Introduction to the Free Internet Marketing Project™ (UPDATED)

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Welcome to the Free Internet Marketing Project™! I think you’re really going to enjoy the training that lies ahead.

My name’s Ian, and I’m the frighteningly pale guy you’ll see in all of the training videos. I genuinely hope that you find the lessons here as helpful as I intended them to be when creating them!

In this video I discuss:

  • What to expect when going through the Free Internet Marketing Project™ training
  • What motivated me to create all of this training and release it for free
  • What you can expect to achieve through FIMP’s training

Please direct all questions and requests for support to the FIMP Facebook group (free for registered members).

Introduction to the Free Internet Marketing Project™ Transcript Below

Hello there!

First of all, welcome to the FIMP family — which we refer to as, for short, FIMP fam.

Second of all, I apologize if you’re thinking: “that is a remarkably pale ginger on the camera right now”. You’re correct. And I’m sorry, there’s just not a whole lot I can do about it. I’ve tried tanning, it doesn’t work out.

I want to take a few minutes here to introduce you to FIMP. Some very, very, very important stuff in here. I have marked here “skip at you own risk” because if you get down the road and you haven’t watched this entire video to introduce you to the project and understand it a little bit better, understand what it helps you accomplish, what reasonable expectations are vs. unreasonable expectations, and you get down the road and you go: “Ian, you didn’t make this clear in the beginning” or “Ian, I’m not getting the results that you promised I would get”, I’m going to say: “First and foremost, did you watch the introduction?” It’s that important.

I’ll get through this quickly as I can so that we can get into the real nitty-gritty, and the meat and potatoes, and the really excellent, excellent training. It’s going to be the best free training you’ve ever seen. I guarantee it.

But first, we need to cover some ground rules and kind of all get on the same page.

The first thing I wanted to talk about is: “What you can expect to learn at FIMP?”

Everything you need to know about building a profitable internet businesses with less that $100 in startup capital — that is the focus of FIMP.

It doesn’t matter how little you know, how tech-challenged you are, how much trouble you’ve had following other products in the past — none of that matters. FIMP is designed to take someone that knows nothing about this industry and train them all of the way up to a profitable internet business.

You will not find training this effective, this thorough, this step-by-step for less than $1,000-$2,000 out there. A lot of what even those $1,000-$2,000 courses include, I know — because I’ve run a consumer protection website industry in the internet marketing and online business space, where we buy all of these products and we review them.

I’ve been doing that for the past 5 years. I know what’s in these products. And a lot of what you’ll find in FIMP breaks things down to an even deeper level, and even deeper understanding, even more step-by-step, and provides even more clarity than some of the highest-priced products in this industry. Period.

So don’t write FIMP off just because it’s free. So many people that make that mistake or they go through the FIMP training and they go: “Oh okay, I’ve studied this. Now I’m going to go pay a thousand dollars for this product.” FIMP was designed so that nobody would ever have to pay $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 for a product in the future, unless they absolutely wanted to, right?

So don’t fall victim to thinking that just because it’s free, it’s not that good. Believe me, you couldn’t be more wrong if that’s what you think. And the other thing is, don’t get distracted by shiny object syndrome — because that probably claims more people in this industry than anything I’ve seen. I have not seen anything take down more aspiring internet entrepreneurs and aspiring online business owners than shiny object syndrome, than not staying put for long enough to actually see results. Because if you stay put at FIMP, you will see results.

These strategies apply to affiliate marketing, eCommerce and dropshipping websites, selling your own training or digital products. I talk about this early in the training. There are multiple ways you can monetize a website. What a profitable online business comes down to at its core is: do you have traffic, and can you covert that traffic into revenue?

There are multiple ways to do that. It’s referred to, of course, as monetizing a website. And whether you monetize with affiliate marketing, or eCommerce and dropshipping, or selling your own training or your own digital products, or some other form of monetization, such as selling consulting services, selling some kind of a local business consulting services, it doesn’t matter. FIMP will teach you how to get traffic and how to make money, regardless of what your monetization method is.

A lot of people come into this training thinking: “I want to do eCommerce and dropshipping. Can FIMP help me with that?”, “It looks like a different track than other things I’ve seen in other products.” — and that’s because what other products don’t tell you is: to take the traditional route in eCommerce and dropshipping or very often in affiliate marketing or selling your own products or services or consulting, etc. is that if you’re going to go a more traditional route and you want to get results really quickly, you’re probably going to need somewhere between $5,000-$10,000 in a pay-per-click advertising budget.

Product publishers don’t disclose that because if they disclose it, you won’t buy their product, right? They say: “Oh yeah, you can get started for $5 a day. It’s no big deal.” I don’t play any of those games here at FIMP.

I know that most people that enter this industry don’t have the funding to invest $5,000 or $10,000 and lose it all before they start to see results. So what I teach here at FIMP is how to make money regardless of one of these monetization methods or something else. What I’m teaching you how to do is to get traffic to a website, which you need to make money. It’s a prerequisite for any internet business to be profitable.

I’m teaching you how to get traffic and how to get it with a lot of hard work, a lot of effort. It’s going to take time, but it’s going to cost you less than $100 to get it up and going. And that $100 isn’t paid directly to me. That $100 is invested in tools in your business, okay?

Another thing that people find interesting and kind of, frankly, off-putting because they misunderstand things when they enter FIMP is that I’m not recommending any unnecessary tools or unnecessary training just for money. What you find a lot in this industry, if you’ve been around very much, is people recommend: “Oh you need a landing software”, “Oh you need an email marketing service”, “Oh you need X, oh you need Y, oh you need Z.” You need all of these different things and they add out to hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. They aren’t necessary.

The vast majority of people that are recommending those tools, although sometimes they are well-intentioned, what they’re likely doing is just trying to make an affiliate commission off of you.

You see people recommending ClickFunnels across the affiliate marketing and internet marketing space like crazy right now because they get paid $38.50 every month you stay on as a ClickFunnels customer.

Although ClickFunnels is a great tool, don’t get me wrong, you probably don’t need it for the first 8-12 months of your business. And the same is true for a lot of things. Basically, outside of webhosting. Once you have webhosting, you have enough to get going. There are some other things you can invest in that are going to shortcut the process and make research and stuff a little bit easier. But even those aren’t necessary.

In FIMP, I teach how to do it for free so you don’t have to invest in any other tools basically outside of hosting. That’s it.

We’ll talk about that later as we go through the program. Everything here is 100% up-to-date, as I rerecord this intro. I recorded FIMP a little bit over a year ago, and as updates have come through, I have updated the training and I will continue to do so. My team and I make a very active effort to keep FIMP updated.

No exaggeration, every person who has been disciplined, and they followed FIMP, and they’ve gone through all of the training, they took it to heart and they put in the work has seen first-time success in online business.

I’m not saying these people are making $20,000 after a week. Those are ridiculous claims, and I’ll address those later in this course as well. For free. Again, for free. We’re talking about people that after a little bit of work, they’re following the training, they’re starting to make $100 a month, $300 a month, $500 a month, and it’s snowballing. They make their first $1,000 a month, they make their first $3,000 a month.

I also want to make very clear, I can’t guarantee you’re going to be successful. Nobody can do that. Only you can guarantee your success, and we talk about that in Section 2 here at FIMP — how you can guarantee your success.

But what I can say is every single person that’s put in the work, they followed the training closely, and they’ve stuck with it like FIMP teaches, has seen their first profit in internet business.

“How is FIMP structured?”

I want to talk about this a little bit.

There are two stages of free training. The first stage, Stage 1, is Lessons 1.1 through Lesson 4.4. All of that has to do with planning and setting a foundation, and coming up with an early stage strategy that sets you up for success.

This applies even if you have an existing business. Because depending on where you’ve learned from in the past, there’s a lot that product publishers and teachers in this industry kind of glaze over and they don’t do a good enough job teaching, they don’t provide enough criteria for a multitude of reasons. And ultimately, you may be on a path towards failure, even if you have an existing project, without realizing. Which is why it’s important for everyone, existing business owners and brand new business owners, that are looking to start a brand new project should go through all of the training even if you think you know it.

