2.3 How to Guarantee You Achieve Your Goals

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In this video I discuss:

  • Answering the question, “When will I make money?”
  • Answering the question, “How much money can I make?”
  • Setting money-based goals vs. setting task-based goals
  • What you can control and what you CAN’T control in your internet business
  • Creating goals that set you up for success
  • You can’t fail if you do this ONE thing

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2.3 Transcript Below

Alright, here we go… the last lesson!

The last lesson always feels so good. Takes me hours to get to the last lesson every section, but finally like, “Alright, here we go!” So I hope it feels the same way for you. I hope you feel like you’re learning things, you’re accomplishing things.

There’s so much to learn. There’s so much to cover. But I hope you’re feeling that kind of – even here in the very beginning – you’re feeling that you’re being set up so much better for success than you probably have been anywhere else – especially giving free training.

Let alone personally I aim to make this substantially better than any paid product that’s out there. Some of you guys that have paid two grand for a product, I’m hoping you’re saying, “Hey, this is the best stuff I’ve ever seen.” So I hope you’re feeling that way.

I think I’m setting you up for success much better than anything I’ve ever seen and I hope you’re feeling the same way.

So the last thing I want to cover in mindset before we start moving in and we start talking about actual methods and strategies is I want to teach you how to guarantee you achieve your goals.

You may raise an eyebrow and go, “How can he guarantee that?” especially after I’ve been a naysayer about all this other stuff. It’s similar to, “Hey if you’ve never stopped working, you can’t fail. If you never stop trying, you can’t fail. You only fail when you give up.”

So it’s kind of along that same train of thought but I think even more actionable and even more workable and even more tangible.

So let’s talk about how to guarantee you achieve your goals that you’ve set in this industry. A lot of people ask, “When am I going to make money?” Really common question.

And I used to get really frustrated by it. But again, I have to see it from a lot of your perspective and from my perspective early on, too – when I was 16, 18 years old before I started making a really decent living in internet marketing.

I kind of thought, “When am I going to make money? When am I going to see results? How much can I make?”

So they’re not unreasonable questions, but they’re very difficult questions to answer. In fact, they’re pretty much impossible to answer with any degree of accuracy. Outside of the ballparks… some of the ballparks that I gave in the last video… the last lesson… it’s just impossible to answer these questions.

And it’s impossible to answer these questions because “How long it takes?” The first part of that question – “How long is it going to take? When will I make money?” – it’s really determined by a combination of your competition and how much effort you’re putting in.

So if you’re in a really low-competition niche, a person working 20 hours a week is going to get there a lot faster than a person working 10 hours a week. And how much competition is in your industry is based very much on what niche you’ll pick – which we’ll talk about in one of the upcoming sections.

So it’s impossible to say how long it’s going to take to succeed because there’s so many moving parts. The main ones are competition and the effort you’re putting in – but there’s so many other moving parts. The quality of work you’re putting in, too. How well you’re following the training.

You know, a lot of people skip around in these members’ areas and then they wonder why 10 months later, they feel like they’ve been busting their butt but they’re not getting results. It’s because they’re blatantly going against what was taught in the training.

If they just spent the extra hours – whatever it is 10, 20 hours – going through their training early on, they’d be successful if they’d put in that amount of time.

So there are a lot of moving parts. But when you’re going to make money – how long it’s going to take – is impossible to answer based on those moving parts.

And how much money you can make is determined by how large your audience is, how much of a buying audience you’re working with in your niche – which I will spend a lot of time very specifically talking about when you’re picking a niche. Because again, it’s something that people skip over a lot of the time and I think it’s like the most important aspect of picking a niche and how well offers pay in your industry. You know, if the average offer in your industry pays 20 bucks versus the average offer in your industry pays 100 bucks, that’s going to make a really big difference in how much money you can make.

If your audience is only a maximum of a hundred thousand people versus your audience being a hundred million people, your income cap is going to be a heck of a lot higher with a hundred million audience members than it is with a hundred thousand audience members or ten thousand audience members.

So, just know that. Just know if you’re looking for answers to these questions… hopefully you trust me at this point, I’m not trying to deceive you, I’m not trying to dance around the topic… there’s just no good way to answer them. There are too many moving parts to answer them accurately.

The best I can say is the kind of milestones and the kind of general ballparks that I shared in Video 2.2 – the video before this.

So knowing that this is true, right? Knowing that it’s impossible to predict for even the most experienced person. It’s impossible to predict when they’re going to start seeing traction. It’s impossible to predict how much money they’re going to be able to make in that niche.

