7.4 Discussing Automated Traffic and Traffic Networks

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In this video I discuss:

  • Why you should avoid shortcuts for automated traffic, Facebook likes, YouTube views, etc.
  • Why you should avoid shortcuts in internet marketing altogether

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7.4 Transcript Below


I want to make a quick video for something that people ask about fairly often when they’re new to this industry, and that’s Automated Traffic and Traffic Networks.

And just flat out don’t use them. They’re a waste of time. I could make this video probably 15 or 20 minutes explaining why. It’s all going to amount to don’t use them. They’re just a total waste of time and money.

Automated traffic does not work in almost all cases. It’s just bot traffic that someone has sent to your website. That little robots that spike your analytics and they try to make them look as organic as possible by making them click a few pages on your site and linger for a little while.

But the vast majority of the time – and I’m talking like 95%+, if not 99%+ – these are going to be a total waste of time because they’re bot traffic.

So the same thing goes with social media likes or buying video views on YouTube or, you know, buying some kind of software that spams people via e-mail. They’re just… all of these automated things are a total waste of time.

People sell them to make money. They make a bunch of sales claims so that you’ll buy them. But you’ll find quickly that those sales claims were totally false.

And so many people that buy in to these things, they go: “Why am I not seeing any results? This guy said I’d be able to flip a switch two hours a week and make 10 to 20 grand a month.” – it just doesn’t work that way.

And… these guys have been around forever, perpetuating these… just crap sales claims and rumors just so they can sell more products. Do not buy in to them.

There is not a shortcut to making money online that is remotely that simple. Okay, if you try to take shortcuts in these industry, your business will pay the price. It will.

There are not copy-paste things, there are not shortcuts where you can flip a switch and get a thousand visitors to your site a day, within the first 2 weeks. It just doesn’t work that way.

And not only will it slow your success because you’re focusing on these kind of shiny objects that are distracting you from things that will actually generate results, it could actually take a complete opposite toll on your business.

And some of these things, some of those automated traffics, those automated software will get you punished by Google and other search engines. Or completely de-indexed, so that you’re taken out. Or destroy your ability to land in someone’s inbox whenever you send an e-mail from your domain name – anything associated with your domain name.

So, just don’t do it. Flat out, don’t waste your time on them. I know they’re really attractive and some of them are very compelling – I don’t care how compelling it is, how attractive it is, how many fake testimonials they bought off of Fiverr and written up on their website – these things do not work.

I’ve reviewed hundreds of them through NoMoreBSReviews and StoppingScams over the past several years. Do not buy them. They’re going to be a waste of your time, a waste of your money, and they’re just going to distract you from things that actually could deliver results, like the other things we’ve discussed in this section.

So, I just wanted to visit this topic very head-on and directly. And if you have any questions, as always, you can post them in the Facebook group that’s free for registered members, and I’ll keep an eye out for them.

But at the end of the day, just don’t do it. Anybody with any credibility in this industry will tell you: do not use automated traffic, do not buy likes, do not buy video views, it’s all a waste of time and money.

And anybody that’s telling you the opposite probably has some vested interest to try and get you to buy one of their crappy products. And you should just look at it with that lens of “how biased is this person that’s giving me this advice”, okay?

So, that’s that. Like I said, feel free to post your questions in the Facebook group. Otherwise, I’ll just see you in the next video.

8 thoughts on “7.4 Discussing Automated Traffic and Traffic Networks

  1. This one time, not at band camp, I tried ad rotation sites which were full of ….”automated cash systems” bahahaha.

    However, if I did not do that, I would not have been like “is dadada a scam” and I would not have found you and I would not have my website up and going right now 😀

    But, ya, people, stay clear of ad rotation sites 😐

  2. This is awesome. However, I found free traffic sites to be a nice way to boost numbers for ego. Lol. I used to use them for blogs and well, if you like seeing big numbers that mean little, it’s not bad. 100,000 hits a month! Woa, ego boost! Of course, that’s all just about personal preference. They don’t help making money, or doing anything positive outside of that numbers thing.

    • I’m so glad you’re finding it helpful, Lisa! don’t beat yourself about it. We all have been, at one point or another. I’m just glad you found a safe place to study internet marketing now.

  3. I totally agree with your discussion here. It looks like you have traffic but in the end it’s just a waste of time and money!

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