Stage 1 contains over 5 hours of high-quality comprehensive video training. It’s like this. We’re in this setting with a screencast where I kind of walk you through bullet points, and I also take you into live sites and show you real examples, etc.

We’re going to cover in that first stage of free training: Understanding internet business from a 10+ year veteran’s perspective.

I’ve been making my full time living in internet marketing for over 10 years now. I know I don’t look like I’m old enough for that to be the case. But for whatever reason, as a really nerdy, ginger child, I started studying internet marketing at 15 years old. And so I’ve been doing this for half of my life now, and profitable for over 10 years.

A lot of people don’t break down the fundamentals of this industry as well as I think everyone should understand going into things. A lot of them just kind of dive right in and they skip over a bunch of details, and they don’t give you the perspective that they’ve developed over the past several years that make those dots connect as clearly and make things click as clearly as they should if you had better fundamentals.

So it’s not like we spend hours and hours on that, but it’s important for you to get that foundation and to get that perspective that a lot of people go five years in this industry without even ever understanding. So you’re just going to skip all of that growth curve and jump right in to someone that’s been in this industry over 10 years perspective.

We’re also going to go over goal setting and mindset training. When I say mindset training, I roll my own eyes because a lot of people hear mindset and they think “woo-woo crap” — just stuff that’s not actionable, that’s not helpful, and that’s not what this mindset training is.

This is the stuff that I wish I knew for the first 5 years, the first 8 years, the first 10 years I was running an internet business, Because although it’s like: “Oh Ian, teach me the strategies. I want to know the strategies, I want to dig into the training, etc.” — that’s all there too.

But believe me, after many, many, many years in this industry and seeing a lot of people succeed and a lot of people fail, the number one component to successful people in this industry is their mindset going in, which is why we work on it early on. And it’s something that most product publishers in this industry totally skip over, they don’t even think to talk about it. I am 100% confident that that is the number one thing someone should be teaching you in order to set you up for success. And that’s why it’s one of the very first things I teach you at FIMP.

In addition to that, you’re going to get two and a half hours of niche selection training to find out which niche is best for you, which niches should be targeted, which niches are valid vs. which niches are invalid.

If my American pronunciation of “niche” is off-putting to you, I apologize. I know it’s not how it’s pronounced. It’s just habit now.

You’re going to get two and a half hours of niche selection training that’s more in-depth, it’s more helpful, it’s more clear than anything else online.

I found over the years that the thing people struggle with the most is picking a niche. Yeah, maybe they pick a niche and they find something fairly easily, but what they don’t realize is: “oh, there aren’t high enough affiliate commissions in that niche”, “oh, that’s not a buying audience” or “maybe it’s too broad”, “maybe it’s too narrow”. These are all things we cover in great detail. And that’s why there are two and a half hours.

Believe me, it’s not just a bunch of fluff training. They’re essential components, and they’re essential criteria for picking a good niche. And after building probably a couple of dozen niche websites over 10 years, I’ve kind of come up with a formula that I share in Section 3. And that’s why there’s so much training. Believe me, you will have never seen niche training that is better than the niche training you get for free here at FIMP.

You’re also going to figure out towards the beginning of Section 4 the first steps towards getting a website up and running. Picking a really good domain name, all of these other things that are, again, often overlooked, we’re going to start digging into some of those.

After you get through that first stage of free training, there’s Stage 2 — which is another stage of the core FIMP free training. That is Lessons 4.5 through 8.2 — which has to do with launching your website and getting traffic, promoting you website, creating high-quality content, getting visitors to your website that you can (over time) turn into money, which is what we’re all in this for, right?
This second stage of free training is only for serious members who invest in the tools that are necessary for your business. Again, I don’t recommend anything that’s unnecessary or unhelpful just for the sake of an affiliate commission, but FIMP does have a lot of overhead — we have team members, we have software costs, server costs, etc. that we have to cover.

If you only go through Stage 1, you’re still going to be very happy, you’re still going to learn a ton. But if you decide to invest in, namely, the most common thing that people purchase through FIMP to keep FIMP funded and gain access to the second stage of free training is hosting. If you already have hosting, we have other options as well to continue with the training.

If you go through the first section, the first stage of free training and you think: “Yeah, this is really good. I like this guy. He’s a little bit pale and he’s a little bit redheaded, which I’m not a big fan of, but I like the way he teaches and I like the quality of information, I like what I’m learning, I want to continue”, the most common way that’s done is by purchasing hosting through FIMP, and that helps pay for our team members, it helps keep our lights on, etc. But there are other options if you already have hosting elsewhere.

If you do that and you decide to proceed with the stage 2 of free training, all those details and the instructions are laid out throughout the training. You’re going to get access to 10 more hours of free step-by-step training. We’re going to cover everything you need to know about generating traffic with little to no capital investment.

Again, the focus of FIMP is to get you from knowing nothing to having a profitable internet business for less than $100. That’s the goal of FIMP. And we do it very well. There have been a lot of people over the last little over a year since we launched that see success, that have made this happen. All they do is they follow the training and they exercise the discipline that they need to to get there.

We’re going to talk about keyword research, high-quality content creation, multiple website promotion strategies, and more.

And also, for the people that support FIMP and get access to Stage 2, I also provide a little bit of supplemental and kind of higher level training where you get to see me kind of help members over the shoulder, go over their real world websites, help them provide suggestions, get them on-track during the early stages or even later stages to figure out how they can actually make money with their website.

That’s an additional 10 hours of content on top of the 10 additional hours of core free FIMP training that I kind of give as a thank you to everyone that keeps FIMP funded.

Because to keep this community up and running, up-to-date, and supported, and spam-free… If you’ve been in internet marketing or online business long, you know there is so much spam in this industry, and the capital we require just to keep the team members on board that moderate and keep the spam out so that our community stays really high-quality is so much higher than most people realize.

So in order for us to stay funded and keep going, we rely on those tools that you need for your business anyways, but that you invest in them through our link. There is nothing we recommend that is not helpful or isn’t necessary.

You’ll see that when you get there. But I like to give people a heads up because I believe in 100% transparency.

And again, even if you never got to Stage 2, you only went through Stage 1, which is totally public and available, and you never have to invest in anything, you never have to support FIMP in any way, you would still get so much better of an understanding of this industry than most people do, even after being in it for 3, 5, 7, 8 years.

From there, we also have options to continue developing and getting more advanced, but everything you need to profit is in Stage 1 and Stage 2 of the free training.

We’ll talk about those more as you go through the training itself.

How much value you get out of FIMP is totally up to you.

Regardless of whether you only ever explore the first five hours of training in Stage 1 that I just talked about or you claim access to Stage 2’s free training by supporting FIMP with a tool purchase that your business needs anyways (again, most commonly, hosting), you’ll walk away a dramatically smarter, better-equipped internet entrepreneur and you’ll be studying hundreds of dollars in training totally free of charge. That’s true for Stage 1, that’s true for Stage 2.

It’s up to you how deep you dig and whether or not you ever support the project. If you just go through Stage 1 and you go: “You know what, that’s enough. I got enough out of this. I think I’m going to go pay for another product elsewhere to get more training.”, “This guy gets on my nerves”, whatever it is, then you’re perfectly free to do that. Nobody is obligated to dig in to Stage 2.

And whether you stop at Stage 1 or, trust me, getting into Stage 2 will absolutely be worth your time because it’s the same quality, the same in-depth training we just keep going deeper and deeper, you will be rewarded for your time. Believe me, everything here is designed to not waste your time and be very helpful and very clear so that you have actionable guidance on what to do once you’re done here.

Just dive in to FIMP. We’re tying up the introduction here now that was long winded, and I apologize. But I don’t want anything to catch you off guard, right? I want you to understand the structure, I want you to understand the expectations, what expectations are reasonable for you to have of FIMP (the project), of me (as your main teacher), and what expectations we have of you as you go through the training, and whether you just stick to the totally public Stage 1 or you claim access to Stage 2 by investing in a tool your business needs anyways and that helps keep FIMP funded.

Just dive in and follow the lessons. Again, regardless of how deep you go, whether you stop at the end of Stage 1 or you keep going, you will leave here with complete clarity on how to build a profitable internet business. It’s just a matter of how deep you decide to go with me as your teacher, our team members that help support you, and the rest of the community.

