A6.8 Often-overlooked leverage points once something is working

  • Remember: You can always expand by “going your own way”
  • You can always keep an eye out for new, better-paying offers to test
  • The more volume and quality you drive, the more negotiating power you build
    • Don’t forget to (respectfully) leverage it!

A6.7 Staying committed to testing, particularly early on

As with much of this industry, better testing = more $$$

  • The more you test, the more you’ll earn in the long-term
  • If you have thin skin and give up easily, you will always make a fraction of your site’s earning potential
  • Testing does not cost you money — NOT testing is what costs you money
  • Don’t give up just because the first, second, or third thing you try doesn’t work… keep testing!

A6.6 Option #2: Building an email list & longer-term relationship

When building a list is the best option…

  • I can’t do a deep-dive on email marketing in this lesson (that’s A7), BUT…
  • Any time you could serve the same audience with multiple “layers”, build a list
    • Most common for complex purchase decisions & longer “consumer journeys”
    • This will put you in the “driver’s seat” more than anything else
    • This will protect you from downturns & give you a parachute
    • This will allow you to dramatically maximize your LTV
  • Don’t FORCE building a list if it’s not working
  • But don’t “give up” too quickly either… it may just take more effort or optimization
  • The market leader is often the one with the highest LTV, so if you want to reach the “big leagues” — BUILD A LIST

A6.5 Option #1: Going straight for the commission

When should you go straight for the commission?

  • It’s often the “leanest” way for early-stage, broad testing
  • Sometimes it’s “as good as it gets,” particularly for transactional purchases
  • Finally, sometimes it just converts best for visitors late in the purchase cycle
  • NOTE: Also works best if you’re lazy… just realize you could making 3x – 5x more

A6.4 Where do you find offers to promote?

Where to find offers to promote + demonstration

  • Common physical products: pretty straightforward (Amazon)
  • Dropshipping physical products: AliExpress
  • Affiliate Offers: OfferVault.com
  • Affiliate Offers 2: Searching Google with the right keywords & determination
  • Affiliate Offers 3: AffPaying.com for good affiliate networks
  • Let’s dive in and look at each

A6.3 What monetization options do I have?

Boiling FIMP Lesson 1.2 down into a bite-sized recap

  • The VAST majority of websites are going to monetize their traffic via one of the following:
    • Selling physical products
    • Selling digital products
    • Selling services
    • Or advertising
  • It should be pretty obvious which is best for your audience, but if not…
  • ASK your audience or at least model your funnel/monetization strategy after an established competitor

A6.2 “Doing your own thing” vs. promoting existing products/services

Should you “go your own way?”

  • Unless absolutely necessary, piggyback on others’ first
  • SOOOO much goes into launching and refining a product, THEN launching and refining the sales funnel
  • You can still build your own assets, such as a list (discussed later), but try to stay as “lean” as possible
  • IF you see a lot of success with something, THEN consider launching your own

A6.1 When should you start investing energy towards this?

“Don’t worry about monetization until 100-200 visitors/day”

  • This is mentioned in the core FIMP training
  • BUT… some people want to at least have a “battle plan” earlier
  • You’re welcome to dig into this lesson “prematurely” if you find it helpful, but keep your “finite pool” in mind!
    • Week 3 of IMP’s Bonus Lessons