5.6 Finding Keywords Quicker and More Easily Using Premium Keyword Tools

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In this video I discuss:

  • The advantages of paid keyword tools over free keyword tools
  • The best keyword tool for finding high-quality keywords quickly and easily
  • A step-by-step, live demonstration of finding keywords using premium keyword tools

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5.6 Transcript Below


If you’re an observant person, you may notice: “Hey! Ian looks a little bit different than all of the other videos. Hair’s a little bit longer, he looks a little bit more homeless, etc.”

That is because originally, when I recorded all this training, I had a different Premium Keyword Tool recommendation. I recommended them largely because they were cheaper than everyone else. And then they went and doubled their prices within a month of me recording that video and that completely changes the recommendation. There are better tools out there for the price point they’re now asking.

So if you hear me reference Jaaxy in any of the training just know that that is an obsolete recommendation. The up-to-date recommendation is what I will discuss here in Lesson 5.6. So just know that that explains the difference in appearance – why I look a little bit more hippy-like. And also If you hear that reference anywhere else in the training, just know that that’s an artifact. But this is the most up-to-date recommendation.

Today I’m going to talk a little bit about finding keywords quicker using premium tools. You know, I’ll get into this. Before we really dig in here, I want to make really clear, it’s not at all required. You do not need a premium keyword tool to succeed in this industry, okay? So many people out there that create training say “Hey! You need X, Y or Z to succeed” – that’s not the case, you can get this done with the free tools that I taught in the previous lessons. So, don’t stress out about it if you can’t afford it. Don’t think that you’re going to fail just because you can’t afford a premium keyword tool.

But a premium keyword tool will make your writing and your search engine optimization efforts much more potent and make them a lot more powerful and save you a hell of a lot of time – no exaggeration, I’m not overselling this. If there’s one place that I recommend someone invest besides hosting, it’s a keyword tool. Hands down, day in and day out. If you’ve got the extra money to invest, you’re going to save yourself so much time and set yourself up for success so much better if you invest in a premium keyword tool. It’s bringing a better gun to the gun fight, period. You know, it’s a given and a very American analogy.

So, you know, I mention the pros and cons in the previous video about free keyword tools. You know, of course, no added expenses and things like that. They turn on their head for premium keyword tools, it’s basically flipped.

Pros are you’re going to get a really good competition data at-a-glance. It’s going to be much less laborious than using the Moz bar, we’ll see that. I’ll demonstrate this later in the video when I show the actual tool. You know, it shows Majestic trust flow and citation flow as opposed to Moz page authority and domain authority, and it shows that both for the page and the domain.

For years, Moz’s DA and PA were the go to metrics for SEO because of course google doesn’t publish that data for us to see, and the closest thing we can get is a really good third party tool. Moz over the past – somewhere between the past one to two years, has been kind of overtaken by company called Majestic.

And Majestic is an expensive tool, of course Moz is too but their metrics are much more reliable these days, as far as we can tell, as far as website authority goes, as far as SEO authority goes. So, that is the go to tool for SEO authority these days for people in the industry. The fact that the keyword tool shows Majestic trust flow and citation flow as opposed to Moz’s DA and PA, it’s going to be much more reliable. It’s just going to be a much better, a much more accurate representation of the competition you face.

And overall the data is just going to be a whole lot more holistic. It’s going to be in one place, rather than having to pull from several different tools. And it’s going to be a lot more reliable on the whole than piecing it together with free tools.

Most importantly, in my opinion is it saves a ton of time, I mean a ton of time. You’ll see it when we hop in and how quickly we can knock out some keyword research as opposed to what we had to do manually and laboriously using the free keyword planner and things like Ubersuggest and comparing that with Moz bar metrics where we had to search individually, search individually, search individually.

You know, the only con here is that it’s an added expense. At the time of recording this, annual plans range anywhere from 300 to 500-ish dollars. So there, it’s not a cheap investment. But, it’s definitely investment that is very much worth making. And you’ll see that, again, if you just hang in here for a few minutes and watch this in the video. You’ll see how much more powerful and quick this is.