Because there are well over 10,000 people within FIMP now. We have over 10,000 active members, and they’re all on the same journey as you, and many of them are very helpful, they’re months further down the journey and they’re more than willing to help you as you get stuck along the way. And I’m there for you too. We talk about that later in the course.

I wish you the absolute best of luck! Thank you for joining us, thank you for watching this long introduction.

From me and the rest of the FIMP team, please enjoy the training. I hope you use FIMP to change your life using an internet business the same way I’ve been able to change mine. That is the main reason, the main motivation for me creating FIMP — is to make sure that I empower other people to change their lives the same way the internet business that allows me to travel, and allows me to make more money than I could make if I were working for someone else, and call my own shots, and take days off whenever I want, and employ incredible team members, and allow them to provide for their families through my business and through FIMP (the community you’re in now).

These are the reasons that I love online business. And for me, it was a shame that there were so many scams out there. There still are so many scams out there, and that the really good stuff you have to pay $1,000, $2,000, $5,000 to get into the really high-quality, in-depth training. So I created FIMP to empower everyone, no matter where they are, to get in, to dig in, and to start their business for less than $100 and get that access for free.

I hope it works for you. If you stick with it, it will.

We will see you as you go through the training. If you decide to create a free account here at FIMP, you will receive access to our FIMP Facebook community, our official support community as well.

We’ll just kind of go from there. Everything’s laid out very clearly as you go through the training, so just take it one lesson at a time, take it step-by-step, try to go through the lessons in order, don’t skip around, don’t skip lessons, don’t pop in here and then all backtrack pop in here. It’s designed very specifically to be easy to follow and set you up for success and leave no gaps.

Enjoy, and I will see you in the rest of the training, and hopefully in the FIMP community as well. Take care!

285 thoughts on “Introduction to the Free Internet Marketing Project™ (UPDATED)

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    Thank you so much Ian for this Intro, ‘m so Excited to start, I believe that you are the right mentor for me to train IM business.

    May The LORD bless you and your household!

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  3. Hey Ian,
    I am wondering – It’s almost 2 years since first comment here. Is this still relevant for mid 2019?


    • Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt. Some of the interfaces have changed but I taught all of this training from the perspective of strategies that have been relevant for years and will continue to be relevant for years to come. Nothing here is dated or ineffective because time has passed.

      I hope that helps and best of luck!

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    • I’m not at all familiar with these product publishers. What I can say with 100% certainty is that what you’ve described here is absolutely impossible and there’s no way… literally, no way anybody would offer that for the price points you’re talking about.

      This is going to lead into a deeper funnel where you get charged more money, absolutely guaranteed; or it’s just not going to be effective.

      If you want to put in the work and you want honest effective guidance, you found the right place. If you’re looking for a shortcut and very likely to get ripped off, it sounds like what you’ve just mentioned is the better option. But we will continue to be here either way.

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      I have definitely considered moving us into something more like a forum on our own website, but that’s a massive undertaking and requires quite a lot of help with moderation as well. So unfortunately, at this time, the Facebook group is the only form of support and communication within the group.

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  8. Hey Robert! I’m so happy to hear that! Thanks for those kind words, and I hope you find the training here to be MUCH better than everything that led you down the wrong path in the past — I’m confident that you will. Best of luck on the journey ahead!

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    Hello Everyone,
    I started yesterday with this course and I just want to state,
    this is one of the best if not the best and almost (perhaps) the only training without BS, I decided to go back and leave my comments and believe me I’m not a ‘comment’ guy but he deserves all our support, will leave some comments in the way,
    I’m going through this training in high speed because I have already started a while ago, not the training but my internet presence but there are some things I need to revise and go through again, like putting ideas in place, so engage yourself, it’s worth it! & And a big thank you Ian! Jose

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Jose! I’m very happy to hear that you’re finding the training useful. I hope it helps you accomplish everything you aim to accomplish through the training. Thanks for joining us, and I look forward to seeing how you and your business grow over the coming weeks and months. Best of luck!

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    One thing for certain is that, i’m one that can really appreciate what your doing here though i’m quite newbie to all this. In addition, I most certainly hope that some time down the line , i will also and still be one to rpay in return in which ever way life brings along in order that my gratitude can be fully shown and be experienced by others in turn as a positive welcoming, though skeptic, experience in turn to them. Hopefully they will also keep up the positive ongoing flow.
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    • Thank you so much for the kind words and I’m glad you found your way here, Rui. I sincerely hope the training helps you create a successful journey ahead. Best of luck!

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  17. Hi Ian, Thanks for putting this site together to help people learn how to make money online for free. Even though I’m experienced at IM, I will certainly study your material and will gladly support your effort in any way I can. I too want to give back and am just starting a new site that will teach digital marketing for free. It seems like offering a helping hand to people who need it is the right thing to do. Keep up the great work you are doing. Your kindness and generosity will be rewarded.

  18. Wow, you were like God sent, with a “Pop-up sucks”. I was just listening to Think and Grow Rich audio, feeling sick and tired for all the money and time spent in IM and nothing worked with all the hard work I had put in day and night since 3 years. And here you are, offering free training, I really feel grateful and my visualization for a genuine training pops up. The comments have got me pumped up and yes I am signing in and get to work. Deeply appreciate your kindness and will put it to good use. Thank you again. God Bless.

  19. Thanks for the free training.

    Before I get started I’m just wondering. If I start your training from ground zero and dedicate myself, approximately how long would it take for me to start making a profit in internet marketing?

    Also, do you know Frank Kern? He seems like a big deal. Is he legit?

    • Hey, Diego! This is covered within the first couple of sections at FIMP.

      Also, yes, I am familiar with Frank Kern, although I don’t know him personally. He’s kind of a godfather of internet marketing and copywriting. I’ve never studied any of his materials personally, although I’ve heard good things.

      But anything he does leads into a very, very high-ticket funnel if you want to get into his really valuable information. All of his lower ticket stuff is just designed to get you into his ecosystem so he can continue advertising to you and sell you up into higher ticket packages.

      I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that (as long as he’s delivering value). but I’ve never ended up in his higher ticket products, so I personally can’t speak to exactly how good or not good they are.

      I hope that’s at least somewhat helpful!

  20. Hi Ian
    I landed on your FIMP by chance and wish to register/signup but the system still give me an error message as follows:
    ERROR: You must enter a Password.
    ERROR: Your Password and Password Confirmation don’t match.
    I have re-entered the pw correctly many many times and also refresh the page but it still gave me the same problems.
    Pls help. I’m eager to start the free courses right away.

    • I would recommend typing the password somewhere OUTSIDE of the form, then copy/pasting it into the “Password” & “Confirm Password” field.

      These fields are not giving me any challenges when I input my password/confirm password when setting up test accounts.

    • Hey, Teresa! That’s a great question. Sometimes I even ask myself that question pretty much regularly these days – as the project does not get the level of support that I initially hoped it would when I created it over a year ago.

      Honestly, the thing I keep coming back to is that this industry needs someone that is very experienced and truly knows the industry’s up-to-date strategies and is willing to share them with people, prioritizing the betterment of their followers’ lives and online businesses over their own financial gain. That’s what I’m attempting to do here at FIMP.

  21. First. Thanks. You`re very generous to give this course free. I`ll do my best to get all the advantage of your experience and knowledge in this field. Once more, thanks.

    Arturo Hodgson Gomez

  22. Bill October 20, 2018

    Enough preambles. Where do I find some posts bragging of great success following your training,

  23. i like to believe you that your materials are better than john chow’s.
    how can we learn about your struggles; what makes you the “authority” in IM and how did you accumulate your knowledge to provide this training?

    • Hey, Tom! Well, for starters, I have never endorsed a product that was shut down by the FTC a few weeks ago, like John Chow was. He promoted a product called MOBE for years and only stopped promoting it when they were shut down by the federal trade commission of the United States for essentially lying to customers and using deceptive trade practices to get them to purchase their product.

      That company is no longer in existence because of that shut down by the FTC. That is something that, personally, I have never and operate very intentionally to avoid ever experiencing.

      As for the rest of your questions, I’m not the type of guy that’s going to give people my background story, and talk about my upbringing and how poor I’ve been, and drive around in a fancy car to sell you something.

