Section 2: Essential Mindset Training for Success [1HR]

Section 2: Essential Mindset Training for Success [1HR]

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When I hear “mindset” training, I think of woo-woo “if you believe it, you can achieve it” crap.

That’s not what this is.

Over the years, I’ve seen a small minority of people succeed with internet business and a huge majority of others fail. I found over the years that the most successful internet marketers had qualities that are almost inherent, which the unsuccessful attempters didn’t have.

I don’t think these qualities have to be hardwired into you for you to be successful. But you DO have to learn them, and those qualities that make some people so much more successful than others are what I teach in this section.

My very strong recommendation: Don’t skip any of the lessons in this section simply because it’s labeled “mindset training”.

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60 thoughts on “Section 2: Essential Mindset Training for Success [1HR]

  1. Ian I live in South Africa and I feel at peace taking this course.I believe God is leading me somewhere with your course.Thanks. Just finished Section 2.Starting my section 3 now.

  2. Solid, well-grounded training! Thank you!

    I am registered for the course and have submitted a request to join the closed FB group. Given that it’s the weekend before Christmas, how long should I expect before I get approved for the FB group?

  3. Hi Ian, first of all thank you so much for giving an wonderful training programme for free. Your training will help lot of people who want to success in online. Finally you are such a good mentor to help people like this, I never saw anybody like you. We always love you and your training man.

  4. Ian, you definitely have the most honest approach to this business models. For a person that is starting and a complete newbie is very important to know what is on the journey ahead.
    I already am on Wealthy Affiliate creating a blog with a domain I bought and hosting from them. I really want to give this program a shot but I’m kind of stuck (financially speaking) with them…

  5. Ian, I have completed the lesson one and about half of lesson two now, how come the status does not reflect the progress still showing everything is unchecked?

  6. This mindset training is a lot different than the ones I’ve seen. In previous videos when you called it, “Woo-woo,” I knew what you meant but didn’t know how yours would be different. It’s different because they talk about the “Millionaire” mindset and “Just staying positive.” That’s the woo woo. You’re more realistic and straightforward. I like that because that’s a lot like how I was. As humans that have trust issues because of all of these other people trying to scam us, we don’t like fluff or to be jerked around. Great training. I can’t wait to get started.

  7. Hi, Ian. I joined the course today and I’ve just seen this comment you posted “Thank you, Tim! Unfortunately, the amount of income that FIMP produces is actually less than many teachers get paid. ” That’s a pity. You know, I really admire your dedication for pouring yourself with this project, you have invested a lot time and money on learning and you are gifting us with such an in depth, high value content for free now. Your work is truly educating Internet users and possible scam victims with the added potential of helping more individuals without enough resources to pay for a training, people from third world countries… You deserve to get paid more than just the revenue from the few affiliate links in your site. Why don’t you create a FIMP profile on Patreon? Give it a go, bro. ;>

  8. Excellent so far sir learning a lot so far keep up the good work curious though you ever been a teacher you should be but no pay is lot less lol!

  9. Ian, you are a man among men. I have tried many different approaches to earn money online through the years. I have learned that if it looks or sounds too good to be true, it usually is! After completing section 2, I now see hope!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Barryjl! I’m so glad that you’re enjoying the training, so far. I hope it helps you on your journey. Best of luck!

  10. I am really excited. IAN is a very good mentor. Giving us practical or realistic picture of internet marketing. Thanks a lot

  11. I just Completed sections 1&2 and very excited!
    Your lessons are great! Can’t believe it I am getting all this for free!
    Thank you very much for all that you are doing. I am confident that by following your program, I will be successful.
    Great Job!

  12. Don’t need to say much for everyone has a special mindset with what you are accomplishing ( i haven’t said trying to accomplish because you are already accomplishing what you have started ) Thinking of others is what matters most and life itself will be thankful for all of us. Thanks Ian

  13. Question Ian,
    Which ways have you tried making money online? What do you think of Amazon selling? Or just finding products to promote on Amazon? Why is writing content your preferred method?
    Gloria B.

    • Writing content is the main method that’s taught here because it’s low cost and the vast majority of people getting started in this industry don’t have the hundreds or thousands of dollars that it cost to purchase an inventory and run ads.

      I’ve done a fair amount of e-commerce in my internet marketing career but never sold on Amazon, personally. Especially in the climates today, where Amazon is taking over a lot of business for a lot of people that have sold on Amazon for years.

      It’s definitely a platform that I, personally, will avoid. I’ve sold extensively through Shopify using Facebook ads for my own e-commerce stores, but never Amazon.

      But again, whether you’re talking about Amazon where you need to buy a bunch of inventory that’s going to cost you anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars, typically, or if you are running your own e-commerce store where you have inventory, potentially, or even if you’re dropshipping, you need hundreds if not thousands of dollars in advertising that you can afford to, potentially, lose in the beginning, as you’re getting started.

      It’s just not a valid path for most people, so I teach the lowest barrier to entry, lowest cost here at FIMP. Because I feel like it’s what can help the most people.

      There are a lot of people out there charging a lot of money to teach the things you’ve mentioned here. But at the end of the day, they just don’t set people up for success because most people don’t have the money to invest in those projects, especially at the beginning of their internet marketing journeys.

      My goal here is to set as many people up for success as possible, and then they can transition that success into other methods of making money online; like e-commerce, like Amazon selling, like pay-per-click traffic for affiliate marketing, etc.

