5 thoughts on “Approval Requirements for the FIMP Affiliate Program

  1. I just promoted it for free on my Twitter account, cause my country is not on the list, and I also haven’t really completed the entire training.
    Stuck in the niche selection. πŸ™‚
    You are doing an awesome thing here btw.

    • Hey, Ambuj! Anybody from anywhere in the world is welcome to apply for the FIMP affiliate program. The allowed countries list is for which countries I am paying commissions for sign ups from.

      The challenge with India is that people will sign up in droves. However, they will not convert in the hosting in a way that supports FIMP – which means that an already unsustainable project becomes more unsustainable because I would be paying for referrals from a country where a very low percentage of people actually sign up for hosting and support FIMP.

      People from India are welcome to sign up and participate in the FIMP Affiliate Program as affiliates. But if your question is if I am leaving out 1.3 billion Indians as far as who I’m willing to pay commissions for signing up with FIMP, the answer unfortunately is yes.

      I don’t really have a choice, because otherwise, I am just spending more money on an already unsustainable project for a bunch of sign ups that unfortunately will never reciprocate and give back to the sustainability of FIMP.

      I hope that makes sense. Please let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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