      You can watch the training and judge me and my experience based on the merits of my training. If you choose to go follow someone else that tells you their life story instead if actually giving you content, that’s totally up to you.

      I’m confident that if you stick with the training here and you get connected to the community, that you will find that I am significantly more credible and that I am operating from a more genuine place of trying to help than a lot of the internet marketing “gurus” that you have probably studied from in the past. Either way, best of luck on the journey ahead!

  24. I love what you are doing!
    I’m new at this but I’ve been looking long enough to see the rich get richer and people like me who are so eager to get somewhere and maybe make a better life for myself and my family just get taken advantage of. I’ve been thinking that it’s weird that there isn’t somebody out there who remembers what it was like…And then I found this 🙂
    My hat goes off to you!

  25. Hi Ian
    I have been searching for classes to become an afflite marketer since February 2017 I just paid for a training course about
    4 days ago I was starting my training and all of a sudden ur link popped up I’m totally shocked I want to thank u sir for doing what ur doing I will be getting refunded for the other course since I saw yrs thank u Ian ur a one o a kind what ur doing is so Awesome

  26. Wow!!! finaly found a site that can actually teach me what I need to know and not throw me in all differnt directions. After 2 failed startup websites I was simply running out of ideas.

    • Hey, Albert! I’ve never encountered this issue. It strikes me as something that maybe a browser issue. If you try clearing your browser cache and you’re still encountering this issue, I would recommend trying to view the FIMP members area from a different browser.

      Unfortunately, if that doesn’t help, I can’t think of anything else because I have literally never encountered this challenge with another member in the year that this project has been up and running. So you may just have to keep track manually if that doesn’t work, unfortunately.

      I hope that’s at least somewhat helpful.

  27. Please ignore my last comment. My membership of the Facebook group has come through and I saw the advice to refresh the page. It worked, I stay logged in and the ‘save and continue’ button appeared. Thank you for this great opportunity to learn the mysteries that have eluded me in the past.

  28. Help! I’m having a problem using this site. I’ve created an account and have logged in, but whenever I click on a course content link it logs me out. So my progress isn’t being saved. Am I doing something wrong? Really hope it’s not because the site is obsolete and not functioning any more.

  29. Hi Ian,

    Your welcome video sounds genuine and excited. So am I just to jump in and to completely immerse me to all you are giving, hoping to put my level on another level.

  30. Hello Ian,
    I just wanted to thank you for this. Your kind sincerity and integrity are very much appreciated, like a ray of sun light. Great introductory video! So excited to learn more. Thanks again! Kate

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Kate. I’m very happy to hear that you’re enjoying the training so far. Even better training lies ahead — I hope you enjoy it all and that it helps you on your journey! 🙂

  31. Hi Ian,

    Your pop up appeared on my screen with the words “pop up sucks” and I tend to agree and normally automatically close them however it did grab my attention so here I am ready to take your training. Since taking early retirement in 2006 and with a large mortgage I started looking for a way to earn an income online and also liked the idea of continuing my education. However, after pouring tons of cash into useless courses and income schemes and at most earned only $300 I am now ready to learn from you. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.

  32. Super excited to get started. Im enrolled in 2 other nonfree programs i am putting on hold ( they are asking for more $$) to run through this. Ive watched welcome video 3 times. Why is it not showing watched on my progress screen?

  33. Hello Ian

    First off, I don’t mind telling you I am sceptical. I have been trying to find a way to make a sustainable business online for quite a while (with a limited budget).

    I have studied Inbox marketing from Anik Singal, P.O.D with 2 “gurus” with their $1000 dollar “Mastermind” courses, dropshipping with AliExpress, I was a member of Wealthy Affiliate, and I just almost bought CB Passive income…until I ran across your review. I have honestly been thinking of going back to WA…but I was paying $49.00 a month for what seemed like “old” training. Can I ACTUALLY start an online business from scratch using JUST your free training, and eventually start making an income?

    I am sorry for being this way, but I am SO tired of looking for answers and help…only to get peoples’ hand in my pocket. Thanks

    • Hey, Debra! It’s perfectly fine that you’re skeptical. I would be too, if the roles were reversed.

      Yes, you can ACTUALLY start an online business from scratch using JUST my free training, and eventually start making an income. That is specifically what FIMP was designed for.

  34. Thank you Darren! I am totally broke right now and do not know what else to do. There is alot of information but at the end everybody wants to sell you the solution they say its for free. They only waste your time. I will make this worth it and share with you the results. You are changing the world for better. Thanks sincerely,

  35. Hello Ian! Great Intro. Finally someone who can help me from getting scammed, again! Looking forward to your Free Training and also to finally make a real income online!

  36. Hey Ian, I’m glad to be on board at FIMP. I have some questions that I’d love to ask the Facebook group so I requested to join a couple days ago. How long does it take to be accepted?

  37. hey Ian,
    Im actually new to this internet marketing thing. I’ve been searching for a credible training for a long time now, so much sharks out there just waiting to take the little cash you have without sharing anything!!
    But alas! here you are giving it all out for free, thats really rare and i’m very excited! I’m gonna put it all in Gods hands and give it my best, will keep you posted on my progress… I pray good things continue to find you and your family!! Thanks a lot brother.

    • Hey Saito! Absolutely — that’s exactly what this training was created for. It’s designed to carry you from the very beginning, all of the way through to turning a profit. And as promised, all of the training is 100% free-of-charge, every step of the way.


  38. THANK YOU! Good karma will find you. I know it is tempting to monetize on your skills but you took the road less traveled. You are an inspiration. Your generosity will bring you more blessings. Take care.

  39. Who’s the man? You rock Ian! Like everyone else here man I’m singing you and your F.I.M.P walks praises all the way to the bank! It’s a serious game changer to the lives of anyone, who wants sweet financial freedom from the same old ball and chain of the very unappreciative 7-6 soul killer! I can’t thank you enough, but I’ll definitely share the love and knowledge with others, when I get it done in the trenches! Also as needed for business, help keep the F.I.M.P free knowledge river a-flowing by holding up my end of the deal! You sure threw your internet marketing students a soup bone with this jewel of an AAHHH moment!! TY again man! I hope one day you see first hand all the smiling faces cheesing from such a grateful gift of knowledge! You are the man! ~###@$$$~

    • Thank you so much for the INCREDIBLY kind words, Jason! I sincerely hope it helps you create a successful journey ahead. Please share FIMP whenever you see the opportunities — I could really use some help getting the word out. 😉

      I look forward to seeing how you and your business grow over the coming weeks and months!

  40. Hi there,

    I really enjoy your video and I do appreciate that you are straight forward. So keep up the great work, and again thank you for sharing.

    Antonio Matos

  41. Hi Ian…Oh my goodness! I was totally trying to see if I needed to invest in something… and I was floored with all of the “Don’t do it”!!! SCAM, SCAM, SCAM!!! I was ready to throw in the towel… and I came across YOU! I am just getting into your site… but this appears to…Rock My World! Everything here is…FREE? You really mean FREE? I had a Stroke in 2015…and I really am so HAPPY… that you CARE! In the Internet world…no one cares about me… and all I want is a chance! THANK you for helping… all of us!!! Please do not stop…we need you!!!

    • I’m glad you found your way here, Glinda! Yes, that training here at FIMP is absolutely, 100% free! I hope you enjoy it all and I hope it helps you on your journey. Best of luck!

  42. Ian,

    I have become frustrated, jaded and frankly entirely pissed as I have tried to find help online so I can make a living. Snake oil, smoke and mirrors everywhere. Just yesterday I swore to myself that I if ever figured it out, I would create a training that thoroughly explained it and give it away for free! Free! And here you are… Thank you.

  43. Hi Ian

    Just wanted to say, your website is cool and full of passion that helps newbies like myself who are stepping out into a new marketing world I have never been before
    I realize it takes finances to keep a online business profitable now days.
    Up sells and traffic with product cost and I understand as a newbie entrepreneur.
    I don’t need a quick -get- rich plan, it takes time to become an affiliate marketer.
    I’m getting started and will stay with it until I’m successful at this business.
    Get motivated, get educated, Then prosperity will welcome me with open arms.

