Lesson 9: Is Competition Bad? Apparently Not. Here’s Why.

Competition is something that aspiring Internet Marketers get anxious about. However, a little competition is actually a good thing. If a lot of Internet Marketers are competing in a niche, it’s a sign there’s money to be made there. More importantly, money is already being made.

The more competition there is in an industry, the more examples you can find, and the better idea you have of what works and what doesn’t work.

The easier competing sites are found, the easier it is to study and discover how to stand out and provide more value than them. The sooner you figure that out, the sooner you can be in their ranks or even outperform them.

How to Beat the Competition

Find a way to provide more value than your current competitors in your niche and it’s only a matter of time before you topple them. As long as you continue publishing high-quality content, you WILL break through.

is competition bad? how to stand out

The most important thing to remember about competition is that you don’t necessarily have to compete toe-to-toe with your competitors. If you can’t provide more value, provide the same value through a different medium. For example, if your competitors publish written content, be the one who publishes videos.

So Is Competition Bad, Ever?

In general, competition is good news, but there is an exception.

If everything in your niche is dominated by the same three to five famous and established heavy-hitters, and you’re seeing these same few competitors on the first page of search results over and over again, it’s probably more beneficial to pursue a different niche.

A good example of this is the company Amazon. Amazon appears two to three times on the first page for a lot of product search terms. If that’s the case for you, then it’s probably wise to find a different niche.

Is competition bad? Amazon heavy hitter on search results

Another great example is the health niche. If you’re finding authoritative health sites, such as Health.com or WebMD.com, that have a strong hold on the niche, it’s probably time to find a different one.

The Most Competitive (And Most Profitable) Industries

The following industries are often referred to as evergreen niches because they have always been the most profitable industries for people running Internet Marketing businesses regardless if it’s a blog, an Affiliate Marketing site, or eCommerce site. These niches also tend to be the most competitive because they’re the most profitable:

  • Health, Wellness, and Beauty
  • Make Money, Investing, and Business Opportunities
  • Relationships and Dating
health wellness make money online relationships

If you can get traffic from these industries, chances are you’re going to make a pretty decent amount of income. However, chances are there’s going to be higher competition.

The NoMoreBSReviews.com and StoppingScams.com Story

When I entered the Internet Marketing product review space, almost all the content I could find about each product was positive. No matter which search terms I used on Google or YouTube, all I found were positive recommendations. I quickly learned that this was the norm because it’s how people monetize their sites: with positive reviews.

They weren’t giving honest reviews, though. Most “reviewers” weren’t even buying the products. They were simply claiming:

 “This product is great! Buy through my affiliate link.”

“It’s awesome and fulfills everything it said it would, and more! Buy through my affiliate link.”

I became fed up with these reviews because the majority of recommended products were absolute crap. How did I know this? Because I’d purchased a lot of them over the years as a result of glowing recommendations from other bloggers.

crappy products

Ultimately, I decided to enter the Internet Marketing space to provide honest product reviews. The traditional school of thought is that if you go into a niche and review products negatively, then you can’t make any money. Who’s going to buy products that you’ve reviewed negatively?

However, as I was going through these products and writing honest reviews, I found products that were actually really good. They were fulfilling their sales claims and were of much higher quality than the other products I was reviewing. Through reviewing all the products honestly, people came to believe what I said about them, negative or positive. Over time, people found their way to high-quality and legitimate products through my affiliate links.

I could have been more strong-handed in how I funneled people into those products by leveraging the bad products. It would have been as easy as stating:

“This is a bad product. This is a good product, though. Go buy this one!”

I never ventured down this path because I felt that tactic was ethically questionable. My number one priority was, and will always be, helping people. I wanted to keep that at the core of my business. If you help people they will stick with you, follow your training, dig through your site more, and ultimately make you money.

reaching out with a helping hand

I started NoMoreBSReviews.com by producing honest reviews about Internet Marketing products. Eventually, I built StoppingScams.com to be a more holistic site that goes beyond reviews and incorporates training and knowledge to prevent people from getting scammed.

The best way to prevent people from getting scammed is to provide high-quality training so they don’t have to purchase any more products. At the very least, when people evaluate products, they have a much better understanding and realistic perspective.

And that’s ultimately why I created FIMP and published this training — to give you ALL of the education you need to protect yourself from getting scammed.