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Andre’s Story

Andre Chaperon is the creator of Autoresponder Madness. He tells a sad story of how he got thrown out of his nine to five job with nothing but two months buffer savings and no prospects of employment in the near or distant future.

He goes on to share how he wrote his way to a whopping $20,000 in affiliate commissions in a single email campaign in about one hour of leaving his computer to grab breakfast.

He claims to have achieved this through an unconventional, email-writing strategy he invented in his desperation to wriggle free from the effect of a rat race lifestyle, a lifestyle that resulted in leaving him at the mercy of his former employer, who fired him and left him with nothing to hang onto for survival.

Andre says he’s willing to share with you that same method that’s rarely used among average internet marketers. It’s an almost untapped secret method of writing promotional emails.

This method takes advantage of the same tricks Hollywood TV writers have been using to gain and hold their audiences spellbound, while they rake in hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars from the devoted followers this tricky but simple writing style has fetched them.

Am I an Affiliate or Not?

I’m hardly ever an affiliate of the products I review because, unfortunately, most of the products put out there by internet marketing gurus don’t satisfy the criteria for the quality/value I deem fit for end-user satisfaction.

I, therefore, simply evaluate and review them objectively without affiliations to enable me warn my readers of the worthlessness of such products, which helps to keep them from losing their hard-earned money and wasting their precious time while I point them to high-quality, remedial alternatives.

But with this product, the music is different. So I’m dancing differently too. Hurray! I’m an affiliate of this product. This hardly ever happens. So forgive me if you think I’m being unnecessarily high-spirited. However, my objectivity remains intact, as you’ll see when I point out the downsides of this product.

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The Review at a Glance

It gives me a deep sense of fulfillment to find a high-quality Internet Marketing product to confidently recommend to my reading audience. This product may not be for everyone, but you can definitely make tons of money with it unless you have certain defects as a person and an Internet Marketer, which I’m going to clearly point out further down this review.

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Lesson 1:

Autoresponder Madness comprises of 18 lessons in all. The first lesson, titled Prelude, introduces the course to you and gives you recommendations on how to make the most of the training.

You’ll find recommendations encouraging you to 1) follow the training sequentially, as skipping any of the lessons would result in confusion and turn you out half-baked, 2) create an email filter that shuts out the noise and includes Andre’s email address to enable you receive his additional email lesson updates in your inbox etc.


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Lesson 2:

The second lesson, titled The Big Picture, is the summary of all that Autoresponder Madness represents. It uncovers a very vital client-relations best practice known as the “Strategy of Preeminence”, so named by Jay Abraham, its exponent.

Andre Chaperon adopted Jay Abraham’s philosophy and combined it with his SOS (Soap Opera Sequence) and PLS (Product Launch Sequence), which put together, deliver awesomeness to targeted subscribers.

The Strategy of Preeminence emphasizes the delivery of value to your subscribers/clients even without money exchanging hands. This philosophy, when applied to businesses, can lead to amassing subscribers with unquestioning trust.

strategy of preeminence

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strategy of preeminence2

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strategy of preeminence3

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In the words of Andre Chaperon himself, “ARM is about delivering REAL VALUE to your chosen audience through the use of a series of highly targeted, story-based emails. Your aim is to resolve the deep emotional pain your audience is feeling, by offering a solution to their problem.

Such subscribers will very likely stay devoted to your authority, depending whole-heartedly on your recommendations and repeatedly buying from you in any given niche, for a lifetime.

Andre Chaperon also disclosed how this philosophy was eventually translated into his unusually successful email marketing strategy after several trials, errors and tweaking. He further promised to reveal what he called a “super-ninja, advanced strategy” further down the training.

At the base of this lesson, Andre points out how the Obama campaign team amassed a whopping amount of money, about half a billion dollars, using methods very similar to the secret methods he uses and teaches.

Obama's campaign team

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Obama's campaign team2

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Lesson 3:

Lesson 3, titled Profiling and Understanding Your Audience, emphasizes the need to have a thorough knowledge of the customer. Here’s how it goes in the words of Andre Chaperon himself, “The business that wins is the business that understands their customer better than anyone else.”

It covers some simple but very powerful techniques to get into the minds of your clients to know what their needs or pains are, which will enable you provide a satisfactory solution in turn.

This lesson arms you with the tools you need to accomplish that. It gives you a thorough, step-by-step walkthrough on exactly what to do. First, it trains you to ask four key questions, then, teaches you to create a data-driven empathy map and teaches you to create a story-based avatar to reveal what’s going on in the heads of your clients.

You’ll find a lot of help watching some really cool and informative videos on this. One of them is a video from Stanford design school on how to create an empathy map. The three ways to create an empathy map were all outlined in this lesson.

empathy map

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understanding empathy

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understanding empathy2

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customer avatar

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Lesson 4:

Within the fourth lesson captioned Creating ATTENTION Through The Use of a Hook, Andre made it clear that it is the sole responsibility of the internet marketer, who aims at making a difference and being financially successful doing so, to get the attention of their clients, earn their trust and convert the attention and trust into long term profit.

