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  1. Hello Ian,

    I signed up with you yesterday because I found your site by chance on Google. Come on, maybe I’m too stupid to make money, or it’s others who have given up my trust with many empty promises. Since about 2 years I deal with the passive income of Patric Chan and so far have so advertised about 120 customers and earned a penny. I know that it is not easy to make money on the internet, but Patric Chan promises in his training that he is looking for and offering the best products to Clickbannk to our customers and he does all the work, except we have to take care of the traffic , I have done that but so far without success and that demoralized one. Maybe 120 customers are not enough to have a sales success maybe I need 5000 customers to sell something. In any case, you need nerves like wire ropes and a strong will to succeed here.
    Well, what can I say, my trust has gotten many cracks and is crumbling as far as Internet marketing is concerned. Being an affiliate is definitely a great thing if you see financial successes, but so far those who do not deserve to earn it !!

    Best regards Ludwig

    • Hey, Ludwig! I completely understand. I developed a very large amount of trust issues myself after operating in this industry for several years. That is exactly what I am attempting to undo through this project.

      So I strongly recommend beginning at Section 1 and working your way through the training, and I believe you will find that this project is more upfront, transparent, honest and helpful than any other product you’ve ever seen in this industry. And hopefully it accomplishes its purpose of renewing your trust just a little bit in this industry and putting you on a better track for your internet business.

      Best of luck on the road ahead!

  2. Hi Ian.

    Could I promote FIMP with Launch Jacking. I need a product to promote everytime i review an extremely bad one, so my viewers or subscribers can get a better alternative

    • Hey, Carsten! This is something that I want to be somewhat careful of. For example, Wealthy Affiliate, over the past several years, has gotten the reputation for being a site that teaches people how to bash products just to promote Wealthy Affiliate. That is certainly not the reputation I want for FIMP.

      So if you are buying these products and giving them thorough, unbiased reviews, I don’t have any objection to you promoting FIMP within those reviews.

      However, if you are “eyeballing” these without buying the product and seeing it first hand, I would prefer FIMP not be promoted because it’s impossible to give an unbiased, fair review without truly getting in the product.

      But as long as you are remaining unbiased and writing truthful reviews that are fair to the product publisher, and even if in some instances those are very negative reviews, I don’t have any problem with you promoting FIMP in that way.

      Let me know if you have any follow-up questions!

      • That’s unfortunate that Wealthy Affiliate has gotten that type of reputation. I have gone through the vast majority of their training and have never seen them pushing for anything other than honest reviews. My website does bash sites worth bashing. Yours has gotten two blog posts on my site with wonderful reviews. And that was before the affiliate program! And I cannot afford to finish your training or support you yet.

        • Hey Mike! First of all, thank you so much for giving FIMP a little bit of extra coverage and reviewing us positively. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that.

          As a demonstration of what some people are doing within WA Bootcamp; even here at FIMP, we have received reviews where people try to paint FIMP in a somewhat negative light or try to poke some holes in it even though they’re giving it a positive review just to say: “Yeah it’s good, but it’s not as good as Wealthy Affiliate. Go join Wealthy Affiliate here.”

          And if they’re doing that for FIMP, they’re doing it for basically every product they review, regardless of whether it’s a decent product. They’re just hopping into every product they get their hands on to figure out how they can recommend Wealthy Affiliate through an affiliate link instead.

          I agree it’s a total shame that that’s what it’s become, but it’s unfortunately become somewhat of a breeding ground for that type of activity. My understanding is the guys are working on a solution to that. But last I heard, I’m not sure that had been completely fixed.

          Anyway around it, thank you again for the positive words and exposure. I can’t tell you how much we appreciate it, and how much the project needs more people like you.

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