Section A3: How to Trick Google… Without Getting Caught

NOTE: Watch my introduction to this section FIRST to decide whether or not PBNs are something you should pursue.

As “Big G” has evolved, it’s become more and more difficult to “trick” their algorithms into ranking your site without leaving an obvious footprint.

PBNs are widely regarded as one of the best ways to “game” Google and get rankings, but it’s remarkably expensive to get a good education from an experienced mentor who truly knows what they’re talking about.

(most people discussing & teaching PBNs are, frankly, have ZERO idea what they’re talking about)

The methods taught here do not leverage ANY illegal or immoral strategies (black hat SEO), but it’s also not considered “playing by the book”. That’s what makes PBNs “grey hat SEO”.

They are incredibly complex to build & execute correctly in today’s search climate. I studied under one of the world’s leading experts to acquire these skills, then honed and adapted them extensively myself, which cost me more than $25,000.

Now I’m making that knowledge accessible to everyone.

Do you have what it takes to pursue them in your business? Watch my introduction to this section to find out.