So the best keyword tool that I recommend is Long Tail Pro. It’s recommended by a lot of pros that have been in this industry a really long time. It simplifies a lot of really complex data into at-a-glance Key Performance Indicators, abbreviated KPIs, obviously.

And also it’s going to allow you to spend a lot more time creating and promoting your content rather than all of this time manually researching the keywords. Basically, you can take that time and invest it into the more important aspects of your business, which in the long run is going to get you to success faster and it’s also going to make you much more successful in the long run. And it’s also going to cut keyword research by 90% or more, no exaggeration. I mean, it’s just going to save you so much time.

Long Tail Pro also has some other helpful tools like Rank Tracking. They also have something called Long Tail University, that’s included with all memberships that teaches you really advance in depth keyword research. What I’m going to give you here is kind of at-a-glance tour of the tool… well, not at-a-glance, we’ll get in depth too. But every membership comes with Long Tail University, which is some really, really, really high quality keyword research training as well that you should check out.

So, this is actually outdated. I should remove that. Sorry that’s from when… I thought I had removed this. This is from when I was recommending Jaaxy. One of the unfortunate things about Jaaxy is that it required double-checking against using the Moz bar and Google’s Keyword Planner because the data wasn’t quite as Long Tail Pro’s is. Just ignore that last bullet that I just deleted off.

If you’d like to help support FIMP and you do invest in Long Tail Pro, this is my link for 30% off. If you went directly to their homepage, you’d be paying about 30% more than this. It’s just stoppingscams.com/longtailpro is my affiliate link. Of course you’re appreciate… your support is always greatly appreciated. “You’re appreciated is always greatly support!” – makes a lot of sense. But at the same time, I don’t want you to feel pressured. It’s an incredible investment in your business, I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m hyping this thing too much because that’s not my intention. It’s just that I can’t imagine my business day to day without a tool like this.

Let’s hop in and take a look at Long Tail Pro so that you can see what I’ve been talking about here. Alright. So, this is the Long Tail Pro homepage. When you log in this what you’ll see. Right now I just have a blank project but I’m going to show you how some of this works too.

This is just your kind of at-a-glance dashboard. You have individual projects in here. I’m actually going to click to Add a New Project and I’m going to title it RueTattoo.com, just so you can see how some of these features work.

You can enter your domain name, as well, so I’m going to enter RueTattoo.com (of course my auto-correct is going to try and fix it for me, which is not helpful at all). Okay and I’m going to add this. What’s really cool about this is that it’s going to tell you right off the bat: okay, this is what your link profile looks like, this is what your majestic trust flow and citation flow look like for this website.

You can kind of get an at-a-glance look at all the stuff. And it’s going to tell you that “Hey! For this particular domain name, this is the range we recommend you stick in for keyword competitiveness.” We’ll see that play in when we start searching keywords, but I just want to kind of give you a heads-up.

It’s pretty unique that you can add your domain name into your project then it’s going to give you a suggested range and say “Hey! Don’t go outside of this competition level because you’re probably not going to have much of a shot at getting ranked but you can probably get ranked within this range as long as you do everything correctly”.

In the next section down here, you can enter keywords one at a time. Or you can, in the default, is enter keyword and then it’s going to go over to Google’s Keyword Planner in the back in and bring in their suggested searches.

The thing to keep in mind here is depending on your subscription level, you’ll probably have somewhere between 10,000 and 25,000 keyword searches per month. Every single one of these counts as one of your keyword searches, so keep that in mind. You can go up to 400 but you’re going to burn through 10,000 keyword searches per month pretty quickly doing 400 at a time.

I typically bump mine up to 25, I think that’s enough. And then just enter multiple keywords then we’ll see how this works too. If we just type in Laser Tattoo Removal and we hit retrieve, it’s going to retrieve some keywords. It’s gives a notification here and says it’s retrieving keywords. You’ll see them all start populating down here and you can see this little icons saying the gears are turning, we’ll just let those load up.

But while that’s happening, I’ll also mention any other keyword you put in here, they’re smart about it and they’re friendly about it in the sense that they know you have limited searches so if you want to see this keyword data again, it stays saved until you delete it out of the project. So you don’t have to use your searches all over again to pull that data back in. Any keywords you put in here are going to add to you projects keyword list rather than replacing this keyword list. So just keep that in mind.

