Lesson 3: How To Succeed In Online Marketing (Warning: It’s Not What You Think)

No one else is talking about mindset, yet it’s one of the most important factors to succeed in online marketing. It’s skipped over in almost every Internet Marketing product I’ve ever seen because the word “mindset” can make some people automatically think of the “if you believe it, you can achieve it” crap. Fair enough.

That’s not what this training is.

A small minority of people succeed within Internet Marketing, and a HUGE majority of others fail. Over the years, I’ve learned that the most successful Internet Marketers have qualities that are almost inherent.

These qualities don’t have to be hardwired into you in order to be successful. However, you do have to learn them to be able to get through the challenging aspects of this business. The qualities that make some people so much more successful than others are what I’m going to teach in the next three lessons.

I STRONGLY recommend not skipping Lessons 3 to 5 simply because they’re labeled “mindset training.”

The “Get Rich Quick” Myth

I’m going to tell you something that’s hard to swallow.


Here’s the truth about getting rich quick online:

“Get Rich Quick” is a myth that was created by product publishers.

It just. Doesn’t. Exist.

stacks of coins and paper money

To provide some context, I’ve personally reviewed hundreds of Internet Marketing products on StoppingScams.com and, prior to that, on a site called NoMoreBSReviews.com.

Time and time and time again, when I encountered products that advertised automated success, shortcuts to income potential, or promises of a “Get Rich Quick” formula of any kind, the product publisher completely failed to deliver on those claims.

I firmly believe, based on these observations, product publishers created the romantic notion that Internet Marketing can be used to “get rich quick” because if they can convince people it’s easy, it’s easier for them to sell their product.

At this point, it’s possible some of you may be thinking, “Nope. This guy’s full of it. It HAS to be easy. There HAVE to be easy strategies. He just doesn’t know them,” or perhaps, “I’m going to close this training and follow someone else because THEY can teach me how to get rich quick.”

At the risk of seeming like a pessimist, or a “Negative Nancy,” I’ll simply say this: I’ve been in this industry for over a decade. I know a lot of successful people. I’ve personally bought and reviewed hundreds of products, which is why I’m confident that any money you spend on a product that claims to teach you how to get rich quick is going to be a waste of money.

Many people think Internet Marketing is synonymous with getting rich quick, taking shortcuts, or something that’s easy, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

The Truth About Online Marketing

Every business takes serious dedication, and Internet Marketing is no different.

You’re going to have to learn a lot of new skills and work really hard. If you’re willing to put in the time to learn and the effort to build, then running a profitable internet business is indescribably awesome. There’s really nothing like it.

businessman in front of laptop pumping hands in the air

Even if you’re not making money hand over fist, working for yourself AND having complete autonomy in your schedule makes a really big difference in quality of life. Not only can you work from home, but you can also travel anywhere you want and your business travels with you.

This freedom you get from an Internet Marketing business is what makes the hard work incredibly rewarding.

Once you’ve built your internet business up, put in all the hours, and created a site that generates a ton of traffic, you can get to the point where your business is considered a passive stream of income. It’s at that point things will seem easier because your business will continue to be profitable, even when you can only spare five to seven hours a week on it.

But, the time and effort to get to that point is crucial. Even then, there are no guarantees that you’ll “get rich quick,” or become rich at all.

I feel confident telling you this because of my experience getting to that point. Some of my businesses are currently earning five figures a month in passive income. It took two years of grinding on each one of those projects to get to that point.

With this training and the accompanying FIMP video training, you might be able to get to the point of passive income within 12 to 18 months. Keep in mind that those months won’t be a picnic. Your business needs to be treated like a little baby that requires a lot of nurturing to grow. Eventually, that baby is going to make you money, but you have to be willing to put in the work.

The Iron Mindset

I know several Internet Marketers who are doing well for themselves, many of whom are more successful than I am. These marketers include followers from my websites, people I’ve met at conferences and trainings, and friends from around the world who I’ve met throughout my Internet Marketing journey.

