Glynn’s $300 CPA Every Day Review: Can It Make Money Today?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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Glynn’s Promises

$300 CPA Every Day is another of Glynn’s Internet Marketing training products, which he claims can make you $300 every day. He says he’s going to show you an extremely fast way to start making money online today. He says the timing is perfect for you to jump into the underground, underused traffic source he’s going to reveal to you and start reaping from it immediately. He says you don’t need to worry about product creation, search engines, paid ads, video marketing, email marketing, Fiverr, article writing, Facebook ads, or anything else.

I’m not promoting Glynn’s $300 CPA Every Day as an affiliate for commissions. I’m only reviewing it objectively to provide insider information for my reading audience, who might be looking to buy it to improve their finances through Internet Marketing.

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Summary: Glynn’s $300 CPA Every Day

If you’re short on time, read this brief section of the review: Glynn’s $300 CPA Every Day isn’t what he said it was on his sales page. The untapped, underground traffic source he referred to on his sales page is Instagram, which several internet marketers are using as their traffic source already. Those promises you saw on the sales page aren’t true. The details are in the main body of the review.

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I Bought Glynn’s $300 CPA Every Day

After I checked out, there were an upsell and a down sell. In a classic Glynn Kosky style, the upsells and down sells were presented with no option for the viewer to skip them and proceed to their purchase until after several minutes of waiting. I’m sure most people will find that very frustrating. It’s the same as getting confined against one’s will by a marketer who wants some attention drawn to the products they wish to pitch. Please see the images below.

Upsell and cost

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Down sell and cost

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Glynn Wants Your Partnership

Glynn wants you to partner with him by driving traffic to his product, the $300 CPA Every Day. There’s nothing wrong with that except that he makes you pay to become his affiliate. That’s like paying before being allowed to promote offers on Clickbank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus and so on. isn’t that absurd? If he wanted to partner with you and benefit from your traffic-driving efforts, he should have allowed you free access to his product.

Glynn Offers You Paid Bonuses

Glynn offers his customers bonuses, but these bonuses would cost them money either immediately or in the long run. Internet marketers who appreciate and care about their customers would offer them free bonuses that would add value to their online money-making endeavors. But Glynn tries to make money off of his customers at every turn by trying to sell them more stuff and calling them bonuses.

First, there was this “bonus” about Coolhandle’s free, generic website and web hosting services, which was a trial offer that would require payments after a while. After the trial period elapses, you’ll be required to pay $3.95 per month, $4.95 per month or $8.95 per month, depending on your chosen plan.

Coolhandle bonus

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Coolhandle's recurrent costs

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That’s how Glynn plans on making himself recurrent affiliate commissions in the long term through your purchase, which he tries to secure by offering you a bonus you have to pay for. Then, when I clicked on another of his bonus offers labeled “Endless Free Traffic Machine,” I was redirected to a sales page that required me to pay $9 in order to get the said bonus.

Endless free traffic sales page

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Cost of endless free traffic

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$300 CPA Every Day Isn’t New

On his sales page, Glynn claimed that the traffic source he was going to reveal to his customers through his $300 CPA Every Day Internet Marketing training was something underground and underused. But that’s not true because it’s all about getting your offers in front of users on Instagram. There’s nothing new or untapped about Instagram because a lot of internet marketers are already exploiting Instagram as a source of traffic. See the video below.

Furthermore, Glynn acknowledged the fact that the traffic source he was referring to was well-known to the public, but that folks aren’t using it as he does. That claim too isn’t true because a lot of internet marketers are doing the exact things Glynn does with Instagram.

Glynn’s $300 CPA Every Day Has Fluff

Glynn had more videos than necessary in his $300 CPA Every Day training area. Some of those videos don’t add value to the experience of the customer who’s looking to get trained on how to make the amount of money Glynn promised on his sales page. However, Glynn thought it was okay to use a whole video to promote his webinars and the paid bonuses I earlier mentioned. Watch the video below.

No Guarantee You’ll Make Money Today

Glynn promised on his sales page that he was going to show you some extremely fast way to make money online today. But there’s nothing extremely quick about what he taught in his $300 CPA Every Day Internet Marketing training. Besides, there’s no guarantee you’re going to make money with his method today. Nobody can guarantee how soon anyone can make money on the Internet because there are a lot of moving parts associated with it. The best anyone can do is come up with a rough estimate based on experience. However, Glynn’s promise is more of hype than anything else.

Not today

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Glynn’s $300 CPA Every Day Has Theory

The $300 CPA Every Day training has theory in it where it should be showing viewers how to practically go about making money. For instance, he talked a lot about the need to have a domain and a corresponding email address to impress the CPA networks as professional, which is true. However, he didn’t show his audience, some of whom may be newbies, how to actually do that. See the video below.

Final Rating: D

Glynn’s $300 CPA Every Day Internet Marketing training isn’t anything new and doesn’t reveal any extremely fast methods to start making money online. It’s just a rehashed Internet Marketing strategy that’s been in use for quite some time. Some of the videos don’t have anything you can benefit from because they’re either fluff or theory. Even the bonuses are targeting your wallet. Those assurances that you’re going to make money today with the methods taught in it aren’t true.

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