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If you do, you’ll realize that only a handful of programs are worth your hard-earned cash.

How do I know?

Well, not only have I reviewed 200+ products in this industry…

But at least every other day someone messages me telling me how “FIMP is way better than products I’ve paid $497-1997+ for…”

Others say, “Thanks for saving my money! I was about to buy {insert “guru” program}…”

Yet others say, “I’m totally SHOCKED! Thanks for doing what you’re doing… I already requested a refund for the other courses I paid for…”


Because while the training seems a bit long and challenging for some…

The truth is that FIMP is meant to give you ALL you need to succeed in one package

(NOT to hype you up into the next sales pitch.)

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“Free? Yeah right! I know that ol’ trick…”

I get it. These days everyone’s goal online is to make you another digit in their bank account.

I used to be “that guy”… purchasing product after product with nothing to show for it…

…trusting people that promised me I’d earn $10,000 in 30 days…

But in 30 days I wasn’t a millimeter closer to success.

(In fact, quite the opposite.)

I had no skills, no support, and no idea on how to make my online business succeed.

All I had was a crazy desire to give my family the life I knew was possible…while helping people in the process.

A desire to kiss my cubicle goodbye, live life on my own terms, and not answer to a boss I hated.

The only two bosses I wanted to answer to: me and Marcy.

That’s when I relentlessly started to test every part of my back-then little site making a few hundred dollars.

Slowly but surely, I learned to make myself IMMUNE to product publishers and identify the outdated bullshit from the ‘real stuff’.

I tested every single strategy you can imagine.

I mastered the art of refining my niche in a way that transcended your average $200/mo niche site

I learned how to get an endless flood of traffic to my site and offer mouthwatering products visitors couldn’t help but purchase — right then and there.

I learned how to go beyond “place an affiliate link and hope for the best…” in terms of monetizing a site.

And I’ve laid out the entire process within FIMP, but that was JUST THE BEGINNING…

I made sure that what I teach is up-to-date and tested by others.

After releasing FIMP, I witnessed ordinary people build online businesses for themselves.

From 20-year-old gals to 60-year-old men…

People without previous business experience… without technical abilities… without websites.

People from all over the world — USA, India, Greece, Germany, the United Kingdom…

I was stunned!

What took me years and tens of thousands of dollars to accomplish, these people mastered in a matter of months…regardless of their starting point.

The 200+ hours spent recording free video training (and 10+ years of trial and error I put into learning these strategies) paid off.

The confidence you get seeing others succeed, knowing that you’re now part of a safe community… with a proven training and a trusted mentor… makes all the difference.

And all I ask from you is to suspend your disbelief in this industry for a fraction of a second…

Create a free account, give the first few lessons a watch, and judge for yourself.

FIMP has one goal: to allow you to build a 5-6-figure business starting with < 100 bucks.

That’s what is doing for thousands. And here’s what you get with your FREE membership:

  • Access to a community so you can get inspiration and feedback on important business decisions (like your niche or your domain name).
  • THE section most paid products skip — and why you’ll be destined for failure if you don’t work on it.
  • 7 lessons on how to FINALLY pick a niche that kicks ass and both your visitors and your pocket will love.
  • The main difference between successful internet business owners and the mass graves of unsuccessful “wannabes”
  • Screen-by-screen tutorials on ALL the technical minutia you have to go through to make a profit.
  • Why anyone promising results in 30 days is lying — and when you can expect to hit a full-time income.
  • Complete walkthroughs on the exact tools I use in my business (and FREE alternatives you can use if you have a tight budget).
  • And much, much more.

Meet Your Instructor

Ian Pribyl is the Amazon best-selling author of “From Nothing” and the Lead Instructor of the Free Internet Marketing Project™.

He’s helped enterprise-level businesses with their digital marketing, consulted multi-billion dollar companies, and built a six-figure online business across niches like virtual reality, woodworking, cellulite treatment, and more.

Today he spends his days supporting the community he’s built while co-founding a $6,000,000 company in the optical/optometry industry — all with the strategies he shares in his training.

Your path to first-time online business success. Backed by decades of experience, proven by people like you.

56 thoughts on “Section 8: Now How the Hell Do I Make Money? [45M]

  1. Hoping to learn more in your program about earning an income from IM.
    I have a couple more websites in mind for IM. The one I provide below is my wife’s business.
    I totally think this could bring in substantial income from advertising and IM.

  2. I’m starting out, have no website yet. I registered here after I watched one of your youtube videos. Thank you so much for sharing all this, truly. I’m not scare but very excited.

    • Hey Roberto! As long as you stick with the training, you will absolutely find everything you need to do that within the FIMP training while spending very little money compared to what most programs teach. Best of luck on the journey ahead!