Right now, we have 25 keywords. If I put in “does tattoo removal hurt” and I hit retrieve. You can see that the number’s going up, now we have 50 keywords in here. Okay, so I added them and they’re all displayed together. You can set filters and I could type in here or I could go into these filters and say “hey! I only want to see keywords that have to do with hurt”. Just type in “hurt” and get that information in there as well. But for the sake of this video I just want to show you kind of what this all looks like.

You can get global search data here, you can see the location has defaulted to the United States, I can update that if I want, and change to another country. U.S. is typically a pretty accurate representation of what the global search volume is going to look like in the landscape and competitiveness, etc. Yeah, so that’s basically Long Tail Pro at-a-glance.

So now what we can do is we can come down here and… the key performance indicators I talked about, the main one you want to look at is your average keyword competitiveness. Usually what I do whenever I get however many keywords I want in here is I’m going to sort by average KC (Keyword Competitiveness).

Now I can see my lowest hanging fruit right up here at the top. If your website’s brand new, I really wouldn’t go for anything outside of the 15-20 range. I know it’s suggesting “Hey! This is a new website. You can go for anything from the 25-30 range”. But the lower the better and I really wouldn’t go outside of that too much.

We’ll take a look at how these numbers are calculated here in a second. But at-a-glance you can see that Saline Tattoo Removal work which frankly I don’t even know what saline tattoo removal is. Non-laser Tattoo Removal, EliminInk Tattoo Removal (sounds like a product), Tattoo Removal Virginia, How Long Does Tattoo Removal Take – that would be a decent one. It’s a 23, but given my options here, hey maybe that’s something I actually consider. I would definitely… even if you get outside of the 15-20 range and you’re going to go to the 20-25 range, I wouldn’t step outside of the green, right? And this will change in time, you’ll notice that this correlates directly to the target keyword competitiveness it created for my domain name.

You can see that anything that’s under 25 is green. Anything that’s under 30 but more than 25 is yellow. So that’s telling me “Hey! This is the keyword competitiveness. This is the suggested range based specifically on your website’s existing authority”. That’s pretty unique to Long Tail Pro, I don’t see that done anywhere else.

Let’s see if we can punch in some more keywords here. Let’s go… “Does Tattoo Removal Cream Work” see what it pulls there. And you can see over here on the left hand side, my monthly keywords remaining or going down on every search I make, which again is why it’s important to kind of limit this to something other than 400. But you can see now there are 75 keywords in here, it’s pulling a lot of these new ones. While it’s pulling these, I’ll pull you into one of these and show you what it looks like when you click on a keyword.

Now we’re going to see for the Top 10 in Google, all of the competition details, I guess kind of at-a-glance but they’re also really in-depth. You can see for this particular keyword, we get 390 searches a month. This is pulled directly from Google, so this is very reliable keyword search volume.

And you can see the results, it’s 80% Organic, 21% Local, which is nice because I know, if you watched the free training for free keyword tools, you saw a lot of stuff for…I was like “Oh! Some of these are local so they’re ranking better” And so, you can kind of see at-a-glance “Okay I’m going to be competing against some local businesses which are going to have an advantage over me”. I wouldn’t worry about it too, too much unless the number’s pretty high. But just keep it in mind, it’s good to know.

This is probably around a fifth of the first page because they probably have a maps listing. So if I come in here and say “Non-laser Tattoo Removal”… well, I don’t have a maps listing (which is interesting), but I probably have… I mean we’ve got some ads in there for some local people. TattooVanishMethod.com that’s interesting. Let’s just take a quick look here, I’m kind of running off on a tangent. But looks like, Find a Location. All natural, huh. As far as I can see, there isn’t one location… okay, there we go.

It looks like they may be getting a boost because they’ve got so many locations, but I doubt it somehow. At least in my local area, doesn’t look like there are any local listings. But anyways, definitely if Long Tail Pro is pulling in this data, it means that a lot of people that searched are going to get local search results which we’re going to be competing against at a little bit of a disadvantage. So just keep that in mind whenever you see that metric.

