Section 3: Picking and Polishing the Perfect Niche [2H 35M]

Section 3: Picking and Polishing the Perfect Niche [2H 35M]

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I’ve found that most product publishers treat niche selection like sort of an afterthought… something they skip through really quickly, and leave the majority of their students lost, confused, and wondering what to do next.

I’m confident you’ll find that my training does the exact opposite.

Niche selection is really tough to teach, and I think that’s why so many “teachers” shy away from digging in deep. Not me. I’d almost “bet the farm” that this is, hands-down, the BEST guidance you’ve ever seen for picking a niche.

Make sure you start this long journey on the right foot, and pick a niche that kicks ass after completing this section.

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52 thoughts on “Section 3: Picking and Polishing the Perfect Niche [2H 35M]

  1. Hi Ian

    I have just started going through your material and I must say, I now need to force myself to go to bed otherwise I could be doing an all nighter. Thank you SO much for this. I was almost suckered into one of those Get Rich Quick schemes and I was fortunate to come across one of your reviews.

    Keep up the good work and I cannot wait to get behind the computer again tomorrow after work to continue.

    • Haha! Thank you so much, quint! I’m glad you’re enjoying the training so far and that you’re excited about it. I hope it helps you on your online journey. Best of luck!

  2. Hey Ian this site is so amazing. I have learned more from the first 2 sets of lessons than I have in the last year watching YT videos. Just wanted say thank you again for all you have given to help us all out.

  3. thank you, niche selection lessons were highly informative and well organised, looking forward to more content but even more importantly, giving feedback from testing campaigns

  4. What’s up Ian? I’m still doing the free training (a BIG THANK YOU for making it free!), I’m at Section 3 with Niche selection… I had two ideas/passions that I would like to combine as one but not so sure if either one would be too broad or too narrow. I was intending on building a “fused” Hip-Hop / Skateboarding site/blog… Didn’t want to post on the FB Group, just in case of getting banned or might be spamming the group. Would either “niche” be classified as a niche… or would they be industries!?!? Your thoughts on that if you don’t mind, my good man!?!

  5. Hi Ian.

    I am Jonathan from Singapore. Thank you for creating this project. I signed up with so many courses and I still have not made any sales. I really hop this project will help me progress.

    I cannot watch any video from 3.2 onwards. My browser kept telling me the content is for members only even though i have logged in. I am downloading the videos using wifi and copying them into my ipad so that i can watch them whenever i have the time, so i only ticked the first 3 videos in module 1. Could that be the reason that i couldn’t access videos from 3.2 onwards?

    Thank you.

  6. Ian, thanks for responding so promptly. There seems to be a glitch on the website. Even after logging in and when clicking on lesson 3.6. for example, the purple screen where it wants you to log in or create an account comes up. When clicking on logging in, it goes directly to my profile site. But it doesn’t let me read or scroll down lesson 3.6. (purple screen blocks it), so unfortunately I can’t read your answer to my question yesterday.

  7. What if there are topics that are pain points for people but there isn‘t one product to remedy these pains/ solve the problem? For example: high cost of living in the cities, finding the right school for your child, living in a high tax area, debt burden etc. These are all valid concerns many people search for and would provide lots of content for articles but I don’t think there are products out there to remedy these problems (no buying audience). Or am I missing something?

    • Hey again, Reg78! This question is also answered in the training in Section 5. You’ll learn more about this as you go through that training; but long story short, not all traffic is created equal. We don’t want to write for keywords that can’t generate revenue, even if they can generate traffic.

      Some of the examples you mentioned could ultimately be an entrance point to a funnel that converted someone into a product or service that saw that pain point. It’s not always completely direct, sometimes it’s a little bit more indirect; but again, that’s discussed extensively in Section 5. I thinks you’ll fin that training very helpful.

  8. Ian
    Thanks a lot I am zeroing on my niche. Just like to share with you. I have a Dachshund who completed 14 years on Valentine’s day. You guessed right. Hope it’s the right niche. Let’s decide as we go through the other topics. Tks once again. I have made the right choice choosing FIMP.

    • Hey, Ganti! If your niche is Dachshunds, on the whole, that’s a little bit broad as discussed throughout section 3. I’m not exactly sure what your niche is based on this comment, but if it’s Dachshunds, generally, I would narrow it further that that – as taught in the training.

  9. Hi Ian, what would be an excellent high commision in the commercial and industrial business. Thanks for taking the time to share with us your knoledge.

    • Hey, Raybo! This is really hard to say without more specifics. It really depends on the product being sold on the service being promoted, etc. There aren’t really good rules of thumb here. I apologize. There’s just no way for me to know without digging in and researching the niche myself. And particularly, it’s very difficult to say with a fairly broad description of an entire industry.

  10. Thanks for such in-depth training Ian!
    I’m glad you mentioned that we don’t need to be 100% perfect.

    I tend to linger on posting content trying to make it perfect.

    I’m really enjoying the training so far.
    Even though I’ve been online for over a year, how you train and the information you provide is ‘entertaining’ and has filled gaps in my knowledge. I appreciate everything you do and look forward to the next modules.

    Thanks for giving back to the world. Not many entrepreneurs would share their knowledge for free.
    Top man you are.
    Thanks Ian!

    • Thank you so much for your kind words, Jacqueline! I’m so glad you’re enjoying the training. I sincerely hope it helps you create a successful journey ahead. Welcome to FIMP!

  11. Hi Ian

    When trying to play 3.2 Vid the site takes me to a Registration Page, however I am already logged in. It does so everytime.

