Tyler Pratt’s Easy Paydays Review: Can You Profit with It?

By Eugenson | Negative Reviews

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Tyler Pratt’s Promises

Tyler Pratt invites you to discover how to make $8,979 per month using the methods taught within his Easy Paydays Internet Marketing training. He guarantees that you don’t need a website, a list, or any technical skills. Tyler promises to expose how he’s consistently taking his entry-level newbies from zero to $3,000, $5,000 and even $12,000 per month through a 33-page report and a video. He says he’ll show you, step-by-step, what others are keeping from you. He says he’ll let you into his single most powerful secret to six figure online revenue and let you use it for your own success.

I’m not in partnership with Tyler Pratt to showcase his Easy Paydays as an affiliate for commissions. This is an objective review to provide information from the members’ area of the product for my readers who might be looking to buy it.

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Tyler Pratt’s Easy Paydays Review in Brief

For folks who don’t have sufficient time to read the whole review, read this brief version: Tyler Pratt’s Easy Paydays is made of seven modules, all of which are theory. The training doesn’t fulfill the promises on the sales page. It’s only a medium to sell Tyler’s upsells. If you’re looking to buy Easy Paydays because you think it will help you consistently make $8,000+ per month, you’ll be disappointed. The details are in the main body of the review.

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I Bought Tyler Pratt’s Easy Paydays

After checking out, I was offered two upsells and a down sell. I passed them up and went ahead to access the purchase I made.


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Tyler Pratt’s Easy Paydays got some of its volume from theoretical fluff. In the first three videos of the training, Tyler talked about a bunch of stuff theoretically — so a newbie who watches those videos would learn nothing practical. The first video was a welcome address and an overview of the training. The second video was about all the accounts that needed to be created on Facebook, PayPal, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank, and Fiverr. The third video was on things that should or shouldn’t be done in order to see desired results.

The fourth video was not different from its predecessors. In it, Tyler was still talking some more about what needed to be done and not showing how anything should be done hands-on. A newbie watching that video would be lost because some of the things Tyler talked about weren’t everyday things.

For example, he mentioned using an avatar to represent targeted traffic and identify what problems Internet users are struggling with in order to find profitable solutions. That’s something a newbie ought to learn practically. Some newbies might not have heard about the concept of avatars in Internet Marketing.

When I saw “Setup the Group” as the title of module #5, I expected to finally find something hands-on in Tyler Pratt’s training. But I was wrong. Tyler just kept up the theory. Some of the things he talked about are easy to implement, but an audio-visual presentation would have done his students more good than the slides he used throughout the training.

In Module #6, among other things, he talked about using Facebook ads to promote the group. That’s not something everybody knows how to do. Yet Tyler didn’t deem it necessary to show his viewers how to do it.

Tyler Pratt Didn’t Have Newbies in Mind

He also talked about linking to automated emails and sending out broadcasts to email lists. Didn’t he claim on his sales page that his customers weren’t going to need an email list? So, what automated emails and what email list was he talking about? Besides, he didn’t show how any of that should be done.

He also instructed his viewers to promote their links on their thank you pages. How does he expect a newbie to know what thank you pages are and how to promote links on them? Besides, he didn’t practically show how landing pages and thank you pages can be integrated to the Facebook group pages and autoresponders.  Newbies won’t get anywhere with Tyler’s training.

There’s No Secret to Reveal

Tyler Pratt promised to reveal the “real secrets” to making money online. There were no secrets to reveal. It was all about Facebook marketing, which is a very old Internet Marketing medium.

Tyler Pratt’s Easy Paydays isn’t Passive

In Module #7, Tyler instructed his audience to post five times per day in their Facebook groups and respond to the posts and comments of group members daily. He also instructed them to provide value every day to their group members. He says his viewers should learn new skills, apply them and teach what they learn to their group members daily. Then, there’s the problem of keeping spammers off the group. Does any of that sound “passive” to you?

Tyler Pratt’s Easy Paydays is Just a Prelude

Again, Tyler Pratt only talked and presented his lessons theoretically in slides without showing his audience how to do any of the things he talked about practically. At the posterior part of the seventh video, I understood why he didn’t bother with the practical aspect of things. Tyler designed the Easy Paydays training program to make users buy his upsells in their craving for more knowledge. He clearly stated at the conclusive part of the last video that folks who wanted to watch over his shoulders to see how the things he taught should be done should buy his upsells.

What I Like About Easy Paydays

First off, Tyler didn’t drawl to make his presentations seem longer as some internet marketers do to lend false volume to their training products. If his Easy Paydays had been more hands-on and not designed to market his upsells, it would have been more useful to his followers because the tips he provided hold potential for profit.

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Final Rating: D

If you’re an entry-level newbie looking to make $8,000+ per month by buying Tyler Pratt’s Easy Paydays, you’ll be disappointed. Contrary to the promise on his sales page, he doesn’t hold your hand through the training to reveal his methods in a step-by-step manner. What he offers is slides of highlights that don’t show you much beyond the surface. He deliberately made sure there weren’t enough useful details without buying his upsells.

He promised to reveal secrets that would help you make money online passively. First off, there are no secrets. Then, his methods are anything but passive. It’s rated a D because if you’re experienced enough to make up for what Easy Paydays lacks, you’ll be able to see results over time. Unfortunately, newbies don’t have that much experience, which means you won’t make any headway with it if you’re a newbie. That’s why I recommend you use this detailed, high quality 100% free training, which leaves no gaps for you to fill.

Having read my review on Tyler Pratt’s Easy Paydays, what’s your take? Please share your opinion in the comments area.

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