7.3 Video Marketing

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Helpful links from this video: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/253247

In this video I discuss:

  • What you need to succeed with video marketing
  • More importantly, what you DON’T need to succeed with video marketing
  • Resources that are helpful to start video marketing with as little investment as possible

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7.3 Transcript Below

Alright! Let’s talk about one of my favorites, which is Video Marketing.

This is, in my experience, a great way to crack a lot of niches that are very high competition, otherwise. Because you get to leverage, like the domain authority of YouTube is 100. On the scale from 1 to 100, it’s absolutely maxed out. And I think there’s a lot to be said for that. And a lot of the time, you can kind of leverage that. And if you just regularly create videos doing keyword research the same way I taught you to do it for writing blog posts, you’re going to see a lot of success over time.

So let’s talk about this pretty quickly, kind of a high-level overview. And then I’ll refer you to some resources to get started and execute everything that I talk about in this video.

So, the first thing to take note of is that most people really overcomplicate video marketing.

They think they need all of these fancy editing skills, these, you know, graphics that slide in and out and flash and do all these fancy things.

It’s just not the case, you know. Of course right now I’ve got a green screen behind me and I’ve got this graphical around this video, right? And I have five point lighting in here with me right now. I have two lights in front of me, two behind me and one directly behind me as a backlight. And a giant green screen covering the back wall.

You don’t need that. You just, flat out, don’t need that.

My early video marketing was atrocious. I mean, absolutely atrocious. Low-quality lighting, really horrible audio from the built-in microphone on a crappy webcam. I remember one of them, my ceiling fan was spinning overhead, which just makes people want to have seizures.

It’s just not… it was so far from where I’m at today. And it’s just been a natural progression over time.

It was funny, I was on YouTube on our smart TV the other day and I got really deep into the suggestions. And a couple of the suggestions were a couple of my old channels that I’ve had in a couple of industries over the years.

And to see the progression, it was just astonishing. Because it starts off so crappy and it just gets better and better over time. And again, it’s a natural progression, just like anything else.

So all you need, all you really need… you can get a really good video set-up that is going to be better than 80% to 90% of what’s on YouTube just by buying three point lighting, which would be two in front and one in back.

And paying attention to getting high-quality video, which these days is super easy because a lot of our iPhones and other smart devices have incredible cameras – up to 4k cameras in them.

And decent audio, you know, like getting a… I don’t want to touch it because it makes so much noise… but getting a lapel or a lavalier microphone, like this. This thing cost me like 20 bucks off of Amazon. And it’s not the best, you know… it’s certainly more sensitive than it needs to be, at times. But it does the job.

And just getting something like this will cut out a ton of the echo. Because if I were using any other kind of microphone… you know, if I were using a shotgun microphone, or if I was using kind of a radio microphone, or if I was using my computer’s built-in microphone, it would be so echoey in here right now. But that’s just fixed by a little $20 microphone off of Amazon.

So, as I mentioned, consistency is key, just like with writing. If you’re focusing on video, try to do one or two or three videos, at least, per week and target the keywords the same way.

And as I mentioned, as always, practice makes perfect. I did not start off with the ability to, you know, put up this much lighting and get a green screen going and create a graphic around it that refers people up to my website. I didn’t have the ability to do any of that when I started this. Just been a natural progression over the years.

But just because this is where I’m at now, doesn’t mean my videos weren’t any less effective. The horrible videos I was talking about earlier, I guess that was probably somewhere around… that was at least 10 years ago. So it was around 2007… 2007, 2008.

And those videos ultimately got traffic to my site that ultimately helped me get rankings in the search engines. And that project, that niche site was making me… at a point, about $3,000 a month. And of course the climate has changed a lot since then but there’s a lot that still holds true. And those were horrible, horrible videos.