This, according to Andre Chaperon, is made possible by the use of hooks. A hook is that aspect of your sales pitch that grabs initial attention and arouses the undivided interest of your clients or potential clients, making them ready to receive your offer.

a hook

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The fourth lesson of this training shows you how to achieve this, very proficiently. He also demonstrates how to create a hook from the weakness or strength of any given product you promote to put yourself on vantage ground against the competition.

Lesson 5:

In the fifth lesson, Open & Nested Loops (The Secret to Building Suspense, Drama, Tension & Owning Attention), Andre Chaperon reveals the magic behind the enthralling effects of some of Hollywood’s most addictive movie series. He then shows you how to incorporate those elements into your email writing style to keep your subscribers hungrily crying for more and ready to click on whatever “buy now” button you put in front of them. He calls them the “open & nested loops” in storytelling.


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There are three important psychological facts responsible for the power of open & nested loops in writing, which are 1) people naturally love to get to the conclusion of what was started, 2) when they’re in suspense (without a conclusion), their potential to respond is heightened, 3) you have their attention and they’re all yours (you pull their strings).


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That third bit went without saying, though. Andre even said there was no third bit. But, you bet it’s as true as any third bit there could have been. Please see the images below for clarity.

three key points

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point three

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However, he goes ahead and discloses what that third part is in the members’ area. It’s actually entirely different from what I said it was. You’d be surprised to find out what it is.

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Lesson 6:

In this lesson, titled Story Direction & Structure (Storyboarding), Andre goes right into the meat and potatoes of writing your SOS-styled emails. He takes you by the hand through the entire process. However, he makes it clear there’s something neither he nor anyone else can do for you, and that is to place your fingers on the keyboard and make them type the words. He encourages you to write even when you don’t have a clue what the first word should be.

He gives you tips on how to get your first draft up, which he calls the “starboard workflow for email”, which was derived from the idea of storyboarding. Furthermore, he points you to a resource that’ll help make your email writing a lot easier and a lot more fun.


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email starboards

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Lesson 7:

The seventh lesson, which is Soap Opera Sequence (Episode 1), builds on the previous lessons about digging into the mind of your client to know where it hurts and then address the need by offering a solution in writing. Andre makes it clear that for you to be a great writer, you must do two things more often than any others: reading a lot and writing a lot (an idea he adopted from Stephen King).

He goes on to practically pick a niche he says he’s not familiar with, the dating niche. Then, he writes an email, employing the Soap Opera Sequence method with its attendant cliffhanger effect. It’s a sample email you should see. He totally nails it, even as unfamiliar as this chosen niche was to him. This is to demonstrate how possible it is for anybody, even a newbie, to do this with some practice.

At the base of this lesson, Andre draws a bit of attention to his childhood days when neither he nor anyone had the remotest hint he would amount to anything significant. He was diagnosed of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and was sent to remedial school. Later, he was diagnosed with dyslexia. He seemed like a ready-made failure. But look what he is today. The point is, if he could make it, anyone can.

Lesson 8:

The eighth lesson, Soap Opera Sequence (Episode 2), is an overspill of lesson seven. Again, Andre Chaperon continues with the sample email he composed in lesson seven, which was powered by the Soap Opera Sequence.

This time, he closes the open loop in lesson seven and opens another loop, which he leaves open to create a craving in his audience and heighten their readiness to take the actions he would recommend.

He also drops a few hints on how to deal with writer’s block, as this is a natural part of a writer’s life that needs dealing with.

Lesson 9:

Lesson nine, Soap Opera Sequence (Episode 3), picks up from where lesson eight ends, creating more open loops and increasing the suspense of the readers of the emails written with the Soap Opera Sequence. Andre says this accounts for the reason his subscribers email him requesting for a resend of any email episode they might have missed by some means or for some reason.

email resend

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He then draws attention to the fact that subscribers never request their email marketers to resend them missed emails, which underlines the power of his methods.

Lessons 10 & 11:

Here, Andre shows you how to keep building the suspense and anticipation in your audience with new twists and turns to keep them wanting more until they’re almost hypnotically at your command.

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Lesson 12:

Soap Opera Sequence Summary: This part wraps it all up with a neat summary, showing you how smoothly the SOS flowed through the email episodes, while he (Andre) points out the various areas where the cliffhangers were applied throughout the model email series in the dating niche, which could also be applied to any niche.


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Within the body of this lesson, Andre calls attention to the fact that he made up the story in the model email series for reasons of illustration, exclusively.

He, then, emphasizes the need to not make up stories, but rather pick up little bits and pieces of ordinarily boring, true-life events and information and transform them into captivating influential stories. He shows you how to make that happen in the members’ area.

Lesson 13:

List Segmentation is a lesson that deals with an all-important aspect of email marketing to put your conversion rate on turbo. Andre shares the techniques involved in segmenting your email list to smaller sub-niches within any given parent niche, which makes it very easy for you to laser-target them with the most relevant emails they resonate with, while leveraging the power of SOS to get the most results.