    Please advise

  12. Wow! I’ve just finished section 3 and I’m amazed at how in depth this section was. I truly feel better equipped and better set up for success. You have saved me a lot of trouble and given a great lens to filter and select niches. I had given a possitive comment on the previous section, but after this one, I couldn’t help but share my thoughts. You definitely got my support and will use your links for domain and hosting shortly

    • Again, I’m really happy to hear that you’re finding it useful! Even better training lies ahead! I hope you enjoy it all and that it helps you on your journey.

      Thank you for showing your support, Dayton! Please share FIMP whenever you see the opportunities — I could really use some help getting the word out. 🙂

  13. I’m just starting out here, but I really appreciate your content. Excited to begin this journey after 6 years in the car business.

  14. This lesson as a stand-alone would have been worth the $47 you see being hawked by drive-by “IMP” gurus. I immediately knew that most of my treasured “pet cats” had to be put to sleep.

    At the same time, it compelled me to do some introspection which lead me to remember the wise words of Joseph Campbell: “Follow your bliss”. Since “happiness” can be considered a commodity of value–even if an intangible–I thought even if I create a niche that ranks high with a few thousand true believers who window shop or just profit from my content, I will have provided value.

    One question: if one comes up with a concept like the “Chicken Soup” authors did, and I stumbled upon a niche idea such as “Weekend Getaways to Nashville” and it made as little as $500 a month could I franchise that if the traffic was there and do
    followup sites such as “Weekend Getaways to San Antonio”, etc; etc; etc; or should I keep trying to increase revenues from the mothership–Nashville?


    • I’d expand the mothership as much as possible before branching out. You can do A LOT with a local niche site like that. And everything you learn along the way will be valuable to your future franchisees. The brand/website they get for franchising won’t be where you provide a ton of value. The training and guidance you provide that sets them up for success will likely be your “secret sauce”.

      That’s a really incredible business idea as long as you see it through, JC! It’ll be a lot of work, but what’s worth doing that isn’t?

  15. One more technical question…When I post some question here how will I know when there is a response? Do I need to check each sections comment area or will is there an automatic flag of some kind to alert me you or someone has a thought in reply?

    • Hey John! Do you have a Facebook account? That’s a much, much better way to ask questions (and it also doesn’t place 100% of the support burden on me, which isn’t sustainable with the almost 3,000 members we have now). This way existing members that are a bit further down the road can help me by supporting their fellow FIMP family members.

  16. Hi Ian,
    Here is a question…I know a few people that have great passion in different areas . These people are good friends and although their passion in those areas,is not my passion,have you ever considered using someone elses experiences or passions to create a site that would turn into a viable business ?

    • I’ve considered it, but it would be a very, very difficult thing to achieve. One of the reasons interest/passion is important is because it’s what keeps “the flame burning” when things seem overwhelming and impossible. If you have the passion/interest in one person but not in the other, the one that’s not passionate/experienced/interested is almost certainly going to get burned out long before they’re far enough into the journey to generate results.

  17. Exciting stuff here. After 5 years of profitless wandering around the IM industry, I feel like finally finding my feet. Thanks again, Ian.

  18. I have registered as a member but it will not let me watch video 3.7. The site keeps trying to get me to login or create an account after i have already logged in.

  19. Ian
    Hello still a fan. And the action taker bonus is helping me to think of this like ok no hobby here. And thats good motivation. You are truly a blessing and I mean that. Keep the inspiration going…………..

  20. Hi Ian, Thanks once again for your dedication to present this timely course so as to enrich and invest in the lives of others.

    I have listened attentively to all you had to say to this point and had often stopped your videos to take notes, in order to see how those points you have suggested can be made applicable to any one of my chosen niches.

    In fact, everything you have suggested simply helped me to organize more accurately the path I must take in defining how this niche will be of great value to others.

    Above all, your final statement is what gave me the ‘punch’ I needed to take action and no longer procrastinate, for I have stayed at ‘this mountain’ too long because I am always seeking to perfect my projects rather than move forward without becoming daunted by any small gaps that are present.

    Keep up the good work of helping to shape the destiny of others and may God’s blessing be upon you.

    • That makes me so happy! It sounds like the training is resonating PERFECTLY with you so far, and I couldn’t be happier to hear that. Keep up the great progress.

  21. I am so very pleased with and how you present your information. I hope for your great success in frustrating scammers. I hope that you get great satisfaction from the work that you are doing. I thank for this opportunity which because it is free is one that I can afford. I want great wealth to have the power and ability to promote democratically governed worker owned enterprises where the the workers are equal to each other owners. Thank you profusely for your contribution to me and to the world.

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Lawrence. I’m so glad you’re finding it to be everything I envisioned when creating it. It can be really tough to piece time away from my business to work on a free project like FIMP, but messages like the one you’ve left here really keep me going (no exaggeration).

      Please share if/when you get the chance! I could really use some help getting the word out.

  22. I love this so far. Ian, you have a great skill in breaking things down to clear and easy steps.
    It has given me some ideas that I feel more confident about.
    I have been struggling a long time with which direction to go in when it comes to a Niche .
    Looking forward to the rest of the course.

    • Thank you so much, John! That means a lot to me. But truly, I’m just glad it’s helping you on your journey. Let me know if you have questions about anything else as you continue along!

  23. Ok, let’s see what you got to offer 🙂 Till now I’m more than satisfied what I have heard an seen. Thanks for your effort and I hope the rest of this course is as good as the intro.

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