All through here, we can see overall keyword competitiveness for the Top 10 Results. And we can also see the domain keyword competitiveness. But the things I really want you to pay attention to are the trust flow and citation flow for this particular page, which are these two numbers right here. This is the trust flow and citation flow for the whole domain, but this is what’s really important. Okay.

So we see this top result as 15, this one’s 6, 4, 0, 24 – this is the only really high one besides all the way down here. For me this is a very rankable keyword. If I look at the first page of Google and I see anything, the average trust flow being less than 10 or 15, that is a really ripe opportunity keyword.

Once your looking at a lot of these and you see a lot of 20-25 for brand new websites, I would be a little bit concerned and I would say “Hey look for some better keywords unless you’re at a really high competition niche and everything else is in like the 50s, 60s, 70s”. Then that’s a decent keyword.

But for most niches, you’re going to want for brand new website to find a lot of first pages, as far as when you search your keyword, you want the first page to be mostly something between the 10-15 range and below if you’re going to go for it. So for me, this looks like a pretty rankable keyword, which is really, really nice.

You have some other metrics in here which are really helpful. Like how many External Backlinks this particular page has. Again this is not the domain, this is to the page. This page right here has 1,682 backlinks, which is pretty high. It’s interesting that this one’s only showing 1 backlink because it’s so authoritative. But you can see the number of unique domains referring to the root domain, so that’s to tattooaway.com. You know, just interesting stuff like that.

So, Index URLs. How many URLs this website has in Google. How many index pages this website has in Google. Man! This one’s way up there… ah, it’s ‘cause it’s YouTube, that makes sense! So, some just really, really interesting stuff. You can go pretty dependably off of just the keyword competitiveness but off of just the trust flow and citation flow for the actual page. Right. Again, domain is helpful overall but mainly what you want to look at is page.

You don’t need to worry about citation flow too much. You may be sitting there asking yourself: “What is citation flow?” Citation flow is typically just an indicator of how spammy someone’s backlink profile is. Which isn’t something you need to concern yourself with too, too much. Especially if you’re looking at the first page of Google, they probably don’t have too spammy of a backlink profile. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be getting the rankings that they’re getting.

Trust flow is just calculated on the relevance of the links coming to that page, on the authority of the page, pages linking to this page and this page. Okay. So that’s why I say that’s the most important thing to look at because those are the most important metrics that determine rankings these days.

If we go back here to the project, we probably have more keywords in here now. Let’s see. There’s still “how long does tattoo removal take” in there. There we go. Resort. “Rejuvi tattoo removal cream” (it could be a review), 30 search volume. When you’re young, 30 search volume when your site is still young is not that bad. “How long does tattoo removal take” is still up there. “Laser tattoo removal before and after” – an interesting choice.

Same thing here, we can see all of the same data. But it’s showing the keyword competitiveness, which is also factoring in things like – you can see everything here. Calculated using page title and URLs. So if they’re using their keywords that you searched for in the page title and URL, it’s going to boost the keyword competitiveness, majestic trust flow, citation flow and backlink data. So how many banklinks this page and this domain have.

It’s just crunching all of those numbers at-a-glance. But again, you can see most of these, as far as trust flow, it’s a little bit more competitive than the other keywords. But most of these, again, looks pretty rankable overall. Even though it shows it’s a 26 within Long Tail Pro.

You have a couple of ways you can use this tool. You can spend more time digging much more in-depth and looking at each one of these individually. I’d say in the early stage is it’s definitely good for your learning, for you to get a sense of these things. But other than that, it just comes down to punching in keywords.

And let’s bump this up to 50. And let’s say… (what’s something else that has to do with tattoo?) Let’s go “tattoo removal after care”. Let’s go retrieve, and I’m going to retrieve 50 for this particular keyword. So that’ll take some time. Again…

Data wasn’t available. Interesting. Yeah, maybe it was too long of a term. So, let’s go “how long…” that’s a keyword in here, right? So I’ll just click this one and take a look at the keyword competitiveness really quickly. We can see trust flow. Yeah, so again overall looking like a pretty rankable keyword.

