Are Paid Survey Sites A Scam?

By Danyon T. | Paid Surveys

Wassup Fam!

It’s ya boy Danyon Togia stopping in it Stopping Scams, and today I’ve got a quick lil’ article for ya. Today, I’ll be answering the question “Are Paid Survey Sites A Scam!”

Paid Survey sites have gotten a lot of popularity over the past 10 years, and rightfully so! The whole “get paid at home just to do surveys” type thing is awesome! It can be a quick, nifty, comfortable way for people to earn some quick mulah at home without the struggle of trying to find a job, doing up your CV, blah blah blah…

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So sit back, and enjoy the article!

The Short Answer…

If you haven’t got time to stick around and read the whole article, here’s the short version for ya: The short answer is yes and no.

There are plenty of survey sites who legitimately pay people to do surveys for them. Whether that’s through straight cash, or “points” on their website that can be converted into cash, at the end of the day, you’ll get paid money for doing the surveys.

However, I’m sure there are some illegitimate sites floating around on the internet that will surely scam you for your money even though you’ve done them a few surveys – the key is to be aware of which ones are legit, and which ones are le-sh*t.

Before we get started…

Even though some paid survey sites are legit, and you can earn a bit of quick cash from them, I want to point out one thing in particular: if you’re just looking for a way to make quick money on the internet, there are soooo many other ways that you can do so. 

The only reason I’m saying this is because paid survey sites are what I started with when I was looking to create an online income.

It was the early months of 2016, and I had quit my job and needed to find a way to make money on the internet, and FAST. My dad’s 50th birthday was coming up, and I needed to save enough money for a plane ticket to Australia where we were holding his 50th.

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I started with paid survey sites for a good couple months and only had made a few hundred bucks.

This was just before I had gotten into freelancing, which I wish I would have started before I had gotten into paid surveys – you get paid way more (also dependant on the skill that you’re offering), and it’s much more enjoyable than just doing a bunch of surveys.

Now, which site is the most “Legit?”

With that being said, there are still some of you who are all about that survey life. If that’s you; after a quick google search for some of the most legitimate survey sites that exist on the ol’ interwebz, the one that popped up the most was… Swag Bucks.

This survey site kept popping up on almost every article I read in relation to “the best paid online survey sites.”

Apparently, there’s a ton of legitimacy behind the site as well, as it has been featured on legit companies such as ABC, The Huffington Post and Buzzfeed (usually, if Site A is connected to Site B, and Site B is legit, then Site A will also be legit. This is what I call the “Law of Legitness).

They’ve also paid out approximately $115,000,000 to their members. After a quick look through our own Stopping Scams database, I found an awesome review that the big ol’ boss Ian himself wrote.

If you want the highest paying surveys, sign-up bonuses, and a legitimate site that won’t screw you over like others, then click here to be taken to the review of Swag Bucks.

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Other Paid Survey Sites

Even though Swag Bucks seems to be the top dog of paid survey sites, there are still a few other sites that popped up:

These are just a few of the other sites that showed up, however, I suggest you stick with SwagBucks to begin with as they seem to be the “Top Dog” of paid survey sites.

In Conclusion…

Paid survey sites definitely aren’t going to make you a ton of money in a short amount of time – the pay you get from them are more akin to buying your friend the first round of brews, or maybe your next mobile top-up; ya know, just a little stuff.

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If you’re looking for a way to replace your current job in the shortest amount of time, I highly recommend you get into freelancing a skill online; you can start looking for clients immediately, and if you don’t have a skill to freelance, you can learn one extremely fast with the use of the internet.

However, paid survey sites are still a great way to make a little bit of extra cash on the side. For you fellas, maybe you could use that money to treat your girl to a nice romantic candle lit dinner with a movie to finish the night. For you ladies, maybe you could buy a cheap make-up kit, an extra set of

For you ladies, maybe you could buy a cheap make-up kit, an extra set of mediocre yoga pants, or a half of those ridiculously expensive handbags you just love oh-so-much!

Just kidding ;)…

Probably only a quarter of a handbag.

Create a Free Account with Swag Bucks Get started with the site that made me a few hundred bucks >>

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