Ewen Chia’s $3000 per Month: Can You Quit Your Job with It?

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Ewen Chia’s Promises

Ewen Chia is here again with another product, the $3000 Per Month, which he says will consistently make you at least $3,000 every month without any skills or experience on your part. He also says all the time you need to achieve that goal is some spare time and that the best part is you can start benefitting from the product in 15 minutes.

I’m Not in Cahoots with Ewen Chia

I’m not promoting Ewen Chia’s product, the $3000 Per Month, for affiliate commissions. I’m just reviewing it objectively to provide my readers some insider information as they may be looking to buy it. This is to help them make informed decisions as to whether the product is for them or not.

I’ve done this with several other Internet Marketing products in order to protect my readers from falling prey to the many Internet Marketing gurus who put their interests before the interests of their customers.

I also go one step further to point my readers to awesome, tested and proven Internet Marketing products that can help them achieve their goals. In this review, I’ll be pointing them to one of such products, which they can access for 100% free.

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Summary: Ewen Chia’s $3000 Per Month Review

This is the brief version of Ewen Chia’s $3000 Per Month Review. $3000 Per Month is a training on Internet Marketing that’s made up of a video and an eBook. The video is about two hours long and the eBook is a 49-page PDF. Ewen Chia’s training video has a lot of fluff in it, so you’ll have to be patient to get to the meat of the training.

When the main part of the training finally comes around, if you’re a newbie, you’ll find some useful information, which you can also get for free elsewhere on the Internet, which I revealed within the rest of the review. On the other hand, if you’re an intermediate or advanced marketer, you’ll not find this product very helpful for all the reasons I outlined in details within the review below.

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I Checked Out

I bought it and there was an upsell ($197). After the upsell, I was allowed access to the product I paid for. Oops! I was wrong. I was only allowed access to the button that should have led to the product I paid for. When I clicked on the button to access the product, I found a welcome video, which wasn’t really a welcome video but was a sales pitch of another of Ewen Chia’s products called “Succeed With IM.” The product was to cost $97 but Ewen Chia claimed the first 50 people to take action would get it for a $27 discounted price.

Succeed with IM pitch 1

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Succeed with IM pitch 2

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Succeed with IM pitch 3

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Cost of upsell

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Cost of Succeed with IM pitch

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Cost of Succeed with IM2 pitch

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After that sales video in the members’ area, there was another link leading to yet another of Ewen Chia’s products. He called this one the “Complete Business Setup.” This was going to cost $297. A little further down the homepage of the members’ area, there was another link leading to a software, which Ewen Chia claimed was going to build and populate money-making websites with high-quality contents for its buyers.

Another pitch

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Another pitch2

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Cash sites software

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Duplicate Content

Even if such a software worked as perfectly as Ewen Chia claimed, the websites it would build would be hit by search engine penalties before they saw the light of day because such websites would have content that would draw the thunderbolts of the search engine gods like Google and other search engines, which don’t take kindly to duplicate content.

The reason is that you won’t be the only one who’d buy the software. Meaning that whatever content the software provides your websites is going to be the same content it would provide for the websites of everyone else who buys.

Duplicate content is punished by Google and other search engines with poor rankings (every website owner’s nightmare), which will result in no traffic. No traffic will in turn result in no sales, which will in turn result in no income for such website owners.

We both know “no income” is an exact opposite of what you want to achieve, which is why you’re taking your time to surf the Internet in search of legitimate ways to make money online. So why would you want to give the search engines any reason to frown at your online business because of some software someone pitched for their personal gain?

A Warning Sign!

That’s a red flag, already. In my experience, ethical and legit internet marketers aren’t known to pitch their other Internet Marketing products at every turn when they try and get your attention with one product. Legit internet marketers would rather have you concentrate all your effort on one great product to ensure your Internet Marketing success. So when you bump into an internet marketer who’s just looking to sell you stuff at every turn, be warned, you’re not in good hands.