He shows you how to use tags to achieve this. Through a number of videos, he breaks down all the details involved within the members’ area of Autoresponder Madness. You also get his expert recommendations on what online tools are best suited for these activities.

list segmentation

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Lesson 14:

Product launch Sequence (PLS): In this bit of training, Andre exposes you to the rather tricky but best-results-oriented approach of alternating between the use of a Soap Opera Sequence (SOS) and Product Launch Sequence (PLS). He teaches you how to tell when to use which and when to combine both to achieve a desired result.

pls perspective

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Lesson 15:

Product Launch Sequence Case Study & Email Triads: This part of the training is rich with inspiring and eye-opening case studies of promotional emails you might as well call super-model promotional emails. Andre features the emails of some of his most successful students and partners who use the methods he teaches within the members’ area. There’s quite a ton to copy and learn from those email blueprints.

In the email examples he provided, Andre highlights the power of incorporating bonuses into the Soap Opera Sequence and Product Launch Sequence to power-drive your promotions with surefire, butt-kicking, profitable sales that’ll keep you staring at your computer screen in sheer disbelief. He’s been there and he’s done it. So you bet he knows what he’s talking about.

Lesson 16:

Storytelling Hacks: Andre points out, in this part of his training, that leveraging creativity in writing will go a long way to put more money in your pocket than you can ever imagine possible. The problem, however, is that many folks are creative geniuses but they just don’t know it.

You’ll never find out what an astonishing writer you are until you get yourself to start something, no matter how silly you feel about it and how laughable it seems. Stick with it, keep at it until something comes of it.

But you don’t have to be a great writer to nail it. You only have to find out what resonates with your audience and try to create a real story with the SOS and PLS to point them to a solution, which, in turn, rewards you financially. That’s the whole point of the 16th lesson of this training.

Andre goes ahead to give you practical ways to awaken the sleeping, creative genius in you. They were drawn from his own experiences. Perhaps taking a privileged sneak-peek at this article, which was made available for members’ only in the members’ area of this training, will be of help to you.

Click on the link I provided to access the article. But seriously, finish this review first to give it some perspective. It’s in your best interest that you do because you could get distracted and miss some of the helpful info I’ve put together for you further down the review. Click here to access the article when you’re done reading.

Lesson 17:

This lesson, titled Marketing Hacks, dwells on what Andre calls “positioning”, which is what your target clients perceive and from which they derive the story they tell themselves. As has been said earlier, if you don’t know what story your audience tell themselves, you lose. Andre illustrates how positioning places you ahead of the competition. He extensively covers this subject in the members’ area.

Lesson 18:

In this lesson, titled Inner Game Mastery, which happens to be the last in the training series, Andre Chaperon teaches you how to get more done in less time. He points out the reason many folks can’t seem to concentrate and finish what they started, in good time, if they finish at all. His methods work for him and will work for anybody else because they’re scientifically tested and proven.

He practically holds your hand through the process of spending energy productively and regaining expended energy (refueling) very easily. This makes it very easy for you to continue and finish a job or project in progress.

The Downsides

1.      Autoresponder Madness has zero tolerance for laziness. As most internet income seekers are driven by the need to spend less time working while making more money than full-time, nine-to-five toilers, this can easily come across as too much work.

However, don’t forget. Most of the hard work is done upfront. After which, you sit back and reap the dividends for a very long time, in some cases, for a lifetime.

2.      Autoresponder Madness is worth its price, really. But for a newbie who has lost multiple $$$ trying to make money online and is looking to make their first $100 ever, the $297 price tag can very easily come across as steep.

3.      Some links in the product are dead. They lead you straight to empty cyberspace. One of them is used in one of his illustrations. That’s plain inexcusable for a high ticket product like Autoresponder Madness. He said not to make up anything in lesson 12 above. So, he should have used a real, working link. The link in the following image leads to the page in the image after it.

the dead link

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No page screenshot

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4.      There are typos sprinkled here and there within the framework of the product. But, as the product’s author is dyslexic and is grappling with ADHD, it’ll be…uh…what’s that word between insensitive and inhuman? That’s what it’ll be to hold those against him. See one of them in the image below.


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I think Andre Chaperon is a hero to have come this far against those odds. Give him that, will ya?

Final Rating: A-

If any of the following apply to you, then you can’t make money with Autoresponder Madness: 1) If you’re blind and have both hands amputated, 2) if you’re suffering from total paralysis, 3) if you’re a lazy bone and are unwilling to change your ways, 4) if you’re totally incapable of learning and 5) If you’ve never heard of Internet Marketing before.

By the way, if you’re just getting started with Internet Marketing, please click on the button below to get absolutely free, high-quality Internet Marketing training to give you the necessary preparations you need to leverage Autoresponder Madness, which you can return here to grab when you’re ready.

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Otherwise, you can potentially make tons of money with this. If this holds no value for you, believe me, I wouldn’t recommend it. The only reason I rated it an A- instead of a straight A is because an outright A would be a turnkey system that rolls out money without hassles and shortfalls. Unfortunately, there’s no such system. At least, not for now.

Have you bought Autoresponder Madness already? Please share your experiences with the community, below. We’ll be glad to hear from you. If you’re looking to buy it, it’s completely safe and in your best interest to click the button below.

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