You may have a good idea like going into a niche, “Yeah, this niche is highly profitable. I expect to be able to make a full-time income minimum from this.” But you’re not going to know if that’s going to tap out at $3000 a month or $5000 a month or $15000, $20000, $30000 a month. You just don’t know until you enter the niche and you built it up.

You can have a good idea – which again we’ll talk about that in the training when you’re picking a niche – but knowing that all of this is true, setting money-based goals doesn’t make any sense. It just doesn’t.

I know it’s what our tendency as human beings is. It makes sense that we do it.

On the surface it seems to make sense that we say, “Hey, I’m going to measure my progress by in a year am I making $1000 a month?” You can kind of have those loosely in your mind. They’re not wrong to have. Just don’t get too attached to them because at the end of the day – as I’m going to talk about in this lesson – a lot of that is out of your control.

Setting money-based goals is… you have so little control over how much money your efforts are going to result in that it just doesn’t make sense to set goals that way. And so I’ll dig into this a little bit.

So what does make sense? If I’m not setting goals based on money, what am I setting goals based on?

You need to set… you don’t need to, right? You can keep saying, “I want to make $10000 a month. And we talked about the reverse math to set you up for success best in Section 1… about reverse math and how to kind of reverse engineer those milestones.

So you can keep doing that. You’re just going to find yourself a lot more disappointed more often and you’re also probably… you’re more likely guaranteed – it’s not probably – you are guaranteed more likely to wash out of this industry.

Because if you say, “I’m going to hit $1000 a month within six months,” and you don’t hit it, it’s overwhelming. It’s defeating. It’s deflating. It’s depressing. It’s hard on you. And every time you go through that, you’re more and more likely to wash out of the industry.

So the thing I want to do is that I decrease the chance of that happening as much as possible for your own success. So set goals and milestones that you’re in control of achieving.

You control how high-quality your content is. You absolutely control that. People always ask… they think, “I post a 1500-word article – that means it’s high-quality.” Not necessarily.

Typically, longer content is high-quality. Most sites that are posting 500 to 700 words per article are going to be beat out by sites posting 1500 to 2000 words per article. At Stopping Scams – as I record this just the other day – we published a 14800-word article about how to get traffic and promote your blog. So that’s a high-quality post.

But even then, someone could write 14,800 words of gibberish and it’s not a high-quality post. So you have to keep those things in mind. But we’ll talk about specifically what quality is later in the training. You’ll have a very clear understanding of that. Don’t panic. But you control how high-quality your content is.

Word count? You control as well. That’s not exactly a good indicator, but again, we’ll talk about that later in the training – exactly how to create high-quality content and what that entails. You control that.

You control which keywords you’re targeting. You control how much keyword research you do, how thoroughly you dig in – we’ll talk about this in the training later, too.

But depending on what keywords you’re picking, depending on what keywords you are aiming to rank for, that you’re writing your articles about, you determine a huge amount of whether you’re going to succeed or fail. So we’ll talk about that very thoroughly when we get to the keyword research section. You control that. That is in your control.

You control how many times you post per week. You control how many hours you work per week. You control how efficient you are: how many posts you can get out in the number of hours you can put in in a week, how many quality posts you can post if you put in x amount of hours per week. So you’re in control of these things.

So it makes a lot more sense that you would set goals based on “I want to post x amount of high-quality articles per week. I want to improve my efficiency. I need to tune things but process them in place so that instead of posting one article in 20 hours of work, I want to be posting two or three articles. That is the same amount of quality, the same high-quality content, but I’m doing two or three times as much.” You control that efficiency.

So those are the goals that you should be setting. How many high-quality posts you’re putting out per week, how many posts you’re getting out per amount of hours – so in other words, on average how many hours is it taking you to put out a high-quality post.

Those are goals and kind of things that you’re in control that you can tweak. You can absolutely tweak those things and make a tremendous difference in your internet marketing business.

So we know that a lot of high-quality content with carefully-chosen keywords will bring traffic. That’s what I’m going to spend the next several sections teaching. Inside and out. Left to right. Just leaving no gaps, no questions about it.

We know this: high-quality content posted repeatedly over time as long as you stick with it will bring traffic. Traffic will bring money. End of story. If you’re in a buying niche, I should say.

If you’re not in a buying niche, too, technically speaking it’s just going to be a heck of a lot of easier on you and you’re going to need a lot less traffic which makes the goal so much more attainable if you were in a buying niche. And again, we will talk about that very explicitly when we get to the picking-a-niche section.

