5.1 How Keyword Research Will Make or Break Your Entire Business

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WARNING: Goo-roo’s ain’t gonna like this

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In this video I discuss:

  • What a “keyword” or “key phrase” are
  • Why keywords are so pivotal to an internet business
  • A demonstration of why keyword research is so important
  • The idea of internet businesses being cumulative, and why that makes keyword research even MORE important

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5.1 Transcript Below

Hey again, everyone! Another day, another opportunity to change the world!

Today we’re going to be talking about keyword research and that’s what this entire section is going to be about and really digging into it super, super deeply.

Keyword research is fundamental to success in internet marketing and affiliate marketing, even more so in the blogging and content creation, content marketing, anything that’s dependent on search engine optimization (SEO) – and that’s going to be most people that are trying to get started with as little of a budget as possible, trying to keep expenses as low as possible.

So if you were trying to keep expenses low and you don’t know a lot about keyword research, you are dramatically decreasing your chances at success – I can say with a really high degree of confidence. So we’re going to linger here for a bit and I’ll explain why in this slideshow and I’ll emphasize why all of these things are true and kind of back them up with some more concrete arguments rather than just saying this is the way it is and you have to take it or leave it.

So that’s what we’re going to talk about in today’s lesson and every lesson in this section, we’ll really build on what we learn here in this first lesson as with every other section in the Free Internet Marketing Project training. So without further ado, let’s jump in.

So of course, we’ve covered how to build a website and a website is definitely the foundation of your internet business. Especially in today’s internet climate, I would say that a website is essential to becoming successful. Even a lot of people that have really huge YouTube channels with hundreds of thousands or millions of subscribers, even they have websites because it helps them sell their e-Commerce and stuff.

So I would say if a website is the foundation of an internet marketing business, the keywords that you build – that you choose to write content about – kind of equal the frame. You need them both, without a doubt, before you start tacking on sheetrock (or you know depending on what part of the world you’re in, cinder blocks or whatever). You need both. You need the foundation: website – we’ve already got that knocked out, right? By this point in the training, you should have that knocked out. If you don’t, it’s time to go back and watch those lessons before you get to this point. And once you’ve got all that set up, it’s all about building the frame. And keywords absolutely are the frame.

So really briefly, what is a keyword? I want to (just in case)… I know this may be way under some of your knowledge depending on where you’re at in your journey; but I don’t want to overlook the people that don’t know what a keyword is.

So really quickly: a keyword is what someone searches in Google or another search engine when they’re looking for a piece of information. Since I chose the niche tattoo removal (laser tattoo removal), if someone asked, “What is laser tattoo removal?”… technically that’s a keyphrase, but we refer to them interchangeably these days. So if you hear me say ‘what is laser tattoo removal’ as a keyword, that’s what I’m talking about. It means that if someone were putting into putting into Google, “What is laser tattoo removal?” or “How much does tattoo removal hurt?” or “How much does tattoo removal cost?” Those are keywords. Whatever someone’s putting into Google or any other search engine to get listings, rankings to decide which one they’re going to click – whatever they put in, that is what we refer to as a keyword or a key phrase. Sometimes you’ll still hear them referred to as a keyphrase, but more often than not, we just call them keywords on the whole these days.

So we’re going to get incredibly in-depth as to how they’re used later in this section. But right now, I just kind of build the foundational knowledge that we’re going to add on to when we talk about how to use keywords, how to find keywords, et cetera.

So what I found in the years I’ve been in the industry is that this is really commonly overlooked – as in people just kind of don’t know to pay so much attention to it because they don’t realize it’s a really vital thing or they just zoom right past it. They’re just like, “I don’t need to learn much about that. I’m going to go forward and I’m just going to start cranking out content,” and then they work for ten months and can’t figure out why they’re not getting results. It’s because they missed an essential step in the process which we’ll talk about later, too.

So if you aren’t paying attention to keywords, long story short (I think I probably overemphasized this by this point in the lesson)… but if you are not paying attention to keywords and if you don’t become somewhat of an expert in finding keywords, you will severely undercut your efforts in this industry.

Poorly chosen or completely ignored keyword research is going to equal inefficient SEO. You’re going to get much worse results with your search engine optimization efforts if you aren’t paying attention to your keywords. If you are getting worse results with your search engine optimization, then you are going to get less or possibly zero traffic. And of course, as we’ve talked about: traffic equals money. So if you’re getting less traffic or no traffic, you’re going to get less money or no money. Period. So those are kind of the sequential steps as to how keyword research ties directly to your bottom line and how much revenue your website is going to generate.

So really quickly, I want to illustrate something here. I’ll go through this as quickly as possible. I don’t want to waste any of your time. But I do really want to give kind of an analogy to drive this home because people don’t realize that it’s this big of a deal – even if you tell them keyword research is the big deal. Keyword research is a big deal. Unless you really paint a very clear picture, people are still going to run past and just like, “Alright, I’m going to learn this as quickly… I’m going to shut off this video – he’s wasting my time. I’m going to keep going.” And you’re going to see much worse results if that’s what you do. Kind of a tale of two brothers.

