Lesson 11: Niche Picking Examples: How To Know If Your Niche Is Good Or Bad

The best way to teach complex concepts is to give some concrete examples, especially when teaching beginners, so I’m going to demonstrate a few niche picking examples and explain why they’re good or bad.

Women’s Clothing: Bad Niche

“Women’s Clothing,” unfortunately, is too broad to be a good niche. Besides that, the vast majority of products you can sell are less than $50 with a low-percentage commission. You’re not going to find a lot of high-percentage commission products in the women’s clothing niche.

women's dresses bad niche

Alternatives to “Women’s Clothing”

A better and more specific niche in this industry is “Women’s Exercise Clothing.” There’s a lot of information to write about and, more importantly, a lot of women’s exercise apparel is very expensive and could exceed the $50 threshold I mentioned. Even though commissions would be on the lower end, they’d be workable.

Another example of a viable niche is “Affordable Fashion Tips.” Topics could include “how to shop at thrift stores,” “how to find really good deals online,” “when is the best time to shop,” and any other terms that would make you an expert deal hunter for women’s clothing.

Products in this niche will still likely be less than $50, however, you could persuade visitors to buy an entire outfit and get commissioned on each item (top, bottom, accessories, and shoes) by including sections on your website that target “Women’s Outfits Below $100.” It’s easier to persuade women to buy an entire outfit if you produce high-quality content that explains how to piece together fashionable outfits for the lowest cost possible in conjunction with tips on how to find the best deals.

Dachshund Discectomies: Good Niche

For those who aren’t familiar with dachshunds, they’re a breed of dog that are commonly compared to sausages because of their long body and short legs. A discectomy is a surgical procedure to remove one or more vertebral discs.

niche picking examples: dachshund discectomy good niche

This is a good niche because it’s specific enough to allow for ranking high in search engine results, but it’s also broad enough of a topic that you could create a lot of high-quality content for it.

I’m personally familiar with this topic. About three years ago, one of my dachshunds blew a disc in her back and she needed to undergo a discectomy. It was a very difficult time, both emotionally and financially. This is the perfect example of a real-life experience that makes you think, “this would be a really good niche” because you’re dealing with an emotionally-charged problem for a passionate audience.

I’m certain all you animal lovers out there can relate to the feeling of uncertainty and helplessness that would have been eased if you’d had more resources available during a difficult time with a pet. Now, because you’re familiar with the procedure or treatment plan, you can provide support and resources for those who are going through the same thing.

Contrary to what your instinct may be, there’s actually quite a lot to write about in this niche: Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) and what it is, the details and cost of a discectomy, how to finance the operation so it’s affordable, what recovery involves, how to modify your home to make it easier for your pet to move around post-operation, and much more.

The monetization opportunities are there, too. You could outline the details of pet insurance, the different companies who offer it, and who should opt for it and earn commissions for every pet owner who submits their information for a free quote. There’s even an opportunity to sell products that help pets post-surgery. If you get enough traffic, you could launch a Kickstarter campaign to manufacture physical products you sell yourself. Finally, you could publish a book that walks pet owners through the path to recovery.

Best Phone Cases: Bad Niche

I did say the term “Best ___” tends to be good to write about, but phone cases are an exception because they’re a low-cost product with low percentage commissions.

There are top-quality phone cases that cost up to a few hundred dollars, but they’re few and far between. Another pitfall of phone cases is that there isn’t a lot of content you can create about them because the technical specs to compare products with are limited. You’ll want to gouge your eyes out after a few weeks of trying to find unique angles to write about phone cases.

phone cases bad niche

Alternatives to “Best Phone Cases”

To make this niche workable, broaden your topic and create a more holistic website that incorporates phone protection, phone insurance, phone replacement, and phone repairs. Tackle each topic as an individual niche site or one-by-one as parts of a single niche site.

Your content could focus on the best protective phone cases for impact or water and allow you to carve out a niche where phone cases are going to be above $50 because they’re specialized cases for very specific pain points. Similarly, another topic to focus your content on is phone insurance and compare carrier insurance coverage to coverage from third parties. The commissions here could be handsome depending on the company.

