7 thoughts on “How to Use the Deeplink Generator (VERY Important)

  1. well i have one question if i am not in one of the countries you mentioned can be a part if i just affiliate for others in these allowed countries ?

    • Yes, anybody can be an affiliate for the FIMP Affiliate Program regardless of where they are located. The list of countries is strictly for the users we will pay commissions on, not which countries are allowed as affiliates.

  2. This training is free but is far more valuable than many of the paid programs I have looked into and there have been a bunch. If you don’t do this training and learn more in a few hours than you could on your own in 6 months, you are goofy. Don’t pass on a free program that’s the real deal.

    • Hey, Noelleon! The project produces a small stream of income – thanks to FIMP supporters purchasing hosting through FIMP’s affiliate link and, occasionally, some other things that don’t fund the project quite as well, but every little bit helps.

      Fortunately, FIMP is not my main source of income. I make my main living through projects that I run using the skills that I teach on FIMP, so I’m right there in the trenches next to you all. And that is where my main sources of income come from.

      Hope that helps!

    • Hey, Ronald! This training is designed to carry you from the very beginning, all of the way through to turning a profit. And as promised, all of the training is 100% free-of-charge, every step of the way. Enjoy!

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