So how to set yourself up for success when you’re setting goals?

Focus… this kind of takes home what I was talking about earlier… Focus on task-oriented goals rather than money-oriented goals. That sets you up for success so much better because you’re in control of those tasks.

You have every right to get upset at yourself if you’re missing those task-based goals. If you’re saying, “I want to post three high-quality articles per week and I’m missing that,” you have every right to get upset at yourself.

If you said, “I want to be making $1000 per week by the end of six months,” or “I want to be making $1000 per month at the end of six months.” Even despite your best efforts, if you hit all of the other tasks that could have amounted to that, but for some reason it’s not happening, it’s just not connecting yet – you really shouldn’t be that mad at yourself.

You should be mad at yourself for setting an income-based goal – a money-based goal – and learn from that. But you shouldn’t be mad at yourself because so many things were out of your control. You did everything you could to achieve that – it just didn’t amount to it, right?

So you just kind of have to adjust and keep going. Again, you just have to keep plowing for it and you will succeed eventually.

You can control how perfectly and consistently you execute tasks. You can’t control what happens after that, right? You’re in total control of what tasks you aim for, how many hours you’re putting in for a week, and how perfectly you execute those. You can’t control what comes after that. You just kind of have to do the best you can.

At the end of the day, you’ve got to give it everything you’ve got. And if you don’t hit kind of the loosely-based goals – again, you don’t want to get too attached to those financial goals. It’s okay to have them in mind – just reverse engineer it to: “I want 50 high-quality posts and hopefully that’s going to bring me around to $1000 a month.” Or “I want a hundred high-quality posts within the next year.” `You can break that down into approximately two really high-quality posts every week.

And if you’re at the end of that year, and you’re not hitting that kind of income that you wanted to hit, then at least you have a really good idea of, “Okay, this is what I need to keep doing. These are the things that are working. If I keep hitting these little… these are my really highly-productive key performance indicators… my KPIs… if I keep hitting these, I’m going to be able to get to this goal.”

So just kind of adjust. Don’t get overwhelmed and give up and get down on yourself. Just learn from the mistake. Learn from the lesson. Give it everything you’ve got, leave it all out there, and then let the cards fall where they may.

Hitting a certain level of income may take more time than you originally envisioned. But eventually, you’re going to get there – guaranteed – if you just keep trying. The only way you’re going to miss that income goal ultimately in the long run is if you give up. Period.

So, that’s the end of Section 2. Again, confetti canons I wish I have! I should invest in those.

So end of Section 2. Mindset Training. I hope again that as you finish this section, you feel so much more empowered than you ever have going into this journey anywhere else.

And if it’s your first time, I’m hoping you feel empowered. You may not have anything to compare it to, to say, “Hey this was so much better than all of the other training I’ve seen,” but I humbly believe that this sets people up better in this industry better than anything else that’s out there. I really, really do.

And again, I say that from a point of humility. I’ve just been at this long enough – I’ve reviewed hundreds of products, I know what makes for a really good product… and over the years, I’ve kind of borrowed these different teaching methods, and learned so much from all of these other people, and learned from my personal mentors… most importantly, learned from my own mistakes in my business – that I know that starting here is the right thing to do and you’re set up so much more for success, so much better for success, if you kind of drill these things into you and you kind of take them into your heart, you embed them in your brain, and you know, “Okay, I’m ready for this ready journey ahead.”

And you are. You’re suited up. You’re ready for war now, right? So you can’t fail. Remember, you can’t fail if you never stop trying. There will be times of feeling overwhelmed. There will be times of feeling helpless. You just have to push through them and keep going.

If you get traffic in a buying niche – again, we want to focus on traffic in the early stages – everything else: be damned. If you get traffic in a buying niche, you can absolutely make money.

So follow the training closely. We’re finally going to start getting into strategies and methods and getting into screen sharing and all that kind of stuff where you’re looking over my shoulder and we’re using tools and learning specific strategies but just keep all of these in mind.

Stick to the training closely, set task-based goals – based on the training, you’ll have a really good idea what realistic goals are as we go through the training – and stick with it. If you do that, you’re going to succeed in internet marketing. It’s just a matter of time.

So that’s it for Section 2.

As always, if you have any questions, post them to the Facebook group. Again, totally free for registered members here. And hopefully, myself and other members will be able to come along and help you. Hopefully, we’re creating a really good community over there. It’s so early stage that I don’t know yet but I have a very specific vision in mind and I think we’re going to be able to do that together.