    You the Man Ian


  44. It’ only the begining and i have already learnt so much and now realise i have been trying to do to much witch has been confusing. Love this course Love It 😆 very transparent

  45. IAN my man! I’m sooooooooo excited to get started with this brother. I can see it in your eyes. I can feel your authenticity and excitement to help us. Much love brother and can’t wait. Also, if you have haters (like that guy that was talking about affiliate products etc), you’re doing something right. F that guy. We’ll be in touch 🙂

    • You made it to the right place, JoeMajin! Thank you for the kind words. Even better training lies ahead — I hope you enjoy it all and that it helps you on your journey!

  46. Hi Ian,

    Just to let you know that I stumbled across your site by actually looking for a review on one of the IM products, I knew that the product I was looking at was a bit outrageous with there claims and then also saw your “C” rating on it which confirmed the same.

    I must say that you are expending allot of effort here with your project for the greater good of all that wants to escape the rat race and live a stress free lifestyle.

    Thanks for putting this material together, appreciated.

  47. Ian, I came across your website after I was ready and willing to join STM. But something inside urged me to first study some reviews on STM. And I would have taken bread&butter money to join because I am desperate to find a solution that actually works. I have 7 months to accomplish that. I need $1,000 a month or I will be finished. Anyway, I am about to start your free course – thank you very much for that! I am a very focused and determined person. It’s everything or nothing for me. I’m all in.

    I have to say something about the “coolazr” character – simply ignore him. He is a troublemaker and have personal issues. Don’t allow him to upset you in any way, it’s simply not wort it. In everything you will always find two sides. And even if you offer everything you own and your life to people, there will always be someone criticizing you. Focus on the many people who are honestly grateful for what you have done. You saved me $99 a month I really cannot afford, plus you offer me knowledge that can possibly help me start a new life. And for that I am thankful.

  48. My Gosh! I was in tears at your sincerity and thank you so much for putting these FREE Tutorials online…I can only surmise that you are an answer to prayers. Ian, you must be so blessed, by all the responses and prayers of gratitude that have gone up for you…
    I have been in Internet marketing for several years now without making anything. I am at my wits end and soooo confused, in fact almost giving up…and then you come along and …I want to encourage you to please carry on doing what you are doing – You are being different and standing out from the crowd. I can’t wait to start on Secion 1 & 2 as per your recommendations and look forward to supporting your endeavours in any way I can. You REALLY ROCK!!!!

  49. I am glad to be here today, and hope to make much out of this work.
    Thank you Mr Lan and the Lord whom I serve will surely continue to bless you and your family for the kindness.

  50. Hi Ian,
    Thanks for the great training.
    I have worked through Section 1 & 2 as requested, but won’t allow me to click on the modules that are completed. Do I need to do this in order to claim the free benefits?

    I’m looking forward to working through the niche selection section.

    • Hey, Aisling! Don’t worry about it. If you write to collect the FIMP Action Taker Bonus, at some point, after you’ve purchased hosting, just make sure to mention it on your email with the screenshots and we will know what the reason was.

      I hope that helps!

  51. Hello Ian, just started and enjoying the journey so far, i was actually looking through reviews on a certain course and then i came across yours, you highly recommended this other course and i was willing to pay but, you recommended to try this course. I thought, who the heck would highly recommend some other course and then suggest that we try theirs. Curiosity got me here and i am glad.
    Blessings for sharing.

  52. Surprise!!!dont know how and why we have meet in the internet.i can see your sincerity on the introduction of the course.i really understand why u doing this for free.honestly its sad to think that its very,very hard to find someone doing what u do with sincerity to help people in life…with ur good itension i hope i can be blessed too to success to fullfill my mission as im passing through this journey of life…God bless my brother…

    • I’m really glad you found your way here, Georges! I hope FIMP helps you accomplish everything you aim to accomplish through the training.

  53. Ok I have worked it out. Simply, start and finish each video, scrolling through and the save and continue button does work. I am happy to do this as I am reading through the transcript word for word instead. Sorry for the long rambling post asking. Thanks

    • Hey, Eve! I’m so glad you worked it out! Thanks for following up and letting me know. I’m glad you’re enjoying the training, so far.

  54. Hi Ian.
    Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you for putting this extensive course together for free and I truly do appreciate the amount of time and effort you have put into it.
    I, like many others doing the course it seems, have been doing loads of research, trying to find which way to turn next in setting up a successful internet business. It is something I have been interested in doing for quite a while now, since having to stop work for health reasons. So, I searched and I searched. I came close to signing up for a few paid courses, and the only thing I have paid for so far was a blogging course (cheaply through Groupon) which I got after I decided to have a break from looking. I also came close to joining and paying for WA plus a few others that I kept seeing videos from on YouTube. I am so glad I took that break though, and a step back for a few days, and then I stumbled accidentally across your advert. I was sceptical, yes, as every other site I had looked on wanted money for this and money for that. Now don’t get me wrong, I know I need to invest, but I certainly didn’t want to be throwing my money away. One thing I do have is drive and passion, and an extremely positive mind, so I know first off that I will make this work for me.
    So anyway, while I plod along with my blogging course (which now I have paid for I will complete and it can only help I think), I have been diligently working my way through sections 1 & 2 of your training.
    I have said I was sceptical when I started but by the end of those two sections, I am now no longer sceptical, and I will certainly be using your affiliate links to help keep FIMP going.
    I do have one question for now. I have completed both the first 2 sections as I say, but the click and save button isn’t working for me, so my profile is saying otherwise. What I have been doing is reading the transcript as opposed to watching the videos and taking lots of notes, as I find this better for me to take it all in. I did watch the first few videos, in Edge, until I realised that the transcript is word for word. I have also tried in Chrome but it still isn’t working. Any ideas please? Many many thanks

  55. So far, I am impressed. Your introduction video sounds like you are a very honest and sincere person who really does want to share knowledge. It is hard to find that out there these days. There are so many scammers out there it is really pitiful. Thanks and I look forward to going through your lessons.

  56. Hi Ian,
    Not quite sure how I stumbled onto you but I am extremely glad that I did after hearing your objectives for us and the genuine sincerity in your voice. I am so looking forward to this.

  57. Thanks for sharing your knowledge to us, I been trying to get involve with this internet marketing for about 3 years and since two months ago I am studying with wealthy affiliates and I’m half way there but have not monetized at the moment but I am convinced they also do a great job and like you said its up to ourselves if we succeed or fail. So, my question is if I have WA hosting my webpage and when its time to get another domain will they still be doing the hosting. Also how long will it take with your course to actually see money coming in, I’m in the business of giving back to the community the knowledge I have as a former professional boxer. I volunteer as a trainer and I can’t work a 9 to 5 for about two years now and I need to start earning before I run out of my savings.

    • Hey, Mexicanito73! The questions you’ve asked here are answered as you continue through the training. How long it takes to generate income is answered very explicitly in section 2, and your question about Wealthy Affiliate hosting is answered very explicitly at the end of the course and tackled head on.

      Just continue going through the training and these questions will be answered. I promise.

  58. God bless you, my name is Charles Huggins. I have some medical issues, that have me out of work and left with no financial income that I been without for 2yrs now but giving all praise and glory to my heavenly Father through my lord and Savior Jesus Christ head of my life. He’s my greatest provider. But as his child must do my part and earn my keep by providing for my wife and kids
    And self as well. I’m a former truck driver looking to get back in the rest race to be productive and a model citizen to my lord and love one around me. And all those around me world wide to help. I know that God has giving me what it takes to handle that comes my way. I can’t go wrong, cause he’s always good all the time. Amen… So I welcome the challenge to better my wife and kids and self lives, and leaving a mark of excellence in the sight of God to be pleased with the life he’s granted and created me to be cause I’m whom he say I am wonderfully and masterfully made. Amen. Blessings and God favors stay stored with you and your family all ways for ever. Stay blessed. Amen.


  59. Hi..Ian..the other day i put a wrong name so sorry and also i lost yu on mi i ruelly ruelly sad and mad with so excited because i find yu again..thnks for this blessed oportunity…im in alruedy

  60. Step 1 was interesting but I’m confused as to what you make the websites for. I have nothing to sell so how do you make a website for a store opening if there isn’t anything to put on there to make people buy.

