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Section A5: Google Analytics & Search Console Essentials

Section A5: Google Analytics and Search Console Essentials Featured Image

There’s an abundance of high-quality, free training about Google Analytics & GSC… but it’s wildly inefficient.

You’re forced to sit through hours upon hours of video training for features you’ll never use, just to get to the actionable stuff that actually empowers your business.

As a result, most people get overwhelmed by GA & GSC’s mountain of data, therefore never leveraging immensely valuable data at their fingertips.

In Section A5, we’re going to make sure you never fall into that costly trap.

Simple, Click-by-Click Google Analytics & GSC Training

I’ll be taking you into my Google Analytics & GSC accounts to show you:

  • How to track links on-site & off-site for FREE using Google Analytics
  • Which Google Analytics reports & features I use most week-to-week for my websites
  • Which Google Search Console reports & features I use to shortcut my organic rankings
  • How to do ALL of this, click-by-click, without getting paralyzed by the mountain of data within these tools

I’ll also give clear guidelines for when this data becomes important, how often you should be checking it, etc.

I know some of you have developed a bad habit of checking your analytics daily, and we need to address that ?