Art Flair’s FLIPP me Review: Is It the Long-Expected Break?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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Their Promises

Here’s FLIPP me, a product by Art Flair, Mark Bishop, and Venkata Ramana, which they claim is the best way to make money online. They say that all you need is five minutes to set up the system – it’s copy and paste simple and anybody can make money with it in 24 hours. They claim that the methods taught in FLIPP me will show trainees how to make 100 – 400 percent profit on each item sold. They say you don’t need to have any product of your own or a website, and that you only need to piggyback on someone else’s efforts to be in profit.

I’m not in partnership with Art Flair, Mark Bishop and Venkata Ramana to market their FLIPP me for affiliate commissions. I’m only reviewing it without bias to provide insider information for the members of my reading community.

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Summary: Art Flair’s FLIPP Me Review

If you don’t have enough time to read the entire review, read this condensed version: Art Flair’s FLIPP me has potential for profit. But there are a few things associated with it that you’ll have to look out for in order to operate without hiccups. Besides, you should prepare your mind to do some work, which is contrary to the promise on their sales page. In addition, it takes more than five minutes’ work to see results. The details are in the main body of the review.

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I Bought the FLIPP me Training

There were upsells and down sells after I paid for the FLIPP me training.


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Cost of upsell

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Down sell

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Cost of down sell

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Another upsell

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Cost of another upsell

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Yet another upsell

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Further upsell

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Further down sell

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Cost of further down sell

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The Business Model

Art Flair’s FLIPP me business model works by getting orders from customers on an eCommerce website named Etsy and outsourcing them to freelancers on Fiverr for less than the original cost, with the difference as profit. For instance, if someone ordered a Father’s Day gift for $20 on Etsy, it could be ordered for $5 on Fiverr and shipped to the customer for a $15 profit. It seems like a great business model, but that’s because you’re not yet aware of the challenges that come with it.

For the record, you’ll have to patiently go through Etsy’s policies on outsourcing from beginning to end so you don’t get in trouble, because there are some things you need to know before launching on Etsy. For instance, Etsy’s terms of service require you to apply and honestly disclose your intentions to outsource before you actually do the outsourcing.

Etsy's policies

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They insist that some parts of the job be done by you before you outsource any other parts. That’s different from what Art Flair is teaching his students. He teaches them to outsource everything from start to finish. Etsy clearly states in their TOS that your account will be suspended if they find you’re outsourcing without following their rules.

Art Flair, on the other hand, is advising that his students choose an option on a dropdown menu that says the outsourced job was done by a member of their shop when they’re listing it for sale. He says you’ll get around Etsy’s rules that way. That might work, and it could even save you the hassle of having to apply to Etsy and run the risk of having your application rejected. But it can also get your account suspended if Etsy eventually finds out you’ve been pulling the wool over their eyes.

Etsy is Losing Popularity

According to, Etsy is losing its popularity as a platform in the eCommerce industry. Alexa’s graph shows a steep downtrend in Etsy’s popularity, as the image below shows. That means Etsy is getting less traffic with the progress of time. The problem with that is that your offers will be seen by fewer people. That fact narrows your chances of making sales and money on the Etsy platform.

Losing popularity

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There’s Work to Be Done

Art Flair, Mark Bishop and Venkata Ramana promised on their sales page that their FLIPP me training would show you how to make money online with almost no work on your part. But that’s not accurate, because in the members’ area, they made it clear that you’ll have to compete with several marketers on the eCommerce platform, which requires some effort to keep up with the competition and make your listing stand out.

Besides, you’ll have to always be on your toes and keep an eye out for any new orders you might receive. Additionally, you’ll have to worry about providing prompt and high-quality customer support in order to satisfy and turn your customers into recurring buyers. If you’ve ever had to deal with customer support related issues before, then you’ll agree that it can be a lot of headaches. We’re not talking five-minute headaches here.

Furthermore, Art admitted within the members’ area that in order to see the kinds of results you’re looking for, you can’t depend exclusively on organic Etsy traffic. That means you’ll have to drive traffic by other means, which he showed his trainees within the members’ area.

One of these means, according to him, is to drive traffic by blogging. Another one of those means is to drive traffic by creating a Facebook group of your own and leveraging your membership of other people’s Facebook groups to subtly send traffic to your Etsy offers. None of the above-mentioned undertakings is going to prove easy.

For instance, starting a blog and creating search engine optimized content to drive traffic to your offers on Etsy isn’t easy. Again, to nurture a profitable Facebook group requires a lot of your attention. You’ll have to respond to every post made by your group members. And even if you’re trying to leverage some other people’s Facebook groups, you’ll have to contribute meaningfully and often, which is not easy.

No Fiverr Tips

Art Flair didn’t show his students what to look for in a freelancer on Fiverr in order to determine the person’s dependability. He only briefly touched on the subject. Getting an incompetent and unreliable freelancer involved in one’s business can result in a disaster.

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Final Rating: C

Art Flair, Mark Bishop, and Venkata Ramana’s FLIPP me training holds potential for profit. But there are uncertainties associated with it. You have to tread carefully as you outsource on Fiverr from Etsy so that you don’t get your Etsy account suspended.

Their sales page promised little or no work, which turns out to be inaccurate. Again, the buyer traffic of Etsy is sharply declining, which means a narrowing chance of success for you on the Etsy platform.

Having read my review of FLIPP me, what’s your take? Please share your opinions with the community below.

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