7.6 Other Excellent Resources

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Helpful links from this video:

In this video I discuss:

  • Links to the best-of-the-best resources for the most popular ways to promote your website for free
  • A resource on our website for 60 free ways to promote your website — an incredibly in-depth guide

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7.6 Transcript Below


Let’s talk about some other really excellent resources that can help you tremendously if you are okay taking on a little bit more complexity. You don’t feel like you’re going to be really easily overwhelmed and you’re kind of saying: “Yeah, I want to spend some time writing or producing really high-quality content, but I also want to supplement it by promoting it other ways. And hopefully seeing results a little bit faster.”

So, I wanted to talk to you really quickly about some other really excellent resources and further reading, in case this is something you want to dig into more.

So, as I mentioned, this section, in particular, is something that I would really like to grow and expand into several sections down the road. Where video marketing gets its own section, pay-per-click advertising on Facebook gets its own section, pay-per-click advertising on AdWords gets its own section. You know, talking really extensively about e-mail marketing if you already have existing traffic and stuff like that.

I would really like to expand into these different areas, individually, in the future. But for now, these are kind of some go-to-guides and great resources for supplementing your content creation efforts with some promotion that can help you see traction a little bit easier.

Just remember, again, there’s a lot to be said for keeping things a little bit simpler and simplifying the equation if this is your first time, sort of, around the block and you haven’t ever had a really profitable internet marketing site before.

So, now that I’ve kind of given this disclaimer, let’s throw caution to the wind and just talk about a few of these resources.

So, Expert Roundups can be a really good way to start seeing traction a lot faster, say you do one of this a month. Because what you do with an expert roundup is you come up with a provocative or an interesting question that you send out to other experts in your industry and it helps you form relationships with these experts. It helps you, kind of, get on their radar for future partnerships or guest blogging, et cetera.

And it also, most importantly, when you quote an expert in your expert roundup, most of the time, those guys are going to share your post with their following. And sometimes they’ll have thousands, or tens of thousands, or potentially hundreds of thousands of followers on Twitter, on Facebook, on Pinterest. And that can be very, very helpful to kind of siphon some of their followers over to your website.

It’s just important that your website looks pretty established by the time you do this. You know, having, at least, four or five really high-quality posts. Again, probably better to have seven to ten because when they come to your website, you don’t want them to see a bare skeleton. You know, they can’t tell what your content is like yet.

You want to be able to demonstrate yourself as an authority, as someone that’s credible. So that when they come and read things, they may join your e-mail list or they may add you to their bookmarks and check in on you regularly, okay?

So, expert roundups can be an excellent way, especially early on, to establish yourself as a credible authority in the industry you’re trying to establish yourself in. And this is a really, really good guide. This Smart Blogger guide is a really excellent guide for how to do this step by step. Just carries you through everything.

So, it may feel like I’m kind of, you know, shoveling you off and kind of putting the burden on someone else – which again, to a degree is not inaccurate. I just don’t have the time to teach a whole section on expert roundups right now – which is what’s required to teach it well. But this blog post and this guide on Smart Blogger will help you tremendously in doing that. It’s everything you need to know, okay?

Another thing that’s really helpful… we’ve talked a lot about On-page SEO, but Off-Page SEO is also a very important component to rankings. Arguably, it plays a much bigger role in whether or not you do get rankings. And I won’t even say arguably – I’d say if anybody you spoke to that really knew what they were talking about, would tell you that off-page SEO is much more important than on-page SEO.

On-page SEO is an important requirement to get rankings. You have to have it as, kind of, a foundation.

But off-page SEO is where the battle is really won. And that, mostly, centers about getting high-quality links to your pages that you’re trying to rank. There’s a lot that goes into it.

There’s anchor text… and you have to be really careful these days because you can get penalized by getting… you know, over-optimizing your anchor text. Or getting a lot of really low-quality links instead of fewer high-quality links. The algorithms are so much more complex than they were even three years ago, two years ago.

So you have to be very, very careful if you go this route. Pay very close attention to it. Because this is one of the aspects of internet marketing that is most like playing with fire.

You can see a lot of growth by doing it well. You can also completely torture website by doing it poorly and not paying close attention. And it does get very, very complex and overwhelming.

But if it’s something you want to pursue and you’re interested in off-page SEO, Neil Patel – who is the owner of Quick Sprout and KISSmetrics and all kinds of really, really cool internet marketing services and blogs – for the most part, he’s a pretty legit guy. I’ve seen him push some things that are kind of questionable. But at the very least, this off-page SEO guide is excellent. You won’t get much better than what Neil has put together at this URL, okay?

And another thing that can be really helpful to build authority – and technically, this is a form of off-page SEO – again, you don’t want to abuse it is: Guest Blogging and securing yourself Guest Blogging positions.

And these things can kind of like go hand-in-hand. You can use Expert Roundups to get some traction and get some followers and start establishing relationships. And then, use your relationships that you formed through doing a few expert roundups within your industry to start reaching out and saying: “Hey! I’d love to do a Guest Blog Post on your site” you know, or “I’d love it if you did a Guest Blog Post on my site”.

But you’re more likely, especially when you’re unestablished, to get a Guest Blog Post on someone else’s site – as long as you can prove you write really, really high-quality content. And then, you can link back to your site. And that serves a big benefit in off-page SEO. You just want to make sure you do it well. Because, again, you can torture site doing this the wrong way.

So, this can be very high ROI for your efforts. Again, you’re going to do fine. You’re going to gain traction if you just focus on what I referred to as the “Post and Pray” method – where you pick high-quality keywords, you write really high-quality content and you focus on on-page SEO, you will see results in time.

But if you want to accelerate your results and kind of gain traction a little bit faster, you can do that potentially by doing expert roundups, off-page SEO and guest blogging. Alright?

For further reading… on StoppingScams, we actually have an incredible very, very in-depth article for 60 Way To Promote Your Blog – and they’re all free traffic methods, every single one of them.

So, the best thing I can do without digging into each one of these topics with its own section is refer you to a really, really high-quality article. I believe that article is something like… it’s almost 15,000 words.

So, that is an incredibly in-depth guide that gives you a lot of different ideas and kicks up a lot of different ideas. And you may pick two or three, and say: “Hey! These really played to my strengths. These are things that I’m really interested in.” And just focus on doing those two or three things on top of picking good keywords and writing high-quality content and optimizing on-page SEO. And that could accelerate your traction and kind of shorten your growth curve to success, alright?

So, I’m so sorry that I can’t do more of these topics justice. I’m frankly disappointed that I can’t. It just doesn’t make sense for me to invest hundreds and hundreds of hours in creating these different sections until I know that Free Internet Marketing Project is valid. And that is not just going to be some huge time suck that I go broke because I’m neglecting my other businesses instead of focusing on them. I need to make sure that Free Internet Marketing Project is going to make up for the time I take away from those businesses.

So, I’ll dig into it later as much as I possibly can if FIMP turns out to be something that people really enjoy and find helpful. But between now and then, these resources that I’ve discussed – not only in this video but in the previous videos in this section – should be good enough to get you headed down the right track and get started, if this is something you’re interested in pursuing. Okay?

So, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to post them in the Facebook group. You know, I know a lot about these things. I can answer your questions when it comes to all of these things. I just can’t afford to teach them really in-depth right now because they’re just way too time-consuming to teach well.

I hope to get into it later. I look forward to the day that I can. But between now and then, if you have questions, I’m more than happy to field them. Just post them in the Facebook group and I’ll see you there. If I don’t see you there between now and then, I guess I’ll just see you in the next section. Talk to you then.