Millionaire Biz Pro Review: Can Derek Maxwell Make You Rich?

By Danyon T. | Negative Reviews

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Millionaire Biz Pro Review

What’s Up Internet Marketers! 

Hope ya’ll are having a fine and dandy day, and you’re ready to devour some ruthless, radically honest, extremely blunt reviews by ya boy Danyon Togia. Today, I’ll be reviewing Millionaire Biz Pro by Derek Maxwell. On his fancy little clickbait sales page, he makes a bunch of claims; there are a bunch of testimonials from people talking about all of the success they’ve had from using this system, including a girl who says that she made $1117.79 in a day despite having never made a penny online before. There’s also another dude who claims that he made $1607.85 in a day from this system. Derek claims that he’s this fancy little multimillionaire internet marketer, and even has a “screenshot” to prove it!

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He claims that this system has helped people go from 0 to $1000 per day, with little to no internet marketing experience, and with only 15-20 minutes of work per day. Apparently, the Millionaire Biz Pro system allows you to manipulate traffic to your gateway from the big sites (he specifically says Facebook, Yahoo, Bing, and Google), which allows you to produce transactions so you can make some mula! Derek claims that this is a brand new method that requires zero skill and is completely automated because his team has done the majority of the work for you.

Yikes! Nothing we haven’t heard before, Derek. Let’s see if your Millionaire Biz Pro System has some bite to go along with that big bark of yours.

Just so you’re aware, my job is to write real, honest, authentic reviews for this website. The big boss and I (ol’ Ian Pribyl) have made it clear that the number 1 focus of this site is to educate you aspiring internet marketers on all of the bull crap, fluff-filled, overpriced products out there on the net. We do our best job to completely decimate those products so no one gets sucked into their crap-filled funnels, whilst steering you guys and gals towards the great, valuable, affordable internet marketing products that ACTUALLY deliver on its sales claims.

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Millionaire Biz Pro Review Summary

Once again, we’ve stumbled across yet another Internet Marketing Product that’s full of crap. The method they teach you to make money is extremely unlikely to work (it’s along the lines of spamming people until they’ve bought your offer), it doesn’t mention anything about building relationships with your market, providing REAL value, or anything along those lines. It’s incredibly bland, basic, and I’m 99% sure that this system wouldn’t even make you a dime.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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Some Upsells and Downsells To Begin The Review

As with 99% of the other products I’ve reviewed, there were some upsells and down sells being offered following the purchase of Millionaire Biz Pro. Pretty generic offers such as access to an elite members area, and a “totally legit, 100% ethical and moral traffic generating software.”

Millionaire Biz Pro Upsell 1

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Millionaire Biz Pro Upsell 2

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Millionaire Biz Pro Upsell 4

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The funniest thing about these upsells is the decline options – check out what happens if you decline one of the products they offer.

Millionaire Biz Pro Upsell 3

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“No thanks, I don’t want to make upwards of $1000/day…” I had a little lol moment when I read that; reminded me of those Facebook posts where they say “Like if you hate (insert something politically correct), ignore if you love (insert something politically incorrect).”

Anyways, I skipped all of the upsells, and I was taken to a neat little website that looks a little something like this.

Millionaire Biz Pro Membership Site

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I jumped into the training, and my prior judgments were confirmed about how crappy this product really is.

The Training Is Extremely Bland

I mean, if you REALLY think that it takes only 4 steps, with no internet marketing experience, to go from 0 to making upwards of $1000 per day… you’re living in a utopian world. The steps that Derek teaches is to create a crappy little site that’s hosted by Millionaire Biz Pro, set up an autoresponder sequence, and hope that someone comes along and buys your product from your site that you made in a couple of minutes.

Millionaire Biz Pro Subdomain

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Millionaire Biz Pro Crappy Site

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Everything about this method just screams the qualities relating to unethical, inauthentic, not-real, scammy, etc. You’ve got to be a real sucker to fall for this method of making money online. It’s really similar to the other product I’ve reviewed called 12 Minute Payday – create a crappy looking site, link it to an affiliate offer, hope that it converts, and spam them with more offers in their email box.

Guys and gals, I’m sure you’ve experienced being on an email list where all they do is try and get you to buy a product so they can get a piece of the cheese. If you have, let me ask you a question: what’s the first thing you do once you recognize they’re a selfish spammer? My guess – unsubscribe.

They Don’t Even Teach You Legit Ways Of Driving Traffic

Even if this method DID work (which I’m 99% sure it wouldn’t), it’s just one part of the equation; you have to be able to send targeted traffic to this site in order for it to hopefully convert to sales. And surprise surprise, what’s the first thing they advise you to do to send traffic to your website? Buy another one of their products!

Millionaire Biz Pro Traffic

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It’s just an endless rabbit hole of crappy offers with no real delivery of quality training and/or value. I mean, they did have some other little guides on marketing and driving traffic, but they just looked like short little guides that they bought the rights to use as their own.

Millionaire Biz Pro PLR

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Millionaire Biz Pro PLR 2

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There’s no devil in the details, and there’s no REAL training on how to create a proper, authentic, valuable, sturdy business and how to drive legitimate, quality traffic. It’s all just pretty munch a bunch of junk at a cost.

With All That Being Said, The Sales Claims Are Hugely Misaligned

I mean, all of these “success stories” I’m lowkey sure are full of crap, the fact that Derek claims you can make over $1000 per day within 24 hours and with only 15-20 minutes work is full of crap, the “automated system that’s already been done for you” is full of crap, and the “traffic manipulation” methods that he’s talking about is also full of crap. The big, overhyped claims that he’s made definitely doesn’t deliver in the quality of his product.

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Final Rating: F

I can safely say that your time and money are better invested elsewhere when it comes to the Millionaire Biz Pro. It’s just an extremely bland, basic, low-quality system that’s incredibly overhyped. It underdelivers on value, there are no details in regards to creating real relationships with your clients and delivering REAL value to people, and for that reason, I can safely say that you should stay away from this product.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

Reach Out For Help!

As always, if you ever need any help with any of this internet marketing stuff, just send us a comment! One of the team members will be able to help you out as best as we can – our number 1 focus is educating you on the jumbled topic that is Internet Marketing, and we’ll do the best we can to ensure your success.

Have a good day yall!

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