What I’ve learned from all of these people who come from different walks of life is that every successful Internet Marketer has one trait in common: an Iron Mindset.

There are three factors to having an Iron Mindset:

1. Be extremely determined. Keep in mind that Internet Marketing is the key to your success and changing your life.

How To Succeed In Online Marketing: businessman stepping on light bulbs to achieve the gold

2. Understand this is a non-linear journey. Typically, in business, earnings go up according to the more a person learns and works. Internet Marketing, unfortunately, isn’t like that.

You work, learn, and sometimes get a really good month. The next month could be a completely different story, though. It’s important to understand this journey isn’t one neat, straight path. You’re going to experience peaks and valleys and, over time, reach your goal.

How To Succeed In Online Marketing: winding path on side of mountain toward flag at the peak

3. Never give up. The idea will be tempting, especially when you consider how much work goes into building an Internet Marketing business, how much dedication it takes, and the rollercoaster of experiences you’ll face.

Keep making progress and I guarantee you cannot fail in this industry. If you continue trying, standing up and dusting yourself off after you make mistakes, and continue showing up day after day, it WILL happen.

How To Succeed In Online Marketing: silhouette of rock climber going up a mountain

Every Journey Begins with Taking the First Step

The Iron Mindset may seem like an inherent trait for these successful marketers, and perhaps it is. However, there’s no reason you can’t learn it.

Learning a new mindset won’t happen overnight, but you can start forging it today. Begin adjusting and reprogramming your brain starting now.

how to succeed in online marketing iron mindset

Remember: this is going to be a long, demanding journey. Expect to get overwhelmed at some point. Be ready to make mistakes; they’re inevitable. Most importantly, keep showing up, keep learning new skills, keep growing and self-developing, and keep creating value in your niche. This is how to succeed in online marketing.

I heard a phrase once that stated, “You can measure someone’s net worth by how much value they’ve put into the world.” This message really stuck with me because it holds true in most circumstances, so it’s a good rule of thumb to live by.

Forging the Iron Mindset now will increase your chances of being successful. It may take six months, two years, or even four years, but it will happen.

My Story

Internet Marketing has been the most rewarding experience.

One of the reasons I chose to start an internet business back when I was only 16 years old was because I desired a very specific lifestyle. A lifestyle where I answered to no one but myself.

You won’t see me flashing Lamborghinis or shooting a sales video in a Hollywood mansion — that’s not how I spend my money.

If that’s what your heart desires, go for it! Internet business can absolutely make that possible (although the vast majority of people I’ve seen flash Lambos and mansions in this industry are unmistakably trying to take advantage of people; you’d gain more than you’d lose by just setting a “run for the hills” rule when you see it from an online business product publisher).

I got into internet business for the freedom it could provide.

I didn’t want the stress of calling in sick. I wanted to be able to take a day off without worrying about consequences. If one of my dogs was ill or dying, I wanted the freedom to be able to take a day off and take care of her. I sought the freedom to take as many days off as I wanted without having to get permission from a boss or supervisor.

In my opinion, being forced to live under someone else’s rule is unreasonable. We live ONE life and should be in complete control of it. We shouldn’t have our lives dictated by other people.

A couple of other reasons I ventured into Internet Marketing was because I wanted the freedom to travel whenever I wanted and I wanted to be involved in my future children’s lives.

These are all the reasons I pushed, shoved, and put everything into building a successful internet business. My wife and I have been able to travel frequently within and outside the US, including South America, Asia, New Zealand, and Europe, because my business packs up and goes wherever I go.

how to succeed in online marketing - luggage

At this point in my journey, I can afford to work a couple of hours a day and take the rest of the day off because my team members keep everything running.

It’s possible, it’s achievable, and it’s worth it.

Internet Marketing changed my life, and it can change yours, too. That’s why I’m passing on my knowledge; it’s the best gift I can give to the world.

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