7.1 The “Post and Pray” Method — The Simplest Time-Tested Path to Success

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WARNING: Goo-roo’s ain’t gonna like this

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In this video I discuss:

  • A recap/overview of the “Post and Pray” method
  • Why I actually recommend this method, even though many other people disparage it
  • Pitfalls and challenges to watch out for when “walking this path”

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7.1 Transcript Below

What’s going on people?

I guess it is time to continue with the lessons. And today we’re starting a brand new section. And I want to make sure that I’m enabling you and at least pointing you in the right direction to explore other ways to promote your website and potentially, if you do it correctly and you don’t overwhelm yourself with too much, see results faster than you would just by posting high-quality content repeatedly.

Before we really dig in to this section, as I have it planned right now. I think there are six videos that I’m going to put in this section. I want to be very clear that this is one of the absolute first sections I want to revisit and really dig in a lot deeper.

But even with that said, what you’re going to learn in this section is more than enough to get you pointed in the right direction and headed down the right track. It’s just going to require studying some external resources that I’m going to refer you to that I know are very high-quality and accurate, more so than the other sections that we’ve covered so far.

Because I think, so far, I’ve done a pretty good job of giving everything you need in this material. And I would like to do that for free traffic methods, in general, as well. But for now, I can’t do it just yet.

But I do want to dig in to a lot of these, even deeper as time goes on. Just know that.

But again, with all of that being said, there’s more than enough here to get you started. And we’re going to start with: The “Post and Pray” Method – which we’ve already discussed pretty extensively, especially in the last section. So I don’t really want to beat a dead horse here, but I do want to call your attention to this one last time and kind of emphasize a few things. And then we’ll move on to some other methods as well.

So the Post and Pray method it’s actually… I find that term a little bit empowering. It’s typically used as an insult to people that take this path in the internet marketing, which I think is kind of ridiculous because it’s truly one of the most sure-fire paths.

Again, even Google has said in the past, very specifically, that this is a way to build an authority website. It just takes some patience.

But the other nice thing about this is it’s kind of penalty proof. As long as you’re not doing anything trying to game Google, you should never see any kind of penalties come on to your website and just destroy your business, which I’ve had happened to me in the past. And it is not a fun thing.

So the nice thing about this method is not only is it simple, it’s time-tested. But on top of that, it’s probably the absolute safest way to build a sustainable authoritative brand in whatever niche you’re aiming to establish yourself in.

I’ve mentioned this before but… humans like simple.

It’s one of the reasons that people that are looking to lose weight will succeed a lot more often – we see this in studies across the board – people are more likely to succeed with diet plans and exercise plans that are simple rather than things that are super complex and require watching different food groups and carbs versus fat versus sugars versus et cetera.

People like simple. End of the day, humans like simple. We’re wired to like simple.

And the simpler we keep it, the higher percentage chance of success. And it’s one of the reasons when you look at diet plans (again going back to that), many people will emphasize: focus on your diet, don’t even worry about exercise because you can lose a ton of weight just by focusing on diet. And when you start introducing new elements, it complicates things and it really lessens the chance that a person is going to succeed with that diet plan.

And internet marketing is the exact same way – the exact same way. I’ve seen it over and over throughout the years that the more people complicate things, the more they overwhelm themselves, the less likely they are to succeed. Because they get all of these moving parts going, they’re spinning all of these plates and they can’t keep them all straight. And they just find it all overwhelming and it all crashes down to the ground.

So there is a lot of merit to the post and pray method. Again, that’s usually used in an insulting way. But I’ve built many businesses in this industry very successfully using the post and pray method.

And so, like I said, I like it. I think it’s got a good ring to it and it does describe what it is. Because sometimes you go nuts just trying to get the site established. But if you keep doing it and you stay consistent and you see it through, you will ultimately find success as long as your posting high-quality contents.

So, as I mentioned, it’s just doing everything you’ve learned in the previous sections. We’ve gone over these three things time and time again, so I won’t repeat them but there they are… If you haven’t heard them a billion times by now, it means you haven’t watched the previous sections, which I’m saddened by.

But again, there will be many times that you feel like you’re going crazy if this is the path you take. But it is very, very effective and how the vast majority of early-stage bloggers kind of make it. And then they start learning if they want to… more things in time and experimenting and reinvesting the income that they already have in new strategies to grow or pursue other projects.

But I, personally, highly encourage you to focus on just this path if you’re new to this whole thing and you’ve never had a profitable website because it’s the simplest. And the less complex it is, the more likely you are to succeed. As long as you just keep focusing on doing these things.

It can take several months before you start to see any degree of traction, but it will come. You just have to stick with it, okay?

So I guess that I don’t want to beat a dead horse. I won’t talk about this anymore.

But I do believe if you have a fairly low budget and you want to minimize expenses, this is by far and away, the best path to take. At least until you start making a couple or $3,000 a month. And then start exploring other things that you might explore for your current project or future projects to build on that momentum. Alright?

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to ask them in the Facebook group. And other than that, I will see you in the next video.