Become a FIMP Supporter, Get Expert Help & Training

Become a FIMP Supporter, Get Expert Help & Training

**As of August 10, 2019, the Supporter methods described below are no longer valid. To get access to the video training and premium community, please visit**

The Free Internet Marketing Project™ is now a little over a year old, as I write this, yet fewer than 0.1% (fewer than 1 in 1,000) of the people who benefit from FIMP’s training help keep the project alive with a hosting purchase or other financial support.

Total number of unique visitors to FIMP since launch (click to zoom)
374 supporters; 0.09% of unique visitors (click to zoom)

I’m committed to keeping FIMP’s core training 100% free, so I’m going to “sweeten the pot” a little bit for supporters, in hopes to keep FIMP alive and strong for years to come.


FIMP Supporter Exclusive Benefits

Everyone who supports FIMP in the form of a Bluehost hosting purchase, a Thrive Themes purchase, an IMP membership, or by donating $147 or more (link below) will receive the following added benefits:

  • Unlock ALL of FIMP’s core, free training (introduction through lesson 8.2). This training contains everything you need to get from no website & zero knowledge to being a full-time, profitable online business owner.
  • Help directly from Ian any time you get stuck or have questions — just post it to the FIMP Supporter Facebook Group (link to the group is provided after you support FIMP).
  • Additional, advanced training to fast-track your success & ensure you’re doing everything correctly (I guarantee this alone is worth the cost of becoming a supporter).
  • An ad-free version of the FIMP training, so you can study the course without being annoyed by ads.

Four Ways to Claim These Bonuses

If you purchase Bluehost using FIMP’s affiliate link, please forward your receipt to so we can get you setup with these bonuses.

If you purchase an annual subscription to Thrive Themes using FIMP’s affiliate link, please forward your receipt to so we can get you setup with the bonuses (IMPORTANT NOTE: Clear your browser cookies before clicking FIMP’s Thrive link, otherwise we will probably not be properly credited for your support).

If you purchase our advanced training program and membership, Internet Marketing Project (IMP), you get access to both the core FIMP training and the advanced modules (see the ones already available here). (No need to forward receipts. You’ll get set up immediately.) 

If you donate $147 or more via PayPal, please include your FIMP username in the checkout comments, -OR- forward your donation receipt to so we can get you setup with the bonuses.

That’s It!

These are the only four ways to unlock the FIMP supporter bonuses listed above.

FIMP needs you to stay alive.

I’m committed to keeping FIMP free, because I truly believe this industry full of scams and low-quality products needs it. But FIMP also needs support from its members in order to stay alive and continue helping people like you.

Consider Supporting FIMP So It Can Live On to Help Others

If you’ve found FIMP helpful, or if it’s the highest-quality training you’ve found in this industry even though it’s 100% FREE, please consider becoming a FIMP supporter using one of the three methods above.

Support FIMP now with a Bluehost purchase, a Thrive Themes purchase (don’t forget to clear your cookies before clicking our link!), our advanced training and membership, or a one-time $147 donation via PayPal, and claim your exclusive “FIMP Supporter” benefits by following the instructions above!