The $3000 Per Month Internet Marketing product is made of a 49-page eBook and one video of about two hours (124 minutes) long. The entire product is a webinar-turned Internet Marketing product. The training video started with Ewen Chia talking a lot about himself – his sob story and his achievements. Ewen Chia rambled on for 14 minutes into the video training.

49-page eBook

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The main training vdeo

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The main training vdeo2

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For more than 28 minutes into the video, Ewen Chia was still talking in theory.

28 minutes into the video

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Information that’s Not Practicable

Ewen Chia told his viewers they’d need to drive 4.2 targeted visitors to their websites per hour in other to make $100 per day, which will result in making $3000 a month. That sounded very well thought-out and interesting and was as “practical” as having 4.2 people in reality stopping by to buy some physical stuff from a brick and mortar shop.

If I said something like “10 and half people stopped by to buy some groceries today,” would you think me normal? Of course not, except I meant 10 people and a little person. Maybe Ewen Chia meant 4 people and a spare leg. Besides, he didn’t seem like he was in a hurry to show anybody how to achieve that.

4.2 people

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Almost 33 minutes into the video, Ewen Chia was still talking about what he’d teach his students when he was supposed to have gotten into the meat of the training already. He said three steps were required for the system to succeed. He named the three steps as shown in the second image below. When Ewen Chia finally started getting practical, he showed his audience how to sign up for a Clickbank account.

32 minutes into the video

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3 steps required for the system to succeed

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That would prove useful for entry-level, newbie internet marketers. But it’s commonplace information that anyone could find on the Internet for free by typing the relevant search phrases into the search bar of any search engine, Google for instance.

How to setup a clickbank account1

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When I typed the following words, “how to set up a Clickbank account youtube,” I got 550,000 results to go through on the subject for free.

How to setup a clickbank account2

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Ewen Chia went ahead to show his audience how to select a profitable Clickbank product to promote. Entry-level newbies would also find this very informative. Again, it’s information that’s available on the Internet for free.

Just type the words “how to pick a profitable clickbank product to promote youtube” into the search bar of Google and see how many video instructions there are for anyone to access for free. I typed those words into Google’s search bar and found over 630,000 free resources on the subject.

How to pick a profitable clickbank to promote

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Ewen Chia went on with basic Internet Marketing information such as how to find products to promote on other platforms like Amazon.com etc.

Then he got into the business of practically showing his audience how to go about creating a website. He demonstrated this using Google’s Blogger.com and showed his audience how to optimize their blogs to get organic traffic. Blogger sites hardly rank well these days – this is outdated advice from SEVERAL years ago.


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He also demonstrated how to use article marketing and forum marketing to drive free traffic to the offers on their websites. He did a great job showing his audience all of these things.

Article marketing

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But he failed to mention that it’ll take some time before they gain enough momentum on the search engines and begin to see results. In some cases, it takes as long as twelve months. Sometimes longer, sometimes shorter. Without such vital information, some newbie internet marketers will easily get discouraged and quit before they arrive.

Again, the methods he taught were common methods already in use by internet marketers all over the Internet. We teach more unique, more up-to-date training for 100% free (no exaggeration). Ewen’s methods weren’t surefire enough to consistently bring in a guaranteed $100 per day and result in a consistent $3,000 per month just working within your spare time as a newbie internet marketer, which was what he promised on his sales page.

Regarding the eBook: It had 49 pages of PowerPoint-like bold prints, which accounted for its 49-page volume. It was just screenshots of the slides Ewen Chia used for his presentation.

eBook 1

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eBook 2

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eBook 2

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Final Rating: C

Ewen Chia’s lessons in this product are capable of yielding results. But if you’re a newbie, you won’t see any results right out of the gate. You’ll have to give it some time and you’ll have to put in a decent amount of effort beyond a few minutes from your spare time per day. And when you eventually begin to see results, a consistent $3,000 per month would be FAR from typical.

When you read that sales page on the $3000 Per Month, you must have had some thoughts running on your mind. Now that you’ve read this review, can you share some of your current thoughts with the community below? Furthermore, if you’ve bought the product already, please also honestly share your experience with the community below.

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