  3. Hey Ian. I just saw the basic membership plan. It sounds like a great thing and I was just wondering if the Live Hotseat Sessions were still Live or if they were live in 2017 and are being replayed. And if there is just 4 sessions. Would we have access to any other sessions? I REALLY WANT IN.. Just want to get all the facts together. Thanks.

    • Hey Chucky! Unfortunately, this was not pursued in the long term because it didn’t get enough buy in from the community to continue with, but all FIMP supporters get access to these Hotseat Sessions and Day-After Analyses.

      Even though there are only a handful of them, it’s one of the places that we consistently receive feedback that this is a lot of members’ absolute favorite library of videos within the entire course.

      If you haven’t watched the Introduction for details on the phases of free training or how to become a supporter, feel free to click those links and check those resources out.

  4. Hello Ian. Really great videos and I am really interested in going to the next level but I cant find a good Niche idea to get into. So I wont have a dot.com ready to start off. Also, I cant get into the facebook group. It still says pending. Thanks

    • Hey again, Chucky! You can register a temporary domain with Bluehost, you don’t have to have your domain name picked out, and then you could forward us that receipt and gain access to the rest of the course even though you haven’t yet picked out your domain name.

      You would be able to add your domain name later, but in the mean time you could at least get the rest of the course unlocked if you are hung up on picking a niche and a domain name and you would like to continue studying the training before you decide exactly what direction you want to go.

      Totally up to you. You can wait and make a decision on your niche and domain name and then make the purchase or you can make now and be assigned a temporary domain and proceed with the rest of the course.

      I hope that helps!

  5. Hi,

    How do I join your Facebook Group?

    When I registered to your page I used my pen name Frank Mena.

    Do I need my real name to sign up?


  6. Oh YES!! I am so excited. I have been trying my best to succeed, but no joy yet.
    I so want to make a passive income online… Thanks, Ian for this opportunity!

  7. I have questions:
    I am from the Netherlands, can I do this too?
    What costs are there involved if you want this up and running?
    Could you give me 2 opinions about 2 other programs that circle the internet:
    1. six figures succes academy by Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda
    1. Wealthy affiliate

    Thank you very much

    • Hello Patrick! All of the costs are very clearly outlined in the early stages of the training. Just watch the full introduction and the first couple of sections and you will get very clear on those.

      I no longer review products so I will be unable to review Six Figures Success Academy or Wealthy Affiliate, per your request above, but I can guarantee you beyond a shadow of a doubt that everything you need is here at FIMP and you will not find anyone approach it from a perspective that keeps costs as low as I do here at FIMP.

      Best of luck on the journey ahead!

  8. Thank you so much for this training Ian. You make it sound simple and achievable. This is my second try at it, but in all honesty, I had no idea what I was doing the first time around. I feel I have the frame around it to move forward. Fingers crossed.

    • Glad to see you made it all of the way through the course, Qwest! I can’t wait to see where you end up in a few months after having the time to implement a lot of what you’ve learned here.

    • Hey, Carl! Coaches are incredibly expensive even if they’re remotely capable of delivering value to your business.

      I usually don’t recommend hiring a coach until your business is producing enough revenue, at least, to pay for the coach. If you have an existing website with a lot of traffic, it might make a lot of sense. But otherwise, I think you’re probably jumping the gun a little bit and will likely end up finding someone that will take a lot of your money and not deliver a whole lot of value.

      If you do have a website with existing traffic, and this is something you’d like to talk about more seriously and you’ve already completed all 8 sections of the training at FIMP, please feel free to email me at ian@stoppingscams.com and we’ll discuss this more seriously.

      Thank you.

    • Hey, Awilliams2850! This is covered in great detail through all of the content leading up to this point.

      It starts with an introduction and then carries you through every step necessary to build a profitable online business from Sections 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. all of the way up to where you’ve commented on this video.

      It’s not something I can distill into a 200-word comment here on the site. That’s why there are 15+ hours of video training. It’s made very clear if you go through the training. Please go back to the beginning and go through it step-by-step and this will become very clear.

    • Glad to see you made it all of the way through the course, JoyJoy! I can’t wait to see where you end up in a few months after having the time to implement a lot of what you’ve learned here.

  9. Thank you Ian!! I appreciate you doing ALL OF THIS for us!! You have a generous heart and a spirit of giving. Many thanks!!

  10. WOW, this course would cost up to $25,000. by some other standard,and not even cover half. Thank you for your time in doing the course. know we are ready to move forward, Thanks again Tom. C.

    • You’re very welcome, Tom! I hope it helps you on the road ahead. Hopefully you’ll connect with us in the Facebook group if you get stuck anywhere along the way.

      And please share FIMP if you ever see the opportunity — I still really need help getting the word out.

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