So, I know a lot of people are intimidated on camera within a lot of the super affiliate groups that I’m a member of. People kind of joke around and give me a hard time for being the guy that’s comfortable on camera. I was not when I first started. I stuttered, I swallowed hard, it was awkward. Whatever. You just learn. You practice, practice, practice. And you settle into it and you get very comfortable with that camera built into your computer or the webcam as time goes on. It just naturally happens. You get desensitized, I think.

Everything you need to know about starting or about how to do what I’ve listed above… you know, good lighting, high-quality video and decent audio is in this particular article on entrepreneur.com. This is a very, very, very good guide to getting started with video, and the right equipment you need, and to do it cheaply – or at least with spending as little money as possible.

And like I said, this can be a really great way to supplement your written content on your website even. Because it will get traffic through suggested videos on YouTube and by ranking in the search engines just due to YouTube’s domain authority that you would not have the ability to rank for with your regular website.

So, I highly recommend it, if it’s something you can fathom doing. Because some people are just petrified and they can’t even fathom doing this.

You know, every time you write a post, create a corresponding video. And instead of doing two posts per week, do a post and a video per week. Or do two posts and two videos per week instead of three or four posts.

And cover the exact same information, just cover it a little bit differently. And you will find, in time, that people will click through YouTube and start following your website and reading your other contents and stuff because they found your video – which would not have been possible otherwise.

And this can also be a really good way to start seeing results within, you know, three to six months. Instead of only seeing results eight to twelve months out, on average.

Because you’ll start seeing people watching your videos and commenting. And that gets that kind of… it gets you over the hump a little bit quicker and makes you feel like you’re making progress, which can be (as silly as it sounds) very helpful, psychologically, to continuing the long journey.

So, the only other thing that I’ll mention – you can look up video SEO, YouTube SEO – you’ll just find that it’s very, very similar to what you find for your website. You want to make sure your keywords and your title, you want to make sure your keywords and your description, you want to make sure your keywords and your tags on YouTube if it all possible, stuff like that.

And if you embed that video on the post on your website (you know, if you have a video and a post about the same thing and you embed that video on that post), in time, as that post gains authority with the search engines, your video being embedded in that post will also boost your rankings on YouTube and in Google when they’re presenting videos with the search listings. You’ll find that that also builds the authority for your videos. So it kind of boosts your video to have it embedded on high page authority pages on your website.

So anyways, we’re getting a little deep now. You don’t have to worry about it all that much.

But just doing it alone and doing it with good lighting, high-quality video and decent audio is more than enough to get started in internet marketing. And it can act as a great supplement to build your presence, build your credibility, build your authority and start getting traffic through to your website. Okay?

So, that’s that. That’s what I’m going to say about video marketing.

Really, you don’t need to overcomplicate it, you know. Treat the SEO just like you would for a post. Google it if you want to. You know, “YouTube SEO”, like I said. And get a good lighting set-up, get a decent camera and a decent microphone – that’s all you need.

Don’t overthink it, don’t overcomplicate it. There’s so much more that you can do. It’s not necessary. Just start doing, putting out high-quality content that’s really high-value for your audience, and that will be more than enough to get you off and running.

And then as times goes on, just like I have, you’ll get better and better and better just naturally as you kind of elevate your game 5% at a time. And before you know it, you’re 300% better than you were a couple of years ago. Alright?

So, that’s that. That’s all I’m going to say about video marketing here.

Again, check out this article if this is something you’re interested in because it’s an excellent guide.

If you have any questions, as always, feel free to post them in the Facebook group.

This is a topic that I would really like to dig into in the future and give its own section. So know that I have every intention in elaborating on this later. It’s just not something that I can do just yet, we have other important material to cover. And I just still need to determine the viability of this project, if it’s something that people are going to enjoy and use and share, et cetera, before I dig that deep into individual topics.

But this is something that I want to revisit. And I promise I will go in to more depth later – if the Free Internet Marketing Project works out. Okay?

So, I’ll see you in the Facebook group. And if I don’t see you there first, I’ll see you in the next video.