Monthly Archives: February 2015

Mobile Monopoly v2.0 Is Loud and Proud

By Luke T. | Negative Reviews

mobile monopoly v.20

But should really shut up and sit down. Mobile marketing was pretty big a few years ago because of the buzz created when smartphones became powerful enough to stream videos. Adam Horowitz probably did very well (according to the sales video he made $5 million in 2 years) but his program Mobile Monopoly v2.0 is […]

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ClickBank University Is Open. Should You Attend?

By Luke T. | Positive Reviews

If you haven’t heard of ClickBank and you’ve been researching internet marketing for a while, you must’ve been living under a rock! They’ve come out with their own course, ClickBank University, and I managed to get my grubby hands on it. I am not an affiliate for ClickBank University. I’ll be going through everything that’s in […]

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