So what we’re assuming here is that two brothers built niche sites. And the first brother kind of picked an okay niche (we’ve talked all about niche research by this point in the training); and he didn’t follow all of the things that I suggested; found a far from perfect niche, but it was okay, it’s sufficient. He bought the first domain name that came to mind, didn’t try to be witty, didn’t try to insert keywords or anything, just kind of registered a keyword. He does right above average content. Not like stellar – not the best of the best – but above average. He doesn’t have any social media presence. He selects his keywords very diligently. So of course, what we’re talking about in this lesson… he really takes his time, he researches his keywords before he writes his slightly above average content for his okay niche, and then he executes all SEO (all search engine optimization which we haven’t talked about, yet we’ll talk about in-depth… I think it’s the next section… we’ll be talking about that), and he executes all on-page search engine optimization perfectly. So that’s the first brother. Just kind of a quick overview of his business.

The next brother takes an incredible niche; just follows all of the training, all of the steps, kind of all the checkboxes that I outlined – he nails them all. Comes up with a clever brand name, really cool little domain, easy to remember, nice and short. He writes incredibly high-quality content. So whereas the other brother wrote okay content (above average content), this one writes just like some of the best content on the web. He leverages his social media and promotes heavily. The one drawback of this brother’s kind of story and his business is that he doesn’t really choose keywords very specifically. He kind of goes, “Okay, I’m going to pick this one.” He doesn’t even do any keyword research on this. Just, “I want to write about this. And I think people will be searching this term.” And so, he kind of writes content for that keyword. And he too executes all SEO on page perfectly. All the search engine optimization on page is perfect, on point – so there’s no differentiator there.

So on the left, at the end of the day, you’ve got a brother that kind of missed a fair amount of the stuff; leading up, did it good enough; but didn’t really knock it out of the park. And then on the right, you have a brother that knocked everything out of the park; got the keyword research; and kind of said, “Ah you know, I just really wanted to focus on writing content, really wanted to put value into the world, and just didn’t want to get tied up in all the details of keyword research.”

And out of these two (given the context of where you’re seeing this particular lesson), you probably know which one wins out. But I think a lot of people – if we weren’t in the context of talking about keyword research – would go, “Ah. The guy on the right.” `The brother on the right is the one that’s going to be more successful because he picked a better niche, his brand is more clever, he spends a lot more time on promotion, he writes even higher quality content. And the fact of the matter is the brother on the left probably has a much better shot than the brother on the right at success – even though his content is not as good, even though his niche isn’t quite as good. It’s all good enough in that he really spends time on keyword research and that makes a tremendous difference in this industry.

So do not overlook this. You have to give every step in internet marketing your best effort. And an important thing to learn early on is that internet businesses are cumulative – meaning that each step of the process stacks on top of the next. So the more solid the first step you lay is, the more solid the second step is going to be, more so the third step is going to be. The earlier steps can have the most positive or the most negative impact on your business.

We’ve already talked extensively about niche selection – and that’s absolutely one of the very first things, if not the very first thing outside of mindset which isn’t even kind of a tangible component of your business. So the first kind of tangible component is niche selection; and then after that, there’s basically keyword research. Picking the right theme and stuff for your website and the things we talked about in the last section are also important; but they aren’t pivotal kind of steps in the process that can make or break your business quite like niche selection and keyword research.

So keyword research is very early stage. Like I said, pretty much the only thing before this is going to be niche selection (we’ve already talked extensively about that so you should be set there). But as we go into keyword research, just remember that it’s just as pivotal, if not more pivotal than niche selection. (I’m getting wrapped up in my words here, I apologize.)

So to restate that, it’s distinctly possible that keyword research is going to have a bigger impact on your business than niche selection even. And we’ve already talked extensively about how crucial that is and it’s very make or break for your business. Keyword research is just as much, if not more so. And because it’s so early stage… and we’ve talked about how everything is cumulative… your efforts are going to be cumulative as an internet marketer that’s trying to build a profitable business. You want to get those early, early stages really, really solid and set perfectly; because if they’re even a little bit mismatched, it’s going to make your tower kind of teeter earlier on as you stack more and more on top of it – if that visualization makes any sense.

The good thing about keyword research is whereas when we talked about niche selection, I talked about how it was more of an art than a science. The good thing about keyword research is it’s much more data-driven and analytical so it’s more of a science than an art. And it’s much more black and white and not so much room for interpretation or getting overwhelmed because there are all these kind of blank areas that you just don’t even know how to think about yet.

We can put all of the pieces in place when it comes to keyword research and talk very specifically about data and numbers and what you’re looking for. And that’s what we’re going to do as we go through this section.

So in the next lesson, we’re going to talk… kind of the same way we talked about the anatomy of a perfect domain name several lessons ago… now we’re going to talk about the anatomy of a perfect keyword and kind of what you should be looking for when you’re doing your keyword research. And as we get deeper into this section, we’re going to talk very extensively about exactly how you should be doing keyword research.

So as always, if you have any questions, feel free to post them to the Facebook group – that’s free for registered members. And other than that, I will see you either in the Facebook group or I’ll see you in the next lesson. Talk to you then.