IMP Bonus: Weekly Tips for Becoming a Better Entrepreneur

Who doesn’t love a good bonus?

You all, as IMP subscribers, mean a great deal to me (truly). And with that, I want to do as much as I can to equip you all for success.

One of the things that has helped me achieve the levels of success I’ve achieved so far (with hopefully much more to come) is a lot of the “internal” work, as well as little tips & tricks, that I’ve accumulated over the years.

This is a constant growth cycle that I’m not sure will ever “stop”. Not until, well… you know ?

Sometimes these will be tools you can use in your business. Other times they’ll be things that I’ve read, or epiphanies I’ve recently had about business/life/happiness (which are often much harder to successfully “blend” than we realize).

Whether you pop in once in a while or you follow each week religiously, I guarantee this will add a massive amount of value to your life if you reflect on them & take action in your own life & business.