We’ve got, again about 20%. Ow, featured snippets, interesting. We don’t have local search appearing in this one. So again, just a lot of really helpful, useful data in here. But if we go back here, what we can do is we can really quickly, say… plus 20. You know, add 20 results based on that keyword. Add 20 suggestions to this list.

And of course, you can also… favorite (I need to find that keyword again. They’re jumping around ‘cause I just put more keywords in there.) But now we can say “hey add this to my favorites”. So, and it says “hey this has been added to your favorites”. But everything’s resorting and reshuffling in here.

“How to become a laser tattoo removal technician” that could be an interesting post for my site. “Tattoo removal prices” could be a good article, again, especially with 1,900 search results. So if we take a look at this one, trust flow: 17, 3, 12, 0, 9, 0. So it’s a little bit more competitive. But it’s probably a pretty decent keyword, especially given the search volume.

I wouldn’t expect to rank for this anytime soon. But in the coming months as my website authority builds, I could definitely see myself ranking for that. So that’s a really decent keyword overall. I’m going to favorite that one too. Return to projects. “Tattoo removal before and after”.

Let me get into some of the yellow. Ah! This is a good article because there are all kinds of different lasers that people use and some shops don’t have the most up-to-date laser technology. So this could be a really decent article.

I know it’s labeled yellow as far as competition goes but if we come in here and we look at the trust flow, the first couple of pages are kind of authoritative. The last page is kind of authoritative. But trust flow of 2, 0, 5, 0, 0, 0, 0.

I assume these have some authoritative domains which is why they’re ranking. But especially if I created a page and did some (we’ll talk about it later in the training) some promotional things like “Securing Some White Hat Backlinks” to that page if I wrote a really, really good article. You could definitely outrank some of these guys within a few months. Pretty easily, I’d say. So, this is a really good article, a really good keyword. So this is something that I would definitely consider writing for for RueTattoo.com.

So, you see how much quicker that is than going and pulling data from Google’s Keyword Planner and then checking each one of these keywords individually. You just get so much data at-a-glance. And especially with kinds of these color coded keyword competitiveness, you get to see really quickly how something is… how good or bad the competition is for a keyword that you’re searching for. Really unique, really cool, just huge time savings.

I remember back in the day, and the reason I always make it clear to people: “hey you don’t have to invest in this, it’s going to save you a lot of time” is because when I first got started in internet marketing, I didn’t have the money to invest in tools like this. I totally empathize with anyone that doesn’t have the money to invest in some of these tools. But if you do have the money and you value your time, it is hands down one of the best investments that you can make.

So again, if you do decide to invest in Long Tail Pro, please use my affiliate link, help support FIMP: stoppingscams.com/longtailpro,

If you have any questions about Long Tail Pro, don’t hesitate to post them to the members-only Facebook group for FIMP. Of course, it’s free for all members, so hop on there, ask any questions you have and I will be happy to help you with them.

Other than that, they do also have a free trial (probably something I should’ve mentioned 20 minutes ago). So if you want to hop in and check it out for yourself, you can. I think it’s a 7-day trial, So you can check it out and poke around. And if you really want to, what you could do in there is you could sign up for the free trial, do a bunch of keyword research and then cancel before it bills. If that’s something you really wanted to do.

But I highly recommend investing in Long Tail Pro. Actually, keyword tools are going to save you a lot of time. It’s going to set you up for success a lot better. You’re just going to have a lot higher likelihood for the content you write to actually be rankable than when you are passing all this data around between these multiple tools.

And you’re not getting the industry’s best data because it’s not Majestic, it’s Moz when you’re using the free tools. Majestic unfortunately doesn’t have a free tool like Moz does. You just get a lot of advantages that are going to really set you up for success in the long run.

If I keep talking, I’m just going to keep rambling. So I’m going to shut up, I’m going to finish this video. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post them into the Facebook group.

If you can’t afford it right now, don’t stress about it. Just use the free tools. But again, if you can afford it right now and you value your time and you see how much quicker this works, I strongly recommend investing in it. You can see that I have the plan below and they’re priced personally because I really believe in investing and using this tool.

If you have any questions I’ll keep an eye up from the Facebook group. Otherwise, I will see you in the next video. Or I’ll see you in the Facebook group.

Talk to you then.