for you if you wish.

    4.) 1 hour later you asked for a refund

    5.) At that point the site was 95% finished so we asked you what the problem was, explained the answer to your question AGAIN, and things ended amicably.

    6.) You have since purchased from us 2-3 other times and were a subscriber to our monthly content for 4 months as recently as March this year (2018).

    I’m afraid I have to disagree with your comment and take personal offense that you say we only care about your money not your business.

    Presumably our ability to solve your problem is why you continued to be our customer, because we do indeed care about your business.

      Winnie February 16, 2019

      Dom, I have been doing my research on HPD recently and Mike’s comment was the only negative review I have come across so far. I am glad you got a chance to see it and defend (in a good way). Also want you to know readers/potential customers do read and care about your reply – it adds lots of credibility to you and HPD.

Milos September 23, 2017

How would you rank a site after buying it from HPD? It already has a lot of content.

    Ian September 24, 2017

    Unless you have a decent advertising budget, you would just keep producing content (just ~10 posts from them is not going to rank on its own), choosing your keywords selectively, and optimizing on-page SEO. It’s a tough grind, but it’s the cheapest and simplest way to get an internet business established and off the ground.

Alison November 1, 2017

Just discovered Dom’s podcast and now his websites – very impressed with his knowledge & lack of hype & BS . However I am concerned about the very scathing comment recently on this article about HPD – also mind you impressed that you left the comment. Most other comments are from “thinking” of buying a HPD site – not actual customers , except that one …………..

    Ian November 1, 2017

    From my experience with Dom, if he had been contacted personally and made aware of the situation, they would have gone above and beyond to fix the situation. If this had been one of my customers that I referred to HPD, and they told ME that they’d had a bad experience, I’d get in touch with Dom directly and make certain that they took care of my referral (Dom wouldn’t require any strong-arming, he’s a really good guy and a personal friend of mine).

    I left the comment because I think it’s important that all sides have an opportunity to speak up, but I would encourage anyone having the same issues to contact Dom and his team. And if you bought through my link and couldn’t get a satisfactory response, contact me at and I will personally contact Dom directly and ensure you’re taken care of.

    Worst comes to worst, if they don’t take care of you after you’ve expressed your dissatisfaction (which I strongly doubt would happen), you can always chargeback through PayPal or your bank/credit card.

    I hope that gives you at least a little peace of mind! Let me know if you have any other questions!

    Dominic Wells July 22, 2018

    Hi Alison,

    I’ve responded to that comment now. Mike actually is very unfair in his scathing comments, because 1.) They are completely inaccurate and do not represent the conversation we had with him (which we can backup with screenshots) and 2.) He continued to be our customer for 8 months after he left these comments.

    My suspicion is that he was confused/frustrated about something, came here to vent, then when he realized his mistake, he continued to be our customer, but of course did not come back here to clarify (most people wouldn’t remember to do this either, so no hard feelings).

naseem May 22, 2018

Hi, Need to know how much time HPD takes to handover the purchased website .. talking about the gold website that are the listed aged website on their list?

ange June 8, 2018

must be a very, very old article
price is much higher now

    Ian June 8, 2018

    Yeah they’ve raised their prices 2-3 times since this was written, unfortunately.

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