5.6.1 Long Tail Pro Deep Dive — Hunting Down Low Competition Keywords

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In this video I discuss:

  • How to find keywords in even the most competitive niches using Long Tail Pro

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10 thoughts on “5.6.1 Long Tail Pro Deep Dive — Hunting Down Low Competition Keywords

  1. This video was a grind. Particularly for me as I have an MSc in Business Data, which includes Design Research. . I found it frustrating. But i want you to see this as a compliment. This is exactly how you teach research. Research is a grind, and can go deep. The tips you give on how deep you go, the flexibility of terms etc, were spot on. Particularly in terms of never giving up. I would say that this video is required viewing and you ought to make it so. This comes back to the mindset you called out earlier. People will have to put on their research hats, and this is really good research coaching. Theres an interesting niche perhaps. If you want to look into it, I’ll help 🙂

  2. Great video, it really helped me to understand the process for keyword research. I feel like this topic has been a “black box” to me for so long. Your instruction was detailed and concise. Thanks again Ian.

    • I honestly should’ve seen it coming because I have damaged the businesses of some of the least ethical product publishers in this industry, and they’ve gone to great lengths to let me know.

      When you’re reviewing products of people that, flat out, know they’re ripping people off and they can still sleep at night even though they’re stealing some people’s life savings, I’m honestly not sure that’s a hornets’ nest that I would kick again, knowing all of the things I’ve been through since starting StoppingScams.

      But at the end of the day, it led me here and it led to creating a wonderful community, so, I can’t complain too much.

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