Frustration-Free Bluehost Support

One of the biggest perks of being a FIMP member is our exclusive support options with Bluehost (affiliate link). A brief background for how this came about:

  1. Bluehost’s support started to slip after they were bought out
  2. The company noticed, and moved all phone support back to the United States (Tempe, Arizona)
  3. Phone support improved dramatically, but live chat still sucks (they’re working hard to fix that, but it takes time)
  4. I expressed this to Bluehost very candidly, and they were incredibly dedicated to doing whatever it takes to make the Free Internet Marketing Project™ successful. So…
  5. Bluehost suggested a custom process for FIMP members to guarantee frustration-free support, until they get the kinks worked out with live chat, and even created an extra tier of support exclusive to FIMP members.

Long story short: If you need help from Bluehost support, avoid live chat and follow these steps to guarantee you consistently get high-quality customer support:

  1. Call their Technical Support department instead of emailing or chatting — It’s based in Tempe, Arizona and has some of the highest customer support scores in the industry. This will always be the best option, unless you’re not within the United States and don’t have free long distance calling. In that case…
  2. Message Bluehost Support on Twitter — Even if you have to take two minutes to create a free Twitter account in order to contact them, it will be worth it vs. pulling your hair out via live chat… trust me. But if you STILL don’t get the help you need, or you just don’t want to mess around with Twitter…
  3. Email my Bluehost Affiliate Manager, Kyle, and he will expedite the support process for you — Please be courteous, respectful of his time, and only use this option if you’ve exhausted the options above. The last thing we want is this FIMP-exclusive support option disappearing because our community wasn’t respectful, or because members abused the privilege. Just make sure to include the main domain your Bluehost account is linked to when you email Kyle! He’s awesome, and he’ll make sure you get taken care of promptly and more than satisfactorily.

This should consistently provide VERY high-quality support through Bluehost. But if by some fluke you STILL have a negative experience, I want to know about it. Bluehost is very committed to keeping FIMP’s members happy, and I guarantee that they’ll go above and beyond for our community if these options turn out to not be adequate.

Email Ian if you have a bad experience

If you use the FIMP-exclusive support process above and still have a bad experience, please email me at so that I can personally discuss it with Bluehost and make sure it doesn’t happen to other FIMP members in the future.