So pop your questions in there and other than that, if you know… I’ve already talked about questions so I don’t need to say, “If you have any questions…” So I’ll just see you in the next video.

Section 3, here we come!

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    You have always given value to the marketplace! I don’t even know how I stumbled upon FIMP, but I am so happy I did! In the past, I have invested thousands of dollars in programs that included IM “training”…but what I have gotten from you thus far, has been the most practical and honest approach I have seen in the industry.
    I have struggled (internally) with promoting certain programs, just because they had high commissions…knowing that the so-called “training” was not particularly beneficial to someone just getting started. I have wanted to offer real value in way that could actually help someone truly succeed in this industry (including myself). How refreshing it is to finally be coached by someone like you! Thank you!

    • Wow Brena — thank you for your incredibly kind words. I’ve been tempted by high-ticket products as well (I’d do very well with the following I have and the reputation I’ve worked so hard to preserve over the years), but:

      1. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the vast majority of people I benefitted from financially would never come close to recouping their initial investment.
      2. It would slowly destroy the reputation that I’ve been working all of these years to keep 100% clean.

      I’m so glad you found your way to FIMP, and hopefully I’ll be seeing you around our Facebook community as well. Welcome to the FIMP family!

  28. Hi Ian,
    I have watched sections 1 and 2 and now ready for section 3, I save and continue after watching each course, I have checked my progress profile and it shows that I have not enrolled or completed any courses, why is that?

    • I’m not sure. It could be a caching issue in your browser. I show here in the admin panel that you’ve completed 2 out of 3 lessons in both Sections 1 & 2, so that should be reflecting on your end. My best guess would be browser caching or a browser compatibility issue (I’m not able to replicate this on my end).

      Please let me know if it continues to give you trouble after clearing your browser cache! You can send me screenshots and extra details at ian@stoppingscams.com.

  29. Finally a realistic view on IM. I have spent quite a bit of time/MONEY and never believed these quick rich schemes that are out there. Once I got into the up-sell sequences I decided to invoke my money back guarantee, where I could. I’m feeling this journey.
    Thanks for the content!

    • Thanks very much, Paul! I’m glad you’re finding it to be the refreshing course I created it to be, and I sincerely hope it helps you build a profitable internet business! I’ll look forward to seeing you around here and around the Facebook community!

    • I’m so glad you’re empowered and encouraged by hearing the truth, Eric!

      So many people hear it, and they don’t want to believe that it’s not as easy as product publishers have told them it is (just to sell them a product), so they leave in pursuit of the next “get rich quick” scheme that’s only going to steal their money. It’s a vicious cycle that, unfortunately, the truth can’t even stop a lot of the time.

  30. Hi Ian I just finished watching videos in section two, I realize that you are the most honest and most realistic in your presentation, I am looking forward what I am going to learn in section 3

  31. Hi Ian , Not sure if I’m understanding this , but I feel like I have to write about something . Is this true ? Don’t really no that much about things to write about .

    • Yes, you’ll need to write quite a bit if you want to be in this industry (unless you’re really committed to video). This is all taught very thoroughly in the training — what to write about, what depth/detail to write at, etc.

    • You might be surprised, Cheryl.

      My older brother once made the comment, “Well… I don’t really know much about nuthin’ but ‘dawgs and chickens’ (“dogs and chickens”, if you’re not from the South).

      In fact, “dogs” are a niche in themselves. I’m not into it but there are many thousands of people who are.

      “Chickens” are a growing trend. Raising them is a rewarding hobby, there are many fascinating breeds. For nutrition, “survivalist” concerns, gardening and composting, etc are some of the many useful aspects of raising chickens.

      I’m not really talking about “dogs and chickens”. I’m using this as an example to demonstrate that YOU probably know some useful skills and experience that many others would find useful.

      In my experience, everyone has natural abilities and insight in certain areas. It’s just that, up to now, perhaps you have not been able to find an audience, and hook up with people having similar interests.

      Press on… and I hope you will find your niche.

  32. KPI Key Performance Indicators. I have heard the term KPI many times but didn’t know what it stood for until you explained it. Thanks.
    “All we need is a little more TIME and MONEY” as the saying goes. Hopefully if we put in the time the money will follow.
    I am shooting for seeing strong results in 3 months giving 30 hours per week.

  33. Ha, Ian, it’s a good thing you said in the introduction that it’s okay if there is something we don’t quite understand just yet. When you said we control what keywords to write about, I haven’t got a clue, not yet anyway.

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