Video Titan Review: Is It Worth Your Money And Time?

Video Titan Review: Is It Worth Your Money And Time?

By Danyon T. | Internet Marketing Advice

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Video Titan Review

What’s Up My Internet Marketing Fam!

Let’s jump straight into the review – Today, I’ll be reviewing a product called Video Titan created by Chris and Ken. Unfortunately, these geezers don’t disclose their last name, which already adds a bit of suspiciousness around the product, but nevertheless, we’ll keep on going. They claim that this product has helped them make 2.74 million buckaroos in “one click commissions,” and now they’re going to show you how to do the same. They claim that this product will allow you to access the EXACT niches that made them over $630,000 in sales and affiliate commissions. They also say that their income system is incredibly easy to set up, and they’ve included a bunch of testimonials including a dude who apparently makes over $1000 a day with their method, as well as another dude who gets 300 to 500 visitors every day absolutely free.

Just another bunch of internet marketing claims about making money in a fast manner with little to no effort required. Let’s see if Chris and Ken can deliver a high-quality product to go along with their outrageous sales claims.

Oh, and just so you’re aware… The team here at Stopping Scams is in no way, shape, or form affiliated with Chris and Ken or their Video Titan product. My job is to review internet marketing products as honest and blunt as I can. If a product’s crap (which roughly 95% of them are), then I’ll say it’s crap, and I’ll entertain you in the process of completely decimating those products in hopes that any aspiring internet marketers don’t buy it. However, I occasionally come across an absolute internet marketing gem; a course that is worth your time and money. When that happens, I’ll let you know about it, and you can decide whether it’s for you or not.

Now that that’s out of the way let’s move onto the review.

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Video Titan Review In 15 Seconds Or Less

If you can’t be bothered to stick around and read the whole review, here’s a quick version of the review summarized for your convenience:

Chris and Ken’s Video Titan product is just another product to add to the garbage can. It’s a bunch of theory with no experience/practice to back it up, and it’s something that’s not worth your time and money. The money making method that they advocate is faulty and short-term as hell, and it’s ultimately just a really low-quality internet marketing product with false promises designed to lure in aspiring internet marketers, only to be thoroughly disappointed.

Your time and money are better invested elsewhere.

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Video Titan With An Upsell To Begin The Review

There was only one upsell on offer after the purchase of Video Titan, which seemed to include a bundle of three software designed to help you in the process of becoming an internet marketing success (something which I highly doubt Chris and Ken are).

Video Titan Upsell

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After skipping the upsell, I was taken to a wee lil’ membership site that looks a little something like this.

Video Titan Membership Site

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I scoped out the training videos and found a few points as to why I wouldn’t recommend this product to you guys and gals.

The Money Making Method They Advocate Is Hella Low-Quality

The majority of these internet marketing products (the crappy ones, at least) are all advocating the same way of making money: it’s always something to do with ranking for a particular keyword, and somehow monetizing off of this attention. Chris and Ken advocate this way of making money, specifically by ranking a video for a particular keyword and selling a product or service off of that keyword (whether it’s through your product or as an affiliate, it doesn’t matter).

Ultimately, it’s not necessarily the method itself, but how the method is used that determines its “crappiness.” You might notice that Stopping Scams follows a similar process – however, the difference between them and us is that we actually provide value to you guys; we tell the 100% truth with the product we review, and a potential affiliate check never sways our reviews. The “other guys” just claim that every product they review is great, even if they haven’t properly reviewed it like we have. Their number one focus is money; our number one focus is your success; for us, money is just a byproduct of that.

It’s similar to the way Mark Wightley from The Tube Equation advocates, and check out his “success” with it.

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