  14. As many people have said before, thank you for making all this material available. I’ve been learning on my own for a couple of years now and I’m really pleased I found you, (it was through a product review that I had purchased that got me here). This is really a great quality program, and your videos are very engaging. There’s a lot of value here, especially when it comes to setting the right expectations for your internet business. Thanks and let’s keep moving forward.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Dayton! I’m very happy to hear that you’re finding the training useful. I hope it helps you accomplish everything you aim to accomplish through the training.

    • That’s definitely not on FIMP’s end. That must be a setting on your Facebook account, or you’re visiting the Facebook group through a regional link, or another issue specific to your computer. This is not a problem any other member has reported.

  15. I am so pleased that I located your site. It is a breathe of fresh air! Thanks so much! The mind set section is hugely valuable, and nothing I had really heard before. Thanks again!

  16. Just completed Section 2 and got reprogrammed about setting goals. Wow! I can’t wait to hit the Facebook group page with my questions. Great job, Ian.

    • Looking forward to seeing you around the group! I’m really happy to hear you went through all of Section 2. So many people skip it, and I can’t overemphasize what a bad idea that is. Everyone that’s commented on it has had very good things to say so far!

  17. Hi Ian.
    I have just completed section 1 and 2. Great stuff. thanks.
    Please can you tell me about a website I have come through and subscribed to lately. It is called SFM (Sixfigurementors). Are they offering a very similar course to yours to the difference that they have a very expensive starting price and recurring fees for members? Would you say it is better to keep my money and learn with you instead?

    • Yes, it is most definitely better to keep your money, study what’s here at FIMP (it’s everything you need to succeed), and stay away from anything targeting aspiring internet business owners with high fees and ridiculous income promises. I’m certain you can achieve the same level of success using the training here at FIMP as you could there — while spending a heck of a lot less money to do it.

      I hope that helps!

  18. Hello, Young Master Ian!

    Sometime earlier this month, I heard the calling (which is getting louder and louder) to start SOME kind of online business. I was starting to think I could set up several operations at once (eBooks, Multi-themed website with affiliate links, DropShipping, etc.). I now see I’ll have to concentrate on ONE AT A TIME, since I’m a 56 year old single dad working 2 jobs and trying to stay in shape! Hopefully, by the time I complete your training, I’ll know what I’ll be doing. Thanks a billion. See you in the next Section! ‘Bye for now.

    • Brilliant understand of the material so far, Harold 🙂 You definitely want to run just one at a time if you’re already working two jobs AND keeping up with your personal fitness!

  19. I have listened to lesson #2 over and over again and yes you points were well received.

    I know I have met a genuine mentor. Your voice conveys the heart of one who wants more than anything else for all who listen to your teaching to succeed by addressing the need to have the correct mindset. This I summarize as two fundamental steps:

    1. Remove all preconceived notion of gaining wealth that has been widely sold to many by the countless internet gurus that are prevalent.

    2. Replace such thoughts with a mind fully prepared to endure all the bumps and curves that we will without a doubt encounter, as we set out on this path to attain a fulfilled life which also delivering value to others.

    Thanks again Ian, you have set before us the foundation for success, if we are truly willing to embrace it.

  20. I am constantly amazed by your cheerful enthusiasm and your offering of all this training for no cost at all. I believe that you are pioneering a new trend of shared knowledge at this time when our world is changing for the better – thanks to people like you. I am going through the material for a second time and will hopefully become more involved in the FIMP/Ian fan club.

    • Haha! The “FIMP/Ian fan club” — too good. And not at all necessary!

      Thank you so much for the kind words. The most important thing is that you’ve found a safe “home” to study internet marketing. Please share if/when you get the chance (I really need help getting the word out), and keep up the great work, Kevan!

  21. Great module Ian. I want to add a couple of points if you may.

    First, I advise that the task-oriented goals are set on a weekly basis (tasks to be done over the coming week). Tasks planned on a monthly and yearly basis become over-stretched and people tend to loose control over them. On the other hand, tasks planned on a daily basis are usually overwhelming. Urgent matters and unforeseen circumstances always happen and this case you find yourself dragging your tasks to the next day (which is not what you wanted to happen in the first place). Planning on a weekly basis strikes the right balance between both.

    Second, setting a mission and vision is equally important. There are times when you start to procrastinate or feel depressed and not in the mood which might affect your goals to a great extent. But, if you look at your vision and mission set right on the onset, this would definitely inspire you back on track.

    Great job Ian. If you think you can add the above to your training, then please feel free to do so. Ummm.. I appreciate if you give me credit 🙂

  22. I have finally found somewhere where i can feel at home. Take my time go over a few things. I can ask a question when I am stuck. Which is often!. You see us oldies were not brought up with techie minds. If I am doing something wrong I ask the grandchildren!. After that it will be Ian help!

  23. Hey Ian, I want to thank you for having transcripts of the videos. It makes it simple to copy/paste to a notes file for review. (and from the sounds of things, I’m gonna need those notes!) Good job m8. Looking forward…

    • Haha, thanks a lot Jasper! My transcriptionist is still going through them all (they take some time!) but I wanted to make sure that was there for you guys 🙂 Glad it’s not going to waste!

  24. How refreshing to have a mentor that focuses on the process and not the flash cars and get rich quick hype that is out there.

    • I wish everyone in this industry would make that shift. But unfortunately flash sells a lot more products :/ But I guess once you remove the need to sell your training, it’s only natural that the rented cars and rented mansions would be cut out of the equation too 😉

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