You could discuss the best options for repairing phone screens, what to do immediately after dropping your phone in water, and how to safeguard your phone against water damage. A lot of people can relate to these pain points, so your content is more likely to be shared.

Eventually, you could aim for broader content, like phone protection and replacement options, and use the blog as a pushing off point for launching your own phone cases with a crowdfunding campaign.

Drone Reviews: Good Niche

For those who aren’t familiar with drones, they’re miniature unmanned helicopters that carry cameras and are used in a wide range of activities, such as surveying land for real estate purposes, search and rescue, and wedding videography.

niche picking examples: drone reviews good niche

A drone review website is generally a good niche, but it’s a bit challenging to add value because the products can be costly. If you can’t afford to purchase all the drones on the market to review, you’ll need to come up with a unique angle to break into this saturated niche where first-hand experience is unnecessary to provide value to your audience.

A buying guide that outlines what components to look for, what components are best, and what the different metrics and specs mean when comparing drones side-by-side is a great way to monetize a drone site. A drone gift guide to help people purchase the absolute best drones for a friend or loved one is another profitable option.

Many drones on the market cost up to several hundred dollars each. Even if your commission percentage were 3% to 5%, that could be $20 to $40 for each one you sell. So, although a bit challenging, drone reviews are a good niche.

Tattoo Removal: Good Niche

You probably wouldn’t know it if you haven’t gone through tattoo removal yourself, or if you haven’t at least thought about having a tattoo removed, but there’s A LOT of information out there regarding the tattoo removal process. The different types of lasers, different aspects of recovery, and pain management are only the beginning.

tattoo removal good niche

When getting a tattoo removed, your skin is being burned by lasers. As with burns in general, the skin needs to be treated carefully. So, one of the topics to focus your content on is the best creams to use on newly treated tattoos.

Surprisingly, there isn’t a lot of competition in the tattoo removal space. It’s really easy to add immense value because, as I’ve mentioned, there are several topics to write about. In addition, regrettable tattoos are a big motivating factor for this particular audience. How many people have tattoos that are connected to a relationship gone wrong or are preventing them from landing a decent job?

The biggest challenge with this niche is not going to be having too little material to write about, how to add value, or how to overcome the competition. The biggest challenge for this particular niche is going to be how to monetize it. Tattoo removals are pricey; my personal tattoo removal sessions are about $300 each, and that’s not even the most expensive option. Many people consider tattoo removal but opt against it because of the cost. However, if the traffic exists, an option to consider is a book that addresses all the need-to-know about tattoo removal. Depending on the content, you can price the book anywhere between $10 to $20.

Seeing even more traffic? Monetize your site by selling leads to tattoo removal clinics. This route may seem intimidating, but it’s actually very doable. If you identify at least one clinic in every major U.S. city, you could hire a programmer to write a script on your website that changes what clinic a person is referred to based on their location. Then, you could set up a phone number that tracks the leads you send to clinics so they’ll know those leads are from you. You could eventually expand this service to every major city around the world. These are high-value leads that could be worth $5 to $20 each. The clinic I go to makes several hundred to several thousand dollars from every patient.

The lead route can be intimidating and requires learning about the process if you haven’t sold or tracked leads before. However, if it’s the difference between your site generating $1,000 a month or $15,000 a month, you’ll make it happen.

Key Takeaways From These Niche Picking Examples

A buying audience isn’t enough; you need to be careful not to go too narrow or too broad. In addition, receiving hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of visitors a month isn’t likely, so set realistic expectations like 500 visitors a day. With this in mind, remember that you need large enough commissions that make sense.

buying audience

Review-based sites are good, but if you can’t afford to buy all the products for reviews, make sure you can write a lot of content surrounding the topic. Add value by producing high-quality content.

If you have a buying audience and a great deal of topics to write about, there will be a way to monetize, even if you have to create it. A buying audience in a niche that isn’t too broad or too narrow plus a niche you add value to equals monetization opportunities. You may just have to get a little inventive and create them yourself.