    • Hey, hoffmanstoys! This is covered very thoroughly as you continue through the training.

      In Section 1, I talk about the different models of internet business that you can use to build your website. In Section 3, we pick the niche based on your interests or your past experiences, jobs, etc. that sets you up for success. In Section 4, we build out the website. In Sections 5 through 8, we talk about how to add value to that audience, create content, market that content, and ultimately monetize that content with the traffic that you get to your website.

      All these revealed in time, you just have to keep going with the training. Even if not everything’s not perfectly clear at this stage. I promise you, it’s all covered step-by-step in the rest of the training.

  61. So with this, I can create and run my own business, right? The stuff here I learn I can put it to use and hopefully make a living.

    • Hey Michael! Absolutely — that’s exactly what this training was created for. It’s designed to carry you from the very beginning, all of the way through to turning a profit. And as promised, all of the training is 100% free-of-charge, every step of the way.


  62. Hi!!! Mr Darren is so scary abaut systems then they said is free sincerely im was to try and try diferents sistems to i ken learn to how earn extra money for mi family but they ask for more and more money sun click botton..but thank yu so so much for this opprtunity..i ken wait to start with yu i trust an yu God Bless yu and yu family

  63. Thanks to Reddit I ended up here. I have been trying to find something like this but, the courses are too expensive for a college student. I just want to say thank you. I’ll be completing the whole course and hopefully, I could be the next success story 🙂

    • I’m so glad you found your way here, zgudino! I sincerely hope it helps you create a successful journey ahead. I look forward to seeing how you and your business grow over the coming weeks and months! Please share FIMP whenever you see the opportunities — I could really use some help getting the word out. 😉

  64. Good Morning Ian
    God Bless you and your family.
    I am new to all this
    Just saw your first clip and i can understand that the universe has send an angel
    down to teach and show me about IM.
    I am going through your videos and i will learn something new and exciting.
    I just like to thank you in advance
    There are not many people like you out there in this world
    Thank you

  65. I just created a account and am doing this from my phone . Do i need a home computer or a laptop to do this program ???

    • Hey, Catherine! You can watch all of the training at FIMP on a mobile device, that’s no problem. But if you’re going to build an internet business, you absolutely need to have some kind of computer. You just can’t build a website with the tools that you need to build a profitable business from a mobile phone.

      I wouldn’t even recommend trying to do it from a tablet, although that’s more manageable. You definitely need some kind of desktop or laptop computer to build a website and build a profitable internet business.

  66. Thanks Ian, its great thing you doing here. Being round the internet,never found something like this. The supposed free IM by Commissionmachine led me here. I will start the training soon possible. Thanks

  67. Hello Ian,
    I’ve been on the search for a genuine course that could help me start an internet business for a while now and could’nt find any as all I found were people trying to squeeze the last penny from you, while claiming to gie you success… well was about to fall into the trap when all of a sudden the payment bounced and I decided to google the name of thesupposed teacher, then I found which led me here, though I hesitated at first to click on your course thinking it could be another fake promise. Well I’m still rather skeptical and hope I wont be disappointed again like the countless times in the past…
    Though I’m excited to learn all you have to teach so as to kick-start a profitable internet business soonest.
    Thank you in advance for the time you put in this to add value to other people’s lives. God bless you and your team.

    • I am 100% sure that you will not be disappointed, Vickky! I hope you enjoy the training at FIMP and I hope it helps you in building your internet business.

  68. Hi Ian,

    I have been marketing online for well over 7 years now.

    Besides your free training, the ONLY ones I came across so far are Mark Ling’s Affilorama and Ewen Chia’s Super Affiliate Trainers.

    Ewen Chia – my compatriot – is the one who introduced me into the world of affiliate marketing though I initially started out with work-from-home data-entry programs.

    My point is – are your free lessons also taught through powerpoint slides just like those courses I mentioned?

    Secondly, will you be recommending paid tools eventually such as domain name, web hosting and autoresponder which are NOT free but are still essential for building a blog, landing page, email list and send follow up emails.

    • I’m not intimately familiar with Ewan Chia or Mark Ling’s courses anymore.

      All of my training is done in video format with transcriptions. A lot of those videos are recorded from powerpoint. But also, when necessary, I go in and demonstrate using screen capture and show everything step-by-step.

      Yes, it’s a combination of powerpoint, and screen capture, and me on camera, of course. You’ll see that as you go through the course.

      As for your second question – I minimize the paid tool recommendations because, frankly, most product-publishers recommend way more tools than you need. I recommend the bare minimums, and I try to recommend the cheapest tools that will get you by without hurting the quality of your site or your potential for success.

      For example – landing page, email list that you mentioned here aren’t necessary for most people, especially when they’re first getting started. I know that the people that you mentioned, along with a lot of other product-publishers, recommend those from the very beginning. But the only reason they recommend them from the very beginning is because it gets them more commissions.

      I recommend hosting. That’s, basically, it. And outside of that, everything else can be accomplished, totally, for free. That’s what I teach in the training. It’s not like this training is filled with a ton of upsells and a bunch of tools that you need to purchase to “become successful”. Everything is kept as low cost as possible and all of the training is given away for free.

  69. Hi Ian. I have a couple of questions for you. I’m sure you’re heard of a company called Wealthy Affiliate. Are they a company you would recommend getting involved with? They have a support system in place but I’m not sure if I should put my trust in them. Not sure who to trust right now. Also, the whole blogging thing has me a little worried. I know how to put together a website using WordPress. But as I’m not a writer, the idea of having to create endless amounts of content is…….well, let me put it this way. I’ve already created a lot of content and the idea of having to keep generating more and more and more content before I get anywhere really doesn’t appeal to me very much. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

    • Hey Jim! That’s actually directly addressed at the end of this training course (Lesson 8.2 is all about how WA and FIMP do/do not go together). Don’t skip ahead, but know that this question will be answered head-on once you get there 🙂

  70. Seeing and experiencing is believing. I have been lied to so many times about free issues that any free aspects make me made or nervous. What concerns me the most if you require detail of those who supposedly testify to a product you get noting. This to me smacks of lies or fraud because why have individuals testify and you are not able to communicate with them?

    • Hey Eddie! How about you go through the course first and then you come back and question my honesty and integrity? 😉

      Everything is exactly as I say it is in this video, and if you give the course a chance, I am 100% certain you’ll see that’s the case. It would be stranger to me if the highest quality free training ever released didn’t have testimonials — I get “thank you” and overwhelmingly positive messages about this course every day.

  71. Thank you Ian. As a struggling expat from the USA and former brick-and-mortar businessman now residing in Chiang Mai, I am in a situation that many find themselves in: no revenue, and zero capital to learn to make revenue to make capital for continued learning how to increase revenue. It’s painful to get through a funnel and “training video” only to find an investment wall before proceeding. I very much appreciate your inspiring offering as a ray of hope. I’m beginning the process this day.

    • Don’t mention it, Ricardo! I’m so glad you’re finding the training to be helpful so far. I look forward to seeing you around the FIMP community over the coming weeks and months!

  72. Oh my gosh Ian, you are such a breathe of fresh air!
    I am an IM newbie who just started looking into creating online business about 3 weeks ago. I’ve been doing ALOT of online research (3+ hours) each day trying to put all the puzzle pieces together. While I have been learning a great deal on the subject of IM and starting my own business, it had also had me overwhelmed with information overload, contradictions at every turn, and doubting many of the sources who lure you in only to find out you need to purchase their high ticket programs/products.
    I reached my threshold yesterday and almost gave up on my business venture dream, but I decided to sleep on it and give it one more try this morning. Lo and behold, I found you and FIMP shortly after I sat down at my laptop to give it one more try…..Divine intervention? Yes, I think so!! I can’t thank you enough for this life line I needed so desperately! I can’t wait to start my FIMP training….So gotta run and get started! Looking forward to seeing you on the inside….I’m so excited!

    • I’m so glad you found your way here, Martha! Thank you for taking a moment to introduce yourself, and welcome to FIMP! Best of luck on the journey ahead.

  73. You actually mean it, don’t you? Actually useful and genuinely free! I can see how excited you are with the idea in this intro video – can’t wait to get stuck in to the training.

