Thanks for “Getting It” & Registering Your Account!

Thanks for “Getting It” & Registering Your Account!

Please read this entire page — it contains VERY important information.

Thanks for being one of the smart ones.


I hate being “hard sold” on things, so I don’t do it in any of my businesses. I believe in putting out a ton of value and letting my audience decide whether or not it’s right for them.

That’s exactly what I’ve done with FIMP — you now have access to a TON of free, actionable training, not the “free” BS you see around in this industry.

I know you might be skeptical (I actually encourage skepticism)…

But I’m hoping you judge the training based on its content, and that you use it to change your life.

Important Next Steps…

  1. Request access to the FIMP Facebook group. Here’s where you’ll post questions and get help from fellow registered FIMP members. Join and introduce yourself!
  2. If you truly want to succeed online, please watch the training sequentially (in order) — regardless of whether you think you know the topic or not. Even if you’re somewhat familiar with the topic, I’m probably teaching it differently than you’ve studied in the past, and you’ll at least pick up a golden nugget or two while re-studying the subject.

I hope the Free Internet Marketing Project™ helps you change your life — that’s what I’ve designed it to do.

Enjoy the training! Take me back to the training >>