FIMP Hotseat Session Replays & Day-After Analyses

FIMP Hotseat Session Replays & Day-After Analyses

These advanced lessons are my heartfelt “thank you” to the people that support FIMP and keep it sustainable, since hosting commissions weren’t enough to keep the project running.

Each week, I broadcast LIVE with two FIMPers and help clear the “roadblocks” standing between them and success. This can be niche evaluation, strategy questions, keyword research questions, website analysis, or anything else related to internet marketing.

We often dig much deeper than what’s taught in the foundational training here at FIMP.

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This section contains the training and material produced during the FIMP Hotseat Sessions:

  1. Complete replays from all FIMP Hotseat Sessions
  2. Day-after analyses where I summarize everything from the day before’s Session, and dig even deeper

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