    Thank you

  74. Thank you for taking the time to offer this free training ! I am very excited and I hope
    this turns out to be just what I needed to get me to Freedom in my Life!

  75. Thank you FREE!!!
    It’s hard to believe I found this after such a long time.
    I can’t wait to learn all of this information and use my skills to actually do something nice and profitable starting today.

    God bless you!

  76. Thank you for sharing your expertise. I am looking forward to learning how to start my online business. Be Blessed.

    • Thanks for the this Free coaching. As Members, do we get an affiliate link so that we can refer others and start our own personal group? Be Blessed.

      • As of right now, there’s no affiliate link for FIMP. Unfortunately, the project just isn’t making enough money to open an affiliate program at this stage.

        Even if we were able to open a modest affiliate program, it wouldn’t be for members to start their own group similar to an MLM or network marketing business model. It would just be to refer people into FIMP and plug them into the FIMP community so that they could benefit from the growing and generous community that we already have going here.

        I’m sorry I couldn’t bring better news, but hopefully we’ll be able to get something like this going within the next couple of months.

  77. This guy is scam, He is just promoting own affiliate products, Join his group and if you want to make a comparison his affiliate products with any other product in the Facebook Group , He will remove you.. So bad, How people people are making fools

    • For anyone reading this that wants insight as to why this user was ACTUALLY removed from the group, please see this screenshot:

      This is not acceptable behavior for FIMP community members. This person:

      1) Clearly has not watched the the training thoroughly, otherwise they would not be asking this question (and they would know they don’t need to buy anything for over half of the items on their list). Also, I can see in your profile here at FIMP that you haven’t completed over half of the training, despite claiming otherwise in the several messages back and forth you had with another member.

      2) Is not willing to accept help — they claim to have all of the answers from all of the other advanced training they’ve followed (this was further demonstrated by other comments he made back to Derek trying to help).

      3) Is actively trying to NOT support FIMP, which after I spent 13 years learning all of this stuff and then released it 100% free of charge (when other people would charge over $1,000 for the training at FIMP)…


      I can’t even describe how hurtful, offensive, and aggravating stuff like this is. It makes me want to quit FIMP — that’s not an exaggeration, and it’s something I’ve been keeping to myself for months now.

      I get it — not everyone is going to support FIMP, and that’s okay. But at the very least, please keep it to yourself and do not post publicly if you’re not going to use the tools I’ve recommended and asked for you to purchase to keep this project funded.

      This is literally the single-most deadly thing to FIMP, and I’m just not going to allow it.

      Anyone that is willing to listen, learn, and add value to the community will ALWAYS be welcome at FIMP. Anyone that wants to leech, argue, and waste other members’ time instead of following instructions and at least watching all of the training will not be allowed.

  78. Thanks for this free training Ian.
    I’m so looking forward to making a difference in my life and the life of my loved ones.

    • You’re very welcome, Jacqueline! I would love nothing more than hearing from you in the next 12-18 months to find out that you were able to create the change in you and your family’s life that you’re hoping for. Welcome to FIMP!

  79. Hi Ian,
    Thank you so much for all the work that you have done. We do appreciate all your efforts and your outreach to us in order to provide success for us.

    • No problem, Bijan! Glad you made your way here — from the Warrior Forum, I believe! (I think I remember seeing your name from that particular campaign yesterday — forgive me if I’m remembering incorrectly!).

      Any way around it, welcome to the FIMP family!

  80. I do not have anything to write here because my fellow would-be digital marketers have written all above. But I want to tell you that I registered and started to listen videos with an intention of changing my life and my family’s as you said.


  81. Hello Ian….I have spent the last couple of weeks researching available training to get started in the affiliate marketing field. To say there are a lot of options would certainly be an understatement. I’ve looked at training options that cost up to $20,000 and options that are free and tons of options in between the two. Making the correct choice leaves one feeling a bit overwhelmed.

    Am I skeptical….honestly a bit. I have been around the block a few time and have learned not much in life is free and if it seems too good to be true it probably is. With that being said, my gut feeling is that you are sincere about helping others get started in this field so I have registered, watched the video and joined your facebook group. Here’s hoping I’ve made the right choice!

    • I’m 100% confident that you will not be disappointed.

      Thanks for joining our little community, and best of luck on the journey ahead! If your experience is similar to everyone else’s who’s commented on this topic so far (including people that have invested in multi-thousand dollar courses in the past), I think FIMP will be towards the top of your “all-time favorites” list.

      A friend who has been an internet marketer for 10 years told me just last week, “You’re crazy for giving this all away for free. This stuff is worth thousands.”

      I hope you feel the same after taking the time to dig in 🙂

  82. Excited to start, have no experience with this but you seem genuine and all other internet marketing or affiliate stuff seemed like scams. Hence drawn in by the website name and that you seem like a legitimate genuine dude trying to help people instead of ruin their lives and waste their time and money. I hope this can turn into a career for me so I can get out of my current one lol. Work in health insurance currently:/

    • Eek. Health insurance is a messy, messy business. I’d imagine even more so these days than when I was in the healthcare industry. Best of luck, Jake! As long as you follow the training closely and stick with it, you should end up in a very good place! Many of our members already are, and this project has only been live for about five months.

  83. Hi all,

    Found this site by accident when an annoying pop- up appeared.
    So pleased it did! Just about to go through video 3 on selecting a value niche.
    Thanks for the great content!!

  84. Hey Ian – I know you originally from wa and I’m in the internet marketing type space myself. I started 2 and a bit years ago. I just stumbled across this when I was researching something and it looks really interesting and exciting! 🙂 I’ve always have admired your straight-up honesty and I’m intrigued to learn more about this project! 🙂

    • Hey Nat! Welcome to the FIMP family! I think you’ll really enjoy everything here.

      We have a fair amount of WA members (current and former), and they’ve had nothing but good things to say about the training so far. I hope you have the same experience! Feel free to let me know if I can help with anything as you dig into it all.

  85. Hi Ian, I too found you by accident when I was looking at another internet marketing site and a question was posted, “What is affiliate marketing”? So I thought “good question”, googled it and it brought up yet another marketing system(no names) and your ad popped up. Yes I hate pop-ups too but this one caught my eye. Got me thinking about the few I looked at already and they promised the world, low cost sign up, free this, free that, we’ll be with you every step of the way….for a small fee. Oh and this next step is just another small fee, and so on… Tallied it all up and I would have been into the $1500 range before I ever stared to see some revenue. And probably 6 months of my life! Still have a day job I need to maintain, for awhile anyway. It all looks amazing and I can’t wait to get started!

  86. I’m very ready for this. I hope that I can see progress at least within 12 months. I’m putting in the work starting today. I found you accidentally while I was about to log into my clickfunnel account.

    • Best of luck, Zenoculus! I hope the training helps you accomplish everything you had in mind when signing up. Hopefully we’ll see you around the FIMP Facebook community as well.

      • Hello Ian P, I would just say you are a life saver from God. You will change the lives of hopeless and unemployed individuals out there who wants to make money to survive online. You are the only one throughout the internet who is giving secrets of making money online for free. I tried so many programs online and all they sell their programs $47,$50,$100,$299 etc but they will lie to you by saying it’s free. The worst is when you purchase their membership, there is no guaranteed that you will make money and they will keep saying it’s only when you put more effort. I lost so many money and scammed by those fake programs that you have to invest before you join. Thanks Ian and your team for this great opportunity of giving the world a way to survive in this poverty world. You won’t loose anything when you help poor people but I swear you will earn and be honored. Thanks man.

  87. Hey IAN,
    Great to hear from you & your seemingly genuine effort to offer a truly free course for cashing on the Internet is applaudable…. hope it really works the way you suggested… really looking forward…… much kudos for your effort… Thanks & Regards, Surajeet.

  88. Hey Ian. Daniel here. I’m going to start watching your first 2 lessons soon. That said, is it possible to get started with internet marketing for free? Or at least for very little money? I don’t have much to get started with and I don’t want that to stop nme.

    • This course minimizes all expenses, and teaches free methods instead of the premium tools that most people tell you that you need to get started. I started with almost nothing as well, so I designed this course to help people in the same situation as me when I got my start online.

      With that said, you’ll need at least ~$12 for a domain name and ~$60 minimum for hosting (although it can range up to ~$120) – that would cover 100% of your first year expenses. But those are the only required expenses.

    • HI Ian ,
      Im really glad i stumbled upon yr website , I will be looking forward to learning alot from you and when i can i will help others like how u are helping other people . Looking forward to making my first dollar. CHa ching !

      GOd bless .


  89. Hi Ian. You still remember me? I just got back in the internet world a last week and I happen to stumble upon this site. I was surprised to know that this is yours and your offering a free training. At first I thought that WA has gone from $49 to free. Lol. Man am I really happy to see you again pal.

    • Hahaha Norstad! It’s been at least a couple of years, hasn’t it? How the heck did you find your way here?! Did you visit StoppingScams and make your way over, or did you hear about it somewhere else?

      Any way around it, happy to have you back!

  90. Ian: I’m going to take on the FIMP program, bit-by-bit, hoping against hope. I’m an improved quadriplegic who lost, literally everything …after my injury. My career, my speaking ability, my hopes..more. I want to treat this as a legitimate business and hope it will be the catalyst that gets me out from under the SSI and insurance settlement I live on now. I just bought a new Mac laptop, and am learning to use that, along with FIMP…so my plate is full. I may be asking for help, as this is entirely new to me. But..bless you for opening a new door for me!

    • Happy to have you here, Kevin! I’m so sorry to hear about your situation, but I’m very happy you have renewed hope here in FIMP. Best of luck on the journey ahead!

  91. Vicky Pollard
    Talk about excited, I am. I had turned into a chronic fatiqued depressed lady because my family doesn’t trust the internet. They are against it, but I am just so glad to find a way to learn more about it. I am serious when I said I was so bored.
    I am so thankful to you and thankful for finding this site. Ready to get started.

    • Hey Vicky! Welcome to the FIMP family! Lack of family support is, unfortunately, a pretty common obstacle in this industry. I’ve seen several families “whistle a different tune” as soon as the person they thought was crazy and wasting their time ACTUALLY built a profitable business, though, so hang in there!

  92. Hello Ian ! I’m really excited about this training that you are giving to the world ! I hope I can truly put this to use and maybe earn some money ! My Husband doesn’t believe in any of this and does get upset with me ,because thus far I have not earned a penny ! Thanks for giving so much of your time and all of this for free ! Can’t wait to get started .

  93. Hey Ian,

    This is Ayman (think you remember me). I can’t be excited more after watching this intro. I think I will be learning a lot here and I can’t wait till I get my business up and running.

    I will just be registering right now. Keep it up!

  94. I am so glad that I found this site today! (I found your site when I Googled another IM “guru” and you had a nice “C Rating” on this person and his training.)

    Even thought I know the technology, copywriting, building a site and such, making real money in the IM business has eluded me.

    Even after buying probably tens of thousand of dollars in courses and products (over the course of 10+ years, I suppose) I never made a lot of money. (I did sell my own products on ClickBank for a while, but — still — not much.)

    I am truly looking forward to this FIMP course and I will finish and take ACTION on the ideas here.

    Thank you so much, Ian, for creating this site.

  95. Thanks, Ian.
    You are a breath of fresh air, and I have been waiting for someone of integrity like you to come along. I knew that if I just stuck at it, it would happen. If I can help in any way, I am happy to contribute.
    regards, John Gates (Gatesy)

  96. Ian,

    Thank you for the email you sent me that pulled me to look further.
    I was so close to giving up after 4 years, way too much money and time.
    You have inspired me to carry on and given me hope and the realization that there really are people that want to teach and share others.


    • Hey Robert! I’m so happy to hear that! Thanks for those kind words, and I hope you find the training here to be MUCH better than everything that led you down the wrong path in the past — I’m confident that you will. Best of luck on the journey ahead!

  97. Thank you for this opportunity. You have just given me new hope that I can achieve financial freedom for myself and others around me in need.
    I am going to dive in with both feet. It is sink or swim time.

  98. Thanks for doing this Ian. Its easy to be skeptical when all the internet guru’s keep stringing us newbies along. Well I was having some playback issues then watched the rest of the vid on Youtube. Thanks again.

    • Glad you found a workaround, Anthony! Sorry for the playback issues — if you see this happening consistently, let me know and I’ll look into it. I hope you enjoy the training!

  99. Hi Ian
    Glad you emailed me on FIMP! Initial observation? It looks terrific – even “too good to be true” … but I already know you well enough to vouch your integrity. Having followed you on Stopping Scams and “adopting” you as my first “online mentor” I know we can trust what you say. Have signed on the Facebook Page as well.
    So, and you already know I fall into the “newbie tortoise” ranks, I look forward with relish to following this program … and thank you for it!
    Kind regards

  100. Hi Ian,

    The site has a lot more substance then I was expecting for a free site nice work mate.

    Also What’s up with the zombie hand?



    • Hahaha dammit! When it was dark green, it looked like The Incredible Hulk. Now that it’s light green, it looks like a zombie. I just can’t win!

      Glad you’re enjoying it, Pauly! I know a lot of people in this industry promise what I’m promising here at FIMP, and then TOTALLY underdeliver. But I genuinely believe people should be able to learn all of this stuff for free, and use it to change their lives if they’re willing to work hard. I’m very happy to hear that you’re finding it to deliver on my promises so far.

      If you have any questions as you keep going through it all, feel free to post a question to the members-only Facebook group! Looking forward to seeing you around!

  101. Ian,

    I can feel your integrity every time I read something you’ve written and now I can see your integrity in video!

    Thank you for taking so much of your personal time to put all these videos together with such good intent.

    • Hey Phil! Thank you so much for the kind words — you’re making me blush! =D

      I’m sincerely happy to hear that my good intentions come across clearly. Ever since the beginning, that’s all I’ve wanted to be in this industry — a sincere, helpful guide for anyone willing to work hard. This video training is long overdue, and I’m glad I was finally able to put it together and share it with you all! I hope it’s as helpful to you as I intended it to be when putting it all together.

      If you have any questions as you’re working through the training, don’t hesitate to post in the Facebook group! I’m checking in there multiple times per day.

  102. I was just about to dive into building a shopify dropshipping store, but still not convinced this is the correct decision for me, then I run in to you, wow! I want to change my life and that of my family

    • So glad you made your way over here, Rino! I sincerely hope the training is as helpful to you as I intended it to be when creating it. Best of luck on the journey ahead!

  103. so far so good just starting though i’m still waiting for the premium members area sell in the meantime I will go through the lessons in order I am hoping for a pleasant surprise

  104. Ian, as I stand starting point of this project, I find that the comments left by others before me echo what I felt and thought as I watched your intro video. I’ve seen so many programs that promise the stars and require large sums of money to participate in; and with each, my skepticism kicked in in a major way. When I stumbled upon your program, “stopping scams” caught my eye and “actually free” raised my eyebrows. I’ll close this book now with a simple thanks. Thanks!

    • Thanks so much for taking the time to share your feelings so far, Milton! I know you’re early in the training, but I’m confident that you’ll continue to find it refreshing and just as helpful as you’d hoped it would be when signing up. Thanks a lot for being here!

  105. Wow! I wasn’t expecting this.

    And you actually mean it, don’t you? Actually useful and genuinely free! I can see how excited you are with the idea in this intro video – can’t wait to get stuck in to the training.

    Thank you

    • Of course! This project has really reignited my passion for helping others, and it’s very rewarding to see so many people find the training refreshingly in-depth and helpful. I look forward to continuing to build it out over the coming months and years as internet marketing continues to evolve!

      Happy to have you here, Ian!

  106. That’s really great. Sharing is caring and very few people live with this concept and you Ian is special in doing such a great project and one of the very few who is sincerely eager to help others.

    Thanks a lot Ian for sharing your knowledge and experience in Internet Marketing with others for free, much appreciated.

  107. Hi, Ian
    Well, what can I say, seriously I believe that you’re like a breath of fresh air in a sea of sharks.

    I know there are genuine training programs out there but the hard part is finding one, especially if you’re new to the Marketing world like many people are